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    Les diasporas africaines (programme)

    Les diasporas africaines de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Monde : conscience et imaginaire

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    Publié le mardi 24 octobre 2000 par Marin Dacos


    26, 27, 28 octobre 2000 Equipe diaspora. Etudes africaines américaines de Paris 7 UFR Charles V et Cercle d'Etudes Afro-Américaines Renseignements auprès de Catherine Huart Té


    26, 27, 28 octobre 2000

    Equipe diaspora. Etudes africaines américaines de Paris 7 UFR Charles V
    et Cercle d'Etudes Afro-Américaines

    auprès de Catherine Huart
    Téléphone : 01 44 78 34 69 ou +33 1 4 78 34 69
    programme: affichage sur place, envoi sur demande


    Jeudi 26 octobre / Thursday, October 26
    Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Liard

    9h30-10h30 Accueil et Ouverture/Opening
    10h30 Moore, Ammon. Song and Music

    11h-13h Sorbonne Liard Littérature 1
    Chair: Julien, Claude (U Tours).
    Benesch, Klaus (Bayreuth U).:"Diasporic Vision in William Demby's The Catacombs."
    Cossu, Laurence (U Paris 7).: "Richard Wright : écrire la diaspora".
    Berben, Jacqueline (U Nice).:"Reflections on the Theme of Diaspora within the Father-Son Paradigm in John Edgar Wideman's Fiction."
    Porter, Horace (U Iowa) : "Baldwin's Philosophical Reflections on the Meaning of Africa."
    Rocchi, Jean-Paul (U Tours): "Du lieu à l'être, d'une écriture à l'autre: le fantasme du retour à l'origine chez Baldwin".
    Zaborowska, Magdalena J. (U of Michigan) :"Impossible Interiors : Identities of Diasporic Spaces in James Baldwin's Giovanni’s Room."

    11h-13h Jussieu A 24 Art 1
    Chair Sanconie, Maïca (Paris)
    Navarra, Enrico (Paris) Artist, collaborator of Basquiat, galeriste.
    Télémaque, Hervé (Haïti, Paris) Painter.
    Rodriguez, Richard ( Paris) Collectionneur

    13h (1 pm) Jussieu A 24
    Gates, Henry Louis (Harvard U) Introducing the Encyclopedia Africana. (to be confirmed)

    13h-14h30 (1-2:30 pm) Pause déjeuner/Lunch Break

    14h-16h (2-4 pm) Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 1
    Chairs: Edwards, Brent,.(Rutgers U) and Lejeune, Catherine (U Paris VII).
    Respondents : M'Bokolo, Elikiah (EHESS, Paris) and Papp N'diaye (Paris).
    Moten, Fred (NYU) : "Voices/Forces: Migration, Surplus and the Black Avant Garde."
    Palumbo-Liu, David (Stanford U) : "A Critique of Paul Gilroy's Against Race ; Music versus Visual Culture in the Creation of Racial Identities across National Boundaries."
    Mayes, Janis A. (Syracuse U).: " 'InTonation' : the Language and Resonance of 'TransAtlantic Translation."
    Boyce Davies, Carole (Florida U).: "Movable Borders: Diasporic Consciousness and Ocean Space Mobility."
    Rahier, Jean (Florida International U) : "Towards a Multi-centered and Muti-spatial Approach in African Diasporic Studies."

    16 h-17h (4-5 pm) Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 2
    Chairs: Paquet, Anne-Marie (U Paris III) and Feith, Michel (U. Nantes).
    Chiwengo, Ngwarsuhgui (Creighton U) : " Diasporic Selves: Richard Wright, Peter Abrahams, Buchi Emecheta and Tshitenge's Diaspora "
    Feith, Michel (U Nantes) : "The Signifying Monkey as Critical Methodology."
    Traylor, Eleanor (Howard U.) : "Criticism, Diaspora and Creation."

    14h30-17h 15 (2:30-5 15 pm) Jussieu A 24 Art 2
    "Place , Space and Identity in African American Art"
    Chair Willis-Kennedy, Deborah (Smithsonian Institution) : "The Black Female Body in Photography: Africa, France and the Americas."
    Kennedy, Winston (Howard U) : "Out of the Shadows: The image of the Black Male in Printmaking."
    -oleman, Floyd (Howard U) : "Art, Politics and Social Change: Elizabeth Catlett and the African American Diaspora."
    King-Hammond, Leslie (Maryland Institute) : "Sanctified Space : Multimedia Installation in the context of the African American Diasporic Experience."
    Stoke-Sims, Lowery (Studio Museum of Harlem) : " Wilfredo Lam, Painter in the Chinese-African-Cuban Tradition."
    Donaldson, Jeff. (Founder of Africobra) : "Place, Space and Identity in African American Art". To be confirmed.

