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Calenda, the humanities and social sciences calendar

Calenda is an Open Access online announcement service in the humanities and social sciences. It informs students, lecturers and researchers alike of the current state of research. It is enriched by users' suggestions.

A calendar enriched by the academic community

Since 2000, Calenda has provided an overview of the humanities and social sciences in France and abroad. Following the model of appropriation, the scientific community itself enriches the platform by submitting announcements via an online form. It is then up to the editorial team to decide of the the scientific relevance of the announcement. All announcements are permanently archived and remain accessible at the same address.

Calenda primarily publishes detailed announcements for colloquiums, seminars, lecture series and study days as well as job and scholarship offers, calls for tender and calls for academic events or journal papers. However, Calenda is not intended to announce publications, isolated lectures or events related to scientific popularization, commemoration and politics.

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Calenda's academic committee

The academic committee defines the scope of scientific news covered by Calenda and ensure compliance with it. He is consulted in case of doubt or dispute on a submission. It also defines the new developments of the calendar. It is chaired by Karim Hammou, research Officer at CNRS (CRESPPA-CSU).

Calenda's editorial team

Calenda's editorial team is in charge of the validation, the edition and the publication of the announcements, as well as the maintenance and the evolution of the platform.

  • Interim Editor-in-chief:
    • Elsa Zotian – Cléo (Marseilles, France)
  • Validation team:
    • João Fernandes – Cléo (Marseille, France)
    • Anastasia Giardinelli – Cléo (Marseille, France)
    • Céline Guilleux – Cléo (Marseille, France)
    • Elsa Zotian – Cléo (Marseilles, France)

Calenda is developed by the Centre for open electronic publishing (Cléo-UMS 3287): http://cleo.cnrs.fr.

It is supported by the Université Aix-Marseille, the Centre National de la Recherche scientifique (CNRS), the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and the Université d'Avignon. It is part of the Bibliothèque scientifique numérique (BSN).