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  • Canton

    Colloque - Études urbaines

    Urban China and the challenges of sustainability

    Medium conference

    This is the second international event organised in the context of the Medium project. While research conducted in the context of the project focus primarily on the medium-sized cities Hangzhou, Zhuhai and Datong, the conference will consider urban China in its diversity, with a great variety of case studies including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, the region of the Taihu lake etc. It will address the issue of sustainability from a broad perspective, tackling ageing housing, social inclusion, urban governance, environmental sustainability, participatory processes in urban planning, with a multi-disciplinary approach ranging from geography, political science, economy, sociology, computer science, environmental science, etc.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Histoire

    The Physiologus between East and West

    Transmission and dissemination of an early Christian text on nature

    The Physiologus was once among the most widely read texts on nature in the world. Originally composed in Greek language during the second or third century AD, and based on antique sources, it was widely translated across East and West into all the major ancient and medieval vernacular languages. The purpose of this Conference is to bring together specialists of the Physiologus for each of those languages in order to lay down the foundations of a modern international dialogue about this influential and under-studied work. The Physiolosus forms an ideal case study for observing cultural variations in this wide area covered by the different versions.

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  • 2017 - Juin - 17

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