    17h30-18h 30 (5:30-6 30 pm) Jussieu A 24 Plenary Session
    Thompson, Robert Farris (Yale U) : "Notes from the African Quarters of Buenos Aires: Candombe, Canyenge, Milonga, and Tango."

    18h-30-19h15 (6 30--7 15 pm) Jussieu A 24
    Moss, Dean (NY, dancer, choreographer) : " 'American Deluxe' : Fragmented and Multivocal African Diaspora."

    20h45 (8:45 pm) Sorbonne Liard Lectures d'écrivains / Writers reading
    Des Rosiers, Joël (Montréal,, Caribbean), Métellus Jean (Haïti, Paris). Palacios, Arnoldo (Colombia, Paris), Harris, Eddie (Saint Louis, Paris).. To be completed.,

    20h30 -21h30 (8 30 pm-9 30 pm) Jussieu A 24Films 1
    " The Black Film Wave and Middle Age : Independence and Mainstreaming"
    Chair: Taylor, Clyde (NYU) and Guerrero, Ed (NYU)
    Massiah, Louis (Philadelphia) Filmmaker. Round table and film showing.


    Vendredi 27 octobre/ Friday, October 27

    9h-10h45 Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 3
    Chair: Cossu, Laurence (Paris VII) and Finley, Cheryl (Yale U)
    Walker, Sheila ( U Texas, Austin)"Everyday Africa in the USA: Afrogenic Interpretations and Comparative Diasporan Cultures "
    Brooks, Lori (Berea College) : "Tolosa, the Cole-Johnson Trio and the Critique of American Imperialism, 1898-1900".
    Finley, Cheryl (Yale U) : "Concept of Diaspora and Understanding of African Art."
    Nyongo, Tavia (Yale U) : "Diaspora and Citizenship :White Man, Listen"
    Yow, Laura (Indiana U) : "Wright's 'Blueprint for Negro Writing': a Discussion of the Basis and Meaning of Nationalism in Negro Writing."

    11h-12h30 Sorbonne Liard Diaspora 4: Theorizing Diaspora :
    Chair: Feith, Michel (U Nantes)
    Des Rosiers, Joël (Montréal) : " Théorie des Caraïbes : Poétique du déracinement".
    Abdul-Karim, Mustapha (Duke U) : "Of Invaders, Pirates and Slaves. Allegory of Primitive Diasporic Accumulation."
    Ostendorf, Berndt (U Munchen) : "Diaspora or Mainstream? Africa or America? Celebration or Pathology? Commodity or Art? The Cognitive Quandaries of African American Expressive Culture."

    9h15-10h30 Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 2
    "The Sea is Slavery: the Sea is History. Caribbean Middle Passages in the African American Diaspora"
    Chairs: Boyce Davies, Carole ( Florida International U) and Cottenet, Cécile (U Provence)
    Gadsby, Meredith (Oberlin College) : "The Sea and Her Back Door: Caribbean Literature and Diaspora Re-imagination."
    Jardine, Monica (SUNY Buffalo) : "The Unsettled Caribbean Boundary: Four Texts on the Discursive Space between Europe and America."
    Robinson, Karima (Northwestern U) : "Negociating the Middle Passage: Slave Ship as Symbol and Site in Fred d'Aguiar's Feeding the Ghosts."

    10h45-12h30 Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 3
    Chairs: Pedersen, Carl (U Odense ) and Birat, Kathie (U Metz)
    Mve Bekale, Marc.(IUT Troyes) : "Temps cosmogonique, temps transatlantique et temps diasporique dans Middle Passage de Charles Johnson et Feeding the Ghosts de Fred d'Aguiar".
    Birat, Kathie (U Metz) : "The Conundrum of Home: Displacement and Return in the Fiction of Caryl Phillips and Fred D'Aguiar".
    Ledent, Bénédicte (U Liège) : " Ambiguous Visions of Home: the Paradoxes of Diasporic Belonging in Caryl Phillips's Writing."
    Reneau, Ingrid M. (U Carolina) : " 'Dancing the ‘Clearing’ in the African Diaspora: Recreating Memory, History." and Identity ".
    Chauhan, Pradyurma (Beaver College) : "Praisesong for the Caribbean Woman : Fictions of Jamaica Kincaid and Paule Marshall."

