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  • Ottawa

    Appel à contribution - Amériques

    Société canadienne pour les études italiennes (SCEI)

    La Société canadienne pour les études italiennes (SCEI) sollicite des propositions de communications individuelles et de sessions à tenir dans le cadre de sa Conférence 2018, qui aura lieu du 11 au 13 mai 2018, à l’université d’Ottawa.

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  • Stockholm

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Branches of time. Thinking and representing History through the arboreal motif

    International network for theory of history conference (INTH). “Place and displacement: The spacing of history” (Stockholm 2018)

    We are pleased to announce that Trames Arborescentes is preparing a panel proposal for the International Network for Theory of History (INTH) conference  that will take place in Stockholm on August 2018. “Place and Displacement: The Spacing of History” has been chosen as the main theme for the aforementioned meeting. Within this framework, Trames Arborescentes has decided to participate by proposing a panel that will gather several speakers around the subject “Branches of Time. Thinking and Representing History through the Arboreal Motif”.

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  • Bruxelles (Ixelles)

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Sociologie

    Chercheur expérimenté pour deux projets de recherche sur la participation citoyenne à Bruxelles

    You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, investigating the potential of new approaches to  urban civic participation, such as by experimenting and developing new methodologies, design interventions and technological approaches. You will be mainly responsible for exploratory research and inquiries, in-depth field studies, and for evaluating and reporting of the action-research.

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  • Berne

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    "Contemporary spiritualities" and "New Age". Ethnographic and historical-comparative approaches to a transnational field

    Open session of the 16th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR)

    While the first theorists of secularization foresaw the gradual disappearance of religion from the public sphere, others observed a reorganization or even a “return of the sacred” on a worldwide scale. Aside from fundamentalisms which strongly uphold the idea of “tradition” and strengthen borders, new forms of religious expression have appeared transnationally, most often deinstitutionalized and integrated in civil society: for example, the “new religious movements”, and especially the more diffused and nebulous networks, groups and movements known under the generic terms of “New Age” and “contemporary spiritualities”.This session seeks to explore these new forms of transnational religiosity expressed through the notions of “spiritualities” and “New Age” from the perspectives of ethnography and the comparative social history of religion.

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  • Cork

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Mendicants on the Margins

    The symposium aims to bring together researchers working on aspects of mendicant orders traditionally considered as “marginal”, be it in geographical, topographical, gendered or historical terms, in order to go beyond the artificial construct of centrality and marginality, and get a fuller understanding of the impact of the mendicants on all levels of medieval society across Europe.

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  • Madrid

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities

    III Midterm Conference / European Sociological Association - Research Network 37 (Urban Sociology)

    For the third mid-term conference we propose inequality and uncertainty as terms to guide our reflections about urban realities. Both inequalities and uncertainties impact everyday practices, individual and communal identities, fears and (im)possibilities, as well as visions of the future. Both are clearly evident in today's urban contexts.

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  • Madrid

    Appel à contribution - Études urbaines

    Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities

    III Mid-Term Conference Of The Urban Sociology Research Network 37 Of European Sociological Association In Madrid (Spain), Uned

    It is not possible to ignore the fact that cities are not only moving, vibrant and flourishing spaces, promising hope for better quality of life, but also accumulate and reflect significant problems. We need to recognise the complexity of economic, political, social, cultural and environmental mechanisms, which strengthen existing inequalities and add a great deal of uncertainty to life in cities and urban spaces of the globalised world. We want to gain a better understanding of the impact and consequences of inequality and uncertainty on the urban arena as much as the responses to current challenges in terms of  both informal and institutional practices.

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  • Copenhague

    Colloque - Représentations

    Archives that matter

    Digital infrastructures for sharing unshared histories in the colonial archives

    2017 marks the centennial for Denmark’s sale of the colony “The Danish West Indies” to the United States, today the US Virgin Islands. For this occasion, archives in Denmark are undertaking a mass-digitisation of their archival records from St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Ghana and the transatlantic enslavement trade. The symposium brings artists and researchers together across geographies to collaboratively innovate and develop “critical fabulations”, transgressive decolonial methodologies and artistic research approaches to open up the digital archives.

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  • Évry

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Visualizing the Political Process

    36th annual International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA)

    For the 36th Annual Meeting of the International Visual Sociology Association 2018 we invite scholarly and other visual presentations that relate to the theme Visualizing the Political Process. We also welcome abstracts that address topics relating more generally to visual methods, theories, the visual analysis of society, culture and social relationships. These need not specifically address the theme of the conference.

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  • Bruxelles

    Appel à contribution - Moyen Âge

    Power, authority and normativity

    Brussels medieval culture and war conference

    The 2018 edition of the medieval culture and war conference will take place at the Saint-Louis University, Brussels, and will focus on the theme of “Power, Authority and Normativity”. An omnipresent phenomenon, war was a dominant social fact that impacted every aspect of society in the Middle Ages. Moving away from so-called “histoire-bataille” that studied war on its own as an isolated succession of battles, historiography has moved towards investigation of how military conflicts influenced the economic, legal, political, religious, and social spheres in the Middle Ages.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Histoire

    Home as a place for anti-Jewish persecution in European cities, 1933-1945

    Anti-Jewish persecution didn’t only happen in specifically designed or transformed spaces such as camps and ghettos. It invaded spaces of everyday life in European cities: public spaces, work places and private spaces such as homes. In this landscape not only Jews and agents of persecution appear but also their immediate residential environment: concierges, neighbors, nannies, landlords, property managers, sub-tenants, local administrations, etc. These figures have an essential place in the memories of Jewish survivors. Though, so far, scholars have hardly addressed their role. The spatial turn that occurred during the last fifteen years in Anglophone Holocaust studies focused on the symbolic places of genocide. It mostly neglected apartment blocks and ordinary cities as spaces of persecution. This conference thus intends to focus on urban housing as a place for anti-Jewish persecution.

