• Vancouver

    Appel à contribution - Moyen Âge

    La poésie des troubadours : « Lieux de mémoire »

    In keeping with the 2015 Presidential theme for the 130th MLA Annual Convention (Vancouver, BC; 8-11 January, 2015) the MLA Provençal Discussion group seeks proposals for its session devoted to troubadour poetry and 'lieux de mémoire,' or sites of memory.

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  • Budapest

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Relations sociales entre les religions

    Numéro thématique de Hungarian Historical Review 2014/4

    The social interactions of individuals and groups belonging to different denominations was and is one of the everyday experiences of social manifestations of otherness. Ever since the Middle Ages, Central Europe has been home to various and varying religious and ethnic groups who have lived side by side. The region has been a meeting point for the Latin, Orthodox, Islamic, Christian, and Jewish worlds, and the Reformation made it even more religiously diverse. We encourage the submission of papers that examine the phenomena of religious and cultural diversity in the region from the perspectives of political history and the history of ideas, and we are particularly interested in submissions that address the social, economic, and cultural aspects of religiously and denominationally diverse coexistence.

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