    9h30-11h15 Sorbonne Gréard Histoire 1
    Chair : Marienstras, Elise ( (U Paris 7),.
    Browne, Tsekani (UCLA) : "Gender, Nationalism and the Notion of Diaspora in Julia Anna Cooper's Life and Works."
    Dhanvantari, Sujaya (U Alberta) : "French Revolutionary Song in the San Domingo War of Independence ."
    Larrier, Renee (Rutgers U) : "Du Sable, Douglass, and ‘Dessalines’: The Haitian Pavilion As Historic Site ."
    Mudimbe-Boyi Elisabeth (Stanford U) : "Le mouvement indigéniste haïtien: une re-lecture ".

    11h30-12h30 Sorbonne Gréard Histoire 2
    Chair: Parfait, Claire (U Paris 7)..
    Raupach, Kirsten (Muenster U) : "Black Magic and Diasporic Imagination."
    Kirschke, Amy (Vanderbilt U) : "Africa in Crisis: W.E.B Du Bois and Images of the Diaspora in Crisis magazine."
    Zacaïr, Philippe (U Memphis) : "Roots of Inter-Caribbean Unity in the 19th Century: The Afro-Cuban Leader Antonio Maceo in the British Caribbean. "

    9h00-11h30 ChV (A 50) Art 3
    Bruce, Marcus (Bates College) : "Imagining Diasporas: Barbara Chase-Riboud, Africa Rising, and the Aesthetics of Diaspora."
    Bowie, LaVerne Wells (Clemson U) : "Syntax of Place, History and Memory."
    Gaither, Edmund (National Center of Afro-American Studies) : "African Art and Contemporary Expression of Culture."
    Jordan, Coleman (U Michigan) : "Double Consciousness and Diaspora : Imagining Spaces of the Black Atlantic."
    Wood, Marcus (UK) : "Imagining the Unspeakable and Speaking the Unimaginable: Visual Representations of the Middle Passage from Turner to Bob Marley."
    McKay, Christine and Lindo, Nashormeh ( ) : "Ollie Harrington: Cartoonist in Exile at Home and Abroad;"
    Morgan, Stacy I. (Ohio U) : "Transnational Travel and Diasporic Identification: The Case of John Wilson in Mexico;"

    11h30-13h ChV (A 50)Art 4
    'Visual Culture, Ethnography and ritual/artistic production")
    Chairs: Lelièvre, Viviane (Paris VII ) and Binder, Wolfgang ( U Erlangen
    Moore, Zena (U Texas; Austin) : "Clash of Diasporic Cultures: Women in the Trinidadian Calypso and the Tejano Corrido."
    Bettelheim, Judith (Emory U) : "The Celebrations of Mardi-Gras in Panama by Los Congos de Portobello."
    Lindsay, Arturo (Spelman College) : "Preserving Old while Creating New Traditions on the Congo Coast of Panama."
    Sweet, James (Emory U) : " 'Not a thing for white men to see': Central African Divination Rituals in Seventeenth-Century Brazil?"

    12h30-14h30 Pause Déjeuner / Lunch Break

    14h-15h30 Sorbonne Liard Histoire 3
    Chair: Le Dantec, Hélène (U Paris 3)..
    Navarro, Consuelo (Virginia Commonwealth U) : "Palmares Memorialized: African Diaspora & Cinematic Discourse in Carlos Diegues' Quilombo."
    Frey, Sylvia (Tulane U) : "Cultural Migrations: A Time-&-Space Outline of Black Atlantic."
    Sensback, Jon (U Florida, Gainesville) : "Rebekka's Revival: Afro-Christian Women and the Origins of the Black Protestant Movement."
    Walker, Corey D.. (Williams and Mary U) : "African American Intellectual Formation in Connection with the Atlantic World."
    Hodges, Graham Russell (Colgate U, NY) : "The African Diaspora for African Americans Living and Working in and around New York in the 1830s."

    15h45-17h15 Sorbonne Liard Littérature 4 - Poetry
    Chair: Clary, Françoise (U Rouen). Chair.
    Clary, Françoise : "Diasporic Dimensions of Poetry, from Hughes to Nicolas Guillen"
    Christol, Hélène (U Provence) : "Daughters on the Borders: the Island and the World in Ntozake Shange."
    Moglen, Seth (Lehigh U, PA) : "Modernism in the Black Diaspora: Langston Hughes and the ‘Broken Cubes of Picasso''.
    Rubeo, Ugo (U Roma) : " Ingrained Diasporas: Africa and Memory in Contemporary African American Poetry."
    Boyd, Melba Joyce (Wayne State) : "Dudley Randall: To Russia through Paris"

