• Marmagao

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Les communs en Asie du Sud aujourd'hui

    Since 1998 the “Association des jeunes études indiennes” (AJEI) organizes an annual workshop in India with the support of international and local partners. This year, we propose a three-day event in Goa to debate the question of the “commons” in contemporary South-Asia. The workshop will be structured around different thematic sessions with the presentations of the works of the participants, a field visit and an open discussion on fieldwork methods. One of the main objective of the event is to give the opportunity to the participants to exchange on their works and their experience, to get feedbacks from senior researchers and to build relationships, reinforcing thus the strong international network of researchers on South Asia.

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  • Pondichéry

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Multifaceted Inequality in Contemporary India

    The "Association des jeunes études indiennes" (AJEI) is a student organization whose members are young researchers coming from various disciplines of the human and social sciences (from masters degree to postdoctoral level) whose area of research is South Asia. Every year, a research seminar in France and a workshop in India bring students and scholars together in order to discuss the topics and papers presented. Since 1998 the AJEI organizes an annual workshop in India with the support of international and local partners. This year we propose a three day workshop with an opening lecture, daily presentations discussed by senior researchers, methodological workshops, and a concluding session. One of our goals is also to interact informally, and build relationships, towards creating a strong international network of researchers.

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  • Vârânasî

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Le genre : politique, travail, droit et développement

    Ateliers de l'Association des jeunes études indiennes (AJEI) 2015

    L'Association jeunes études indiennes (AJEI) organise chaque année des ateliers en Inde, rassemblant jeunes chercheurs et chercheurs confirmés ayant pour aire de recherche l’Asie du Sud. Le thème retenu pour l’édition 2015 des ateliers de l’AJEI est « le genre : politique, travail, droit, développement ». Ces ateliers se veulent une plateforme permettant à de jeunes chercheurs de rendre compte, tant de la manière dont des perspectives de genre apportent un éclairage complémentaire à leur objet d’étude que des contributions de leurs recherches aux débats sur le genre.

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  • Bhubaneswar

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    Gender and Autofiction

    Auto/Fiction 2:1

    The issue is open to all kinds of applied and theoretical papers on gender and autofiction. Contributions may be written in English and may vary in length from 3000 to 12000 words. Reviews should not be more than 1000 words. In addition to scholarly papers we invite contributions in the form of book reviews, calls for papers, announcements of conferences etc. All contributions must adhere to the MLA style sheet (7th Edition) with an abstract and key words.

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  • Delhi

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Travail, mobilité et mobilisations en Asie du sud

    Seizième atelier jeunes chercheurs de l'Association jeunes études indiennes (AJEI)

    Les ateliers 2014 de l’AJEI ont pour objectif d’offrir une vision aussi complète que possible de l’actualité de la recherche contemporaine sur le travail en Inde, afin d’en comprendre les évolutions conceptuelles et d’en analyser les enjeux les plus récents. En mettant en avant les questions de mobilité et de mobilisations politiques et sociales, l’objectif de ces ateliers est de placer au coeur des discussions, les travailleurs et leurs enjeux quotidiens.

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  • New Delhi

    Colloque - Économie

    The Globalization of Production Models and Innovation in Emerging Economies

    Comparative Research on Subnational Industrial Policies

    This seminar will bring together scholars examining research themes pertaining to the evolution of production models in regions of India and China, in relation to the progressive opening of these large economies to trade and FDI. Of particular interest are industrial and innovation policies emerging at the state or provincial level and the manner in which these public policies interact with firm-level strategies in pursuit of more broad-based development goals. Apart from the keynote session, five thematic sessions are planned: Upgrading Regional Industries in India and China; Subnational Industrial Policies in India and China; Social Dimensions of Regional Industrial Performance; Articulating industrial policies between central and local levels; Industrial Districts and Regional Policies.

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