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This international student seminar will be supervised by Dave Day (MMU) and Jean-François Loudcher. It is free for all students. Supervisor are welcome.



Supervised by

  • Dave Day, Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
  • Jean-François Loudcher, Professor, Bordeaux University


A first international seminar for PHD and Post-graduate students in sport history (political and cultural perspectives) will be held in Bordeaux, France, between the 11th September and the 13th September, 2017. It is the first of a series of seminars between the two universities (next will be at MMU) and will provide an opportunity to establish new relationships and partnerships with students and researchers from all over the world. All students who would like to present their research (in English) and to get positive feed-back and insights into their work are welcome. It is also possible to just attend the seminar in order to interact with other students.

Provisional programme


  • Régis Malet, Professor, Head of the Research Department LACES
  • Andy Smith, Professor, University of Bordeaux, Head of the Center Emile Durkheim (Sciences-Po)

Student Presentations

20min with an additional 30mn in which to interact with the audience on all aspects of the research

Additional conference input during the three days will come from:

  • Dave Day, Professor of Sports History at MMU
  • Jean-François Loudcher, Professor at Bordeaux University, Department LACES

and will include consideration of methodological issues such as,

Image Analysis in Sport History

  • Analyzing the Representation of Hippolyte Triat’s Gymnasium (1857) in the Mood of Michel Foucault
  • Marcel Cerdan and the Making of a Myth; Analyzing the Representation of his Story in the Comics L’Équipe Junior (1951) illustrated by Pellos

Comparative studies

  • Comparing sports coaching in England and France
  • Comparing sport development in different countries

Using Biography


There are no fees for registration and presentations will be put online via Twitter, Facebook and the Website pages of both Universities

Very low price for accommodation

In case of financial difficulties, contact Jean-François Loudcher


  • Bordeaux-Montaigne Université, UFSTAPS - Rue Camille Joulian
    Pessac, France (33)


  • lundi 11 septembre 2017
  • mardi 12 septembre 2017
  • mercredi 13 septembre 2017


  • qport, history, politic, cultural, methodology


  • Jean-François Loudcher
    courriel : jean-francois [dot] loudcher [at] u-bordeaux [dot] fr

Source de l'information

  • Jean-François Loudcher
    courriel : jean-francois [dot] loudcher [at] u-bordeaux [dot] fr

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