    14h-15h30 Sorbonne CommissionsLittérature 5 Caribbean
    Chairs Alliot, Bénédicte, (Paris VII) and Kekeh, Andrée Anne (Paris VIII).
    Gyssels, Kathleeen (U Antwerp) : " 'I Talked with a Zombie': Haitian Diaspora in "Your Handsome Captain" and "Children of the Sea";"
    Nunez, Elizabeth (Trinidad, CUNY) : "Caribbean and Female: A Writer Talks about Overcomig Barriers;"
    Cudjoe, Selwyn R. (Trinidad, Wellesley U) : "Making Love Across the Atlantic: Trinidad Narratives in Their International Contexts."
    Binder, Wolfgang (U Erlangen) : "Diaspora Discourse in Austin Clarke's Works, or: Is There A Barbados in Canada? "

    15h45-17h Sorbonne Commissions Littérature 6
    Chair: Charras, Françoise (U Montpellier). Chair.
    Abraham, Keshia ( ): " 'We Are a Conspiracy': Black Women Political Autobiography; US and South Africa."
    Smith-Bermiss, Michelle (George Mason U) : "Zora Neale Hurston's Lies: Writing, (Dis)Location and Diaspora."
    Peterson, Carla L. (U. Maryland) : "Historical Consciousness and New Negro Chairernity in African-American Novels of the 1890s."
    Jackson-Brewer, Karla (Rutgers U) : "Ancestral Resonance, Ancestral Memories: The Bridging of the Past with the Present as Evidenced in Julie Dash's Daughters of the Dust."

    14h-16h15 Sorbonne Gréard Archives and Collections
    "Building Research Collections for the Study of the African Diaspora"
    Chair: - Dodson, Howard
    Blockson, Charles (Curator of the Blockson Collection (Temple U)..
    Bethel, Kathleen, Librarian, Special Colections, (Northwestern U)
    Bischof, Phyllis (UC Berkeley). Librarian, Special collections) : "The Black Diaspora: A Bibliography of Autobiographies."
    Hill, Walter (Washington, DC National Archives).: "Building Research Collections."
    Camp, Kimberly, Director, the Barnes Foundation, Pa.
    Dodson, Howard (Director, Schomburg Center for Afro-American Research, NY) : "Documentary Resources and Collection Building; the African Presence in South and Central America and the Caribbean".
    Williams-Connell, Erica. (Trinidad): "Building Research Archives on the African Diaspora."
    Allen, James (Emory University) : "Without Sanctuary ; Exhibit of Lynching Photos"

    16h15--17h15 Sorbonne Gréard Editors / Publishers
    Chair : Bruyère. Claire (U Paris VII).
    Joyce, Janet (London). Editor: The Continuum International Publishing Group [Collection "The Black Atlantic"].
    Randle, Ian (Kingston, Jamaica).Editor. Publisher (Ian Randle Publisher Limited)
    Besse, Christiane, Editror, Editions Stock, Paris
    Bess, Benjamin (Besspress, Honolulu) : "New Electronic Media and New Demands on Publishing and Distribution: Publishing in the 21st Century".
    Mulvey, Chris (U Winchester) : "French Browser/African American User: The Construction of a Gallomanic Cyberworld ".

    14h-17h ChV (A 50) Dance and Visual Arts
    Chairs Dorothy Firsher-Hornung (U Heidelberg) and. Long, Richard (Emory U).
    Jones, Ida E. (Howard U) : "Chairel for Tomorrow Paul Robeson, Advocate of Human and Gender Rights."
    Brown, Tamara (Smithonian Institution, Anacostia Museum) : "In Celluloid Color:Katherine Dunham Dance and Film in Black Hollywood."
    Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea (U Heidelberg) : "A Dancer Possessed: Katherine Dunham Dance Technique in Dino De Laurentis's 'Mambo' (1954) "
    De Frantz , Thomas (MIT, Ma). Dance Historian.,
    Perpener, John.(U Illinois) : "African American Dancers and Europe ".
    Goler, Veta (Spelman College) Dance historian.
    Long, Richard (Emory U) : " Dance in the Diasporic Perspective: South-East Asia and Atlantic America.
    Respondent. Newsome, Stephen (Anacostia Museum), plus French dance historian

    17h30- 18h15 Sorbonne Liard – Plenary Session
    James, Winston (Columbia U).: "From John Brown Russwurm to George Padmore: The Anglophone Caribbean Diaspora and Pan-African Projects."