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  • Rennes

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Représentations

    Postdoctoral fellow “Mapping architectural criticism” (18 months)

    Postdoctorat « Mapping architectural criticism » (18 mois)

    L’unité de recherche Histoire et critique des arts (EA1279) de l'Université Rennes 2 recrute un postdoctorant, dans le cadre du projet de recherche : Mapping Architectural Criticism. La critique architecturale, cartographies intellectuelle et matérielle, sous la direction d'Hélène Jannière, Professeur d’histoire de l’architecture contemporaine. Le contrat proposé est d'une durée de 18 mois, temps plein, à partir du 1er mars 2018. 

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  • Bologne

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Ecumenism and religious violence in zones of conflict

    European academy of religion

    The European Academy of Religion (EuARe) is a new organism in European scholarship which was established in 2016 with the support of the European parliament and many more institutions. EuARe aims to create a new, inclusive network, able to act as an open platform and to provide a framework to foster research, communication, exchange and cooperation concerning important religious issues for the academic world and society at large. The program of the EuARe Conference 2018 will be composed of both plenary (lectiones magistrales and roundtables) and working sessions (panels and papers).

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  • Budapest

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    The Sacred in Conflict

    Disagreements between and within Religions

    Disagreements arise between different religions, but can also erupt within various branches of the same faith, and the dissociation of external and internal adversaries often appears linked. Religiously motivated confrontation has continuously shaped people’s ideological landscapes and everyday realities, often causing deeply rooted conflicts, violent clashes, and ferocious infighting, which can persist throughout centuries. Which motivations inform the justification for religious beliefs of individuals and groups? What manner of duties do believers assume in the face of impending conflicts? What justifies religious institutions? What is the role of the orthodox-heterodox binary in inter- and intra-confessional disagreements?

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  • Esch-sur-Alzette | Luxembourg

    Colloque - Histoire

    The way out: microhistories of flight from nazi Germany

    This international conference will study the broad theme of the flight of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and their trajectories during the war and its aftermath from multiple perspectives.

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  • Genève

    Appel à contribution - Éducation

    Learning and professional development

    IXe édition du colloque international EARLI SIG 14

    EARLI SIG 14 focuses on professional and vocational education and training and has a particular set of interests associated with learning at and for work. The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, who are interested in investigating learning and instructional processes in connection with professional practices. It encourages research and reflection developing interdisciplinarity, methodological diversity, inter-professional collaboration and explores the relations between learning and development in educational and professional contexts.

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  • Appel à contribution - Amériques

    Creating the child audience: media and the invention of modern American childhood in the late XIXth and XIXth centuries

    "Transatlantica" special issue

    This Transatlantica issue sets out to examine how, in the process of creating new audiences for its products, child-centric media crafted a homogenizing vision of childhood especially compatible with media consumption. As a result, in the course of the late XIXth and XXth centuries, media has made itself the vehicle of adult norms and expectations about children’s tastes, behaviors and development – be it to pander to existing tastes and behaviors or shape them to ideal standards, some civic-minded (with emphasis on social adjustment, character building, or good citizenship), some commercial, and others both at once.

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  • Brno

    Appel à contribution - Langage

    English Printed Books, Manuscripts and Material Studies

    14th ESSE (European Society for the Study of English) Conference, Seminar 51

    This seminar’s focus is on the physicality of English printed books and manuscripts, whether they be strictly literary or not. We are especially interested in how particular editions and manuscripts shape the text’s interpretation and reading practices. Research topics include, but are not restricted to: finding rare editions and manuscripts, archival work, book and manuscript collections, printing practices and scribal work, palaeography, manuscripts as books, the coexistence of manuscripts and printed books, editing printed books and manuscripts, electronic versus printed editions, editing and digital humanities.

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  • Paris

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    ETKnoS – Encoding and transmitting knowledge with a string. A comparative study of the cultural uses of mathematical practices in string-figure making (Oceania, North and South America)

    Post-doctoral position in social/cultural Anthropology

    Cet appel à candidatures pour un contrat postdoctoral en anthropologie d'une durée d'un an (renouvelable un an), dans le cadre du projet ANR « Encoding and transmitting knowledge with a string (ETKnoS) » est ouvert aux candidat·e·s ayant effectué des recherches ethnographiques dans une société d'Amérique du Sud.

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  • Dijon

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Challenges of tourism development in Asia and Europe

    4th Euro-Asia tourism studies Association international conference

    The 4th Annual Conference of EATSA – Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, that will take place in France, next June 18-22th 2018, is an international forum for researchers and industry experts to exchange information regarding advances in the state of the art and application of tourism, hospitality and leisure management in the region of Euro-Asia.

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