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    Colloque - Études urbaines

    The Black Metropolis, between past and future

    Race, urban planning and African-American culture in Chicago

    The colloquium will celebrate the centenary of the “Great Migration” and explore the social and cultural life of Chicago South Side and West Side from the end of the Thirties, which were marked by the cultural zenith of Bronzeville neighborhood and a series of measures for the Black community inspired by the New Deal, to the present, which is characterized by numerous private and public initiatives in favor of an urban renewal. This international and multidisciplinary colloquium seeks to reevaluate the contribution of the South Side and the West Side to the definition and evolution of the African-American identity from the beginning of the XXth Century until the contemporary moment.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Histoire de l'architecture : quelle est la situation de notre discipline aujourd’hui ?

    Rencontres de l'Association d'histoire de l'architecture (AHA)

    Les premières rencontres de l’Association d'histoire de l'architecture auront lieu du 3 au 6 mars 2015 et aborderont un sujet qui a marqué les discussions préalables à la (re)fondation de l’association : quelle est la situation de notre discipline aujourd’hui ?

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  • Palerme

    Colloque - Études urbaines

    Crossing boundaries: Rethinking European architecture beyond Europe

    Final conference of the COST Action IS0904

    The International network "European Architecture beyond Europe: Sharing Research and Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material Legacy (19th-20th centuries)", chaired by Mercedes Volait and Johan Lagae, and supported by EC funding through the COST Action IS0904, is organizing its final conference. It will be organized in 6 sessions : “Transnational studies and cultural transfers” (chaired by Kathleen James-Chakraborty), “Methods and methodologies: Writing the histories of Europeanimperial/colonial architecture” (chaired by Alex Bremner and JoAnne Mancini), "Looking eastward, building identities. The architecture of European diplomacy beyond the Mediterranean in the age of Empire" (chaired by Paolo Girardelliand Mercedes Volait), “Tropical architecture” (chaired by Ola Uduku and Iain Jackson), "Architectures of exile: Visions and re-visions of the global modern in the age of the refugee" (chaired by Regina Göckede and Rachel Lee), “Architecture as developmentaid: Modernization, technicalassistance and the design of institutions” (chaired by Tom Avermaete and Kim de Raedt).

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