    18h30-20h30 Sorbonne Peristyle Reception (by invittion only)

    20h30-23h Sorbonne Liard Lectures d'écrivains / Writers Readings
    Mphahlele, Eskia (South Africa).
    Breeze, Jean Brinta (Jamaica).
    Dabydeen, David (Caraibe, UK)
    Morejon, Nancy (Cuba) to be confirmed
    Goodison, Lorna ( Cuba) to be confirmed
    Perdomo, William (Puerto Rico)
    Weaver, Michael (Boston)
    Boyd, Melba Joyce (U of Michigan)
    Harris, Eddie (Saint Louis, Paris) to be confirmed

    20h-21h30 Ch V A 24 Films 2
    Walker, Sheila (U Texas, Austin) :and Jones, Jacquie: film showing


    Samedi 28 octobre/Saturday, October 28

    9h00-11h Sorbonne Liard Littérature 7
    Chairs : McDowell, Deborah, (U.of Virginia) and Raynaud, Claudine (U Tours)
    Ben Amara, Radhouan (U Cagliari, Italy) : "Clashing Languages in Assia Djebar's Multilayered Artistic Territory."
    Braxton, Joanne (William and Mary U) : "Invoking the Ancestors: Spirituality, Orality and Liberation in African American Literature(s) "
    Embry, Marcus (U North Colorado) : " Race and Gender in Geographies of Home. "
    Morris, Keidra (UCLA) : "Black British Population : (re)membrance of and (re)turn to the Caribbean."
    Ryan, Judylyn. (Ohio Wesleyan U) : "Illuminating Diaspora/Inventing ‘Home’: Subjectivity, Spirituality."
    Smith, Valerie Ann (UCLA) : "No Place of Refuge: Memory, Narrative and the Construction of Diaspora."

    9h00-11h15 Ch V A 40 Theater and Music
    Chair: Mills, Alice (U Caen).
    Lewis, Barbara (NYU, Editor Renaissance Noire) : "Lynching and Relocation: Three women Plays on the Nadir."
    Miller, Patrick (Northeastern U) : "The Little Theater on Black Campuses and the Notion of 'Diasporic Imagination': Some Texts and Contexts."
    Williams, Mark. Artistic Director of the Theater of the Diaspora; DC
    Pradel, Lucie (U des Antilles)
    Chairs: Cherry, Randall (U Paris VII).
    Berrian, Brenda : (U Pittsburgh) : " Funky Fusion : A Musical Collaboration from New York to ."
    Winders, James A. (Appalachian State U) : "Diaspora Identities: A Comparison of African and African-American Musicians in Paris."
    Martin, Carol (NYU) : "How the concept of Diaspora informed the 2000 Season of the Brooklyn Academy of Music."

    9h00-11h15 ChV (A 50) Installation
    Sligh, Clarissa (NY) Artist. : " ReUnion "
    Kempadoo, Roshini (Guyana, Caraïbe, UK) Artist : "Virtual Exiles " [Internet and Digital Print Project]."
    Rodriguez, Barbara (TuftsU) : "The American Slave Narrative: Slavery and the Persistence of Form"

    9h-11h15 ChV (Salle du Courrier) Table Ronde Artistes / Artists' Roundtable
    Chair Brunet, François (Paris VII)..
    Gastambide, Rémy (Rosiers,"The Black ASlaasnd PafNetnlliad): "ng,i"pha Coast 's Lnia pg Ph d "Documentale
    owasndAdgeatWs Aom New Yris). Pain, pg Phreograpy ".
    Camp, Kimbe.tic Director of the Barnes Foundat />
    Lindsay, Arturo (Spelman Coll,and Atlay U).
    Jordan, Colman (U Michitor, SCaron oh Art Lectles)
    Wood, Mar*o;"

    11h32-11h30 ChV (A d – Plenary Session
    FecquegderT fria (Sou(U Caroles, osops / Art)ers,"The Middle Passts."

    12h30-14h30 Pause Déjeuner / Lunch Break

    12h35-17h15 Sorbonne Liar Plenary Session
    Epeluraden, Jamei, Paris)oetisrs anGiovsson, nssiaye (Parisan Musicd ".

    5 9h1 17h15 Sorbonne Lir) Table RonE'écrivain / Writer' Roundtable
    Chairsaddman, Laure-xts an, Claudind Rayn)
    Bod, Melba Joyce (Wayne Stat.
    Breeze, Jean Brinta (Jamaica).
    Weaver, Michael (Boston)
    Perdiam (Puerto Rico)
    : M Donyce, Janes, Pari)
    .. To be completa."
    Com Moery anwo mn Musicight,rDiscussile anlute".

    18h-30- h15 ChV (A 524 Filre 3
    of w AmarMAtllac,de (NYU) aFMilong,.De Frane, (Paris VI Chaca).
    CbrahaMbyHoma) Filmmake;"
    elodisoh (SMarlma) Filmmaking



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