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  • Williamsburg

    Séminaire - Histoire

    Did the Plague Impact Sub-Saharan Africa before 1899?

    Genetics evidence published in recent years suggests that certain strains of plague (Yersinia pestis) in sub-Saharan Africa may be centuries old. This raises questions whether there is correlation with the suspected depopulations in certain areas of sub-Saharan Africa in the late medieval period. This symposium, for the first time ever, brings together historians, geneticists, archeologists, art historians, anthropologists, and linguists to examine these questions. 

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  • Londres

    Journée d'étude - Pensée

    Protest in French and Francophone Arts and Culture

    Society for French Studies Postgraduate Conference 2016

    Protest is an intrinsic part of human culture, which enables subjects to express their dissatisfaction with existing social structures and hegemonic hierarchies of power. Protests have occurred across time periods and contexts, and have taken numerous different forms, ranging from personal expressions of discontent to united movements for revolutionary change. Protests can be individual or collective, personal or political, spontaneous or carefully planned, but they are generally orientated towards destabilising the status quo and establishing new modes of existence. Over the ages, political, social and cultural protests have successfully toppled authoritarian regimes, exposed and confronted dominant imbalances of power, and ameliorated conditions for disenfranchised members of society.

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  • Tokyo

    Colloque - Histoire

    The Research on Ancient History in Colonial Korea under Japanese Rule

    Archaeology, History and Heritage Policies in East Asian Modern History

    This international conference will explore Japanese academic practices towards Ancient Korea (history, archaeology, heritage protection policies), while also considering the precedent established by French archaeological practices in colonial Cambodia and the case of continental China. 

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  • 2016 - Avril - 23

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