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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Études urbaines

    Urban audiovisual festival (UAF)

    The urban audio-visual festival – UAF emerges as a place for discussion and dialogue between professionals who work on urban life. This scientific meeting aims to promote the production of quality and the dissemination of the audio-visual work carried out by researchers and filmmakers in the field of urban studies, as well as other related disciplines.  We encourage the submission of projects made by students as part of their thesis, professional productions and artistic works.

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  • Porto

    École d'été - Époque contemporaine

    What difference do DIY cultures make?

    KISMIF Conference 2018 will be preceded by a Summer School entitled ‘What difference do DIY cultures make?’ (KISMIF Summer School 2018) on 3 July 2018 in Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto. The summer school will offer an opportunity for all interested persons, including those participating in the conference, to attend workshops led by specialists in these fields. Specifically, the Summer School offers thematic workshops expressly focused on the hands-on, music making, and place making of contemporary DIY cultures. Its approach will be methodological and focused on research for action.

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  • Berlin

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Contemporary African and Black Diasporic Spaces in Europe

    "Open Cultural Studies" journal

    This special issue of Open Cultural Studies explores the social and cultural spaces in which identifications with African and black diaspora(s) become articulated, (re)negotiated and established as a field of collective agency with transformative power in European societies. It will argue that  African diaspora communities and cultures in Europe are constructed not only by individuals’ engagements with Africa and its global diaspora, or mediatized and commercialized notions of Africanness/blackness, but also through collective agency aiming at promoting change in European societies shadowed by the normative whiteness, nationalist discourses and policies, human rights violations and overt racism.

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  • Strasbourg

    Appel à contribution - Études du politique

    Cluster de recherche en durabilité du Rhin supérieur

    We are pleased to announce that the international conference of the Upper Rhine Cluster for sustainability research (URCforSR) will take place on September 27-28, 2018 in Strasbourg. The call for abstracts is already open. We invite abstracts covering one or several of the five fields of investigation: governance; energy; infrastructure and social change; Ttansformation processes and technologies; resource management; multiculturalism and multilingualism. Interdisciplinary and/or trinational projects are especially welcome. Please note that the participation is free of charge (European interreg funding).

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  • Porto

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    “Keep It Simple, Make It Fast!” Gender, differences, identities and DIY cultures

    KISMIF conference 2018

    We are pleased to announce the fourth “Keep It Simple, Make It Fast!” (KISMIF) Conference which will take place in Porto, Portugal, between 3 July and 7 July 2018. This initiative follows the great success of the three past editions and brings together an international community of researchers focusing on underground music scenes and do-it-yourself culture. The 4th edition of KISMIF will focus on “Gender, differences, identities and DIY cultures”, directing its attention on gender issues relating to underground scenes and do it yourself (DIY) cultures, and their manifestation at local, translocal and virtual levels.

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  • Oxford

    Séminaire - Représentations

    Towards a social history of photoliterature and the photobook

    This international seminar brings together researchers working on photography and the book with interdisciplinary approaches, connecting the aesthetic and material dimensions of the photobook with social, economic and political perspectives.

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    The materiality and spatiality of death, burial and commemoration

    Special issue in the Journal “Mortality”

    The interdisciplinary journal Mortality calls for submissions from all disciplines to reflect on the materiality and spatiality of death, burial and commemoration: Death, dying and burial produce artefacts and occur in spatial contexts. The interplay between such materiality, spatiality and the bereaved who commemorate the dead yields interpretations and creates meanings that can change over time. In this special issue we want to publish papers that explore this interplay by going beyond the consideration of simple grave artefacts on the one hand and graveyards as a space on the other hand, to examine the specific interrelationships between materiality, spatiality, the living and the dead.

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