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  • Zurich

    Journée d'étude - Sociologie

    Concepts that Matter! Terminologies of women and gender in transnational perspective

    The Department of Gender Studies and Islamic Studies of the University of Zurich is organizing the first workshop of the Gender in University and Society (GENiUS) network on “Concepts that Matter! Terminologies of Women and Gender in Transnational Perspective”. GENiUS is an informal Swiss-Arab Network of academics specialized in the field of Gender Studies in and on the Arab region that aims at fostering scientific exchange on the levels of research, teaching and institution building.

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  • Zurich

    Informations diverses - Éducation

    Teaching Gender. Theory and society in the classroom

    Now more than ever, gender as an analytical concept is being heavily contested from diverse quarters inside as well as outside academia. The panel discussion addresses key questions of how to teach gender as  critical theory in the light of current societal and political tensions on the one hand and institutional constraints inside the university on the other hand. How can we teach “critique”? What does teaching gender mean in terms of methods and topics? And how can we engage in critical research and teaching while responding to societal expectations as to relevant output and knowledge transfer?

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  • Montpellier

    Colloque - Études du politique

    Neoliberalism in the Anglophone World

    This conference aims at presenting a critical overview of issues related to neoliberalism in the Anglophone world. It will be broad in scope by covering British, American and the other English-speaking areas, as well as the fields of civilisation, literature and linguistics, while maintaining a thematic focus on the concept of neoliberalism from international and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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  • Trondheim

    Journée d'étude - Représentations

    Kick-off for DARIAH-EU initiative

    The kick-off for Norwegian University of Science and Technology's initiative in DARIAH-EU is scheduled for Wednesday 18th January 2017, 0830-1200 in Trondheim, Norway. If you have an interest in Digital Humanities, please save the date.

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  • Rennes

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Le spirituel : concept opératoire en sciences humaines ?

    Débat interdisciplinaire

    Ce colloque se propose de tenter une théorisation de la notion de spirituel afin d'en faire une catégorie scientifique utilisable dans le champ des sciences humaines. Depuis le poststructuralisme, la théorie, notamment littéraire, est devenue experte en matière d'analyse et de remise en question du soubassement idéologique de tout discours. Toutefois, cette « herméneutique du soupçon » (Ricoeur, 1975) se trouve démunie lorsqu'il s'agit d'élaborer une herméneutique « instauratrice de sens » (Ricoeur, 1965) permettant de penser l'humain au-delà de sa matérialité.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Queering parenting

    2nd INTIMATE conference

    Queering parenting is the 2nd international conference stemming from the European research council funded study “INTIMATE: Citizenship, Care and Choice - The micro-politics of intimacy in Southern Europe”. This year the conference will focus on LGBTQ parenting. In the aftermath of sexual liberation struggles and biotechnological developments, sexuality and reproduction could be considered separate spheres of human activity.

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  • Bâle

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Histoire

    Bourses de début de thèse de la Basel Graduate School of History

    La Basel Graduate School of History (BGSH) met au concours trois bourses de début de thèse d’une durée d’une année (début de la bourse : 1er avril 2017).

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  • Ljubljana

    Colloque - Pensée

    Repetition/s: Performance and Philosophy in Ljubljana

    Contemporary developments in the increasingly intertwined fields of philosophy and performance call for a renewed inquiry into the question of repetition. With its unique critique of ideology arising from a synthesis of German Idealism and Lacanian psychoanalysis, the Ljubljana School (Dolar, Zupančič, Žižek et al.) continues to furnish important theorisations of repetition and performance as they pertain to subjectivity and the political. One of the primary aims of “Repetition/s” will be to investigate and develop the usefulness of the Ljubljana School’s theorisations for the emerging field of Performance Philosophy. 

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Sociologie

    “Medicalized” Childbirth as a Public Problem

    Risk Culture(s), Gender Politics, Techno-Reflexivities

    Obstetrical knowledge, technologies and practices have dramatically transformed women’s reproductive experiences worldwide. Medicalization of childbirth was accelerated in the XXth century by the displacement of childbirth from home to the hospital, and by the generalization of surgical techniques and pharmaceutical products. Medical interventionism took multiple, situated forms. Relying on cross-cultural investigations and field data from diverse national contexts (France, USA, Italy, Brazil, Senegal, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada…), this international workshop investigates how “technological” birth came into being, and how it is produced, problematized, framed, and negotiated in the XXIst century.

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  • Turin

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Women, Religions and Gender Relations

    International Association for the study of Religion and Gender (IARG)

    Interest in the subject of “Women, Religions and Gender Relations” has intensified especially from the mid-1990s in Europe – more recently in Italy – spreading beyond the borders of the sociology of religion and gender studies. The call is designed to offer a platform to scholars to present their research on the topic and exchange their ideas on research findings at an international level.

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  • Tours

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Représentations et figures de la maternité dans le monde anglophone

    L’ambition de ce colloque est d’interroger les discours liés à la maternité, les traductions des choix de société dans les représentations culturelles des mères comme icônes ou boucs-émissaires, et la réception ou la critique de ces représentations dans le contexte d’une quête de conformité ou de libération des conventions sociales.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Activisms in Africa

    International Conference

    Many African countries experience a context in which society is constantly faced against the State or private corporations. In this situation, civil society organizations become key players into continent’s political chessboard. Acting in various fields and often seeking non-traditional forms of organization, they pose new challenges to their analysis and interpretation. To meet these defiances, the Centro de Estudos Internacionais of the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (CEI-IUL) promote between 12th and 13th January 2017, the International Conference Activisms in Africa, which will discuss the new profiles of social activism in Africa and the perspectives of change they bring.

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  • Zurich

    Journée d'étude - Études du politique

    Feminism and Theory in the Arab World

    Starting from the different historical experiences and political as well as intellectual trajectories of feminisms (understood as both feminist movements and ideologies) in the MENA region, the workshop focuses on how scholars who have long been observing feminist endeavors, while being themselves women's rights activits, interpret the present situation beyond ideological fault lines. What are the relevant concepts for understanding current debates and evolutions inside Arab feminisms? What is the potential of feminism(s) as both a set of critical theoretical tools as well as an ensemble of movements in the region? How does one theorize Arab feminisms from within while taking account of their historical entanglements as well as their current transnational connectivities?

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  • San Antonio

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Encoding Data for Digital Collaboration (ASOR 2016)

    Data encoding entails an analog-to-digital conversion in which the characteristics of an object, text, or archaeological site can be represented in a specialized format for computer handling. Once encoded, data can be stored, sorted, and analyzed through a variety of computer-based techniques ranging from specialized data-mining algorithms to user-friendly mobile apps. Especially when encoded data is open-source, researchers around the world can collaborate on the collection, encoding, and analysis of data.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Penetrable / Traversable / Habitable

    Exploring spatial environments by women artists in the 1960s and 1970s

    This conference aims to create a forum for discussing, in a cross-cultural perspective, spatial environments realized by women artists in the 1960s and 1970s. The heterogeneous qualities of these environments, their very diverse functioning, different aesthetic as well as cultural and political inscriptions, suggest the need to expand and rethink Pérez-Oramas´ distinction. In this sense and in the context of feminist art historical scholarship this conference seeks to encourage the articulation of new exploratory categories potentially capable of apprehending the works´ singularities as well as questioning the common threads that could connect them to other practices.

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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Figures de l'Éros

    Journal of Phenomenological and Existential Theory and Culture

    Eros plays a central role in Western thought. In the philosophical and spiritual traditions, it usually refers to physical love and desire. Eros is a recurring character in the pre-Socratic cosmogonies, and it is the main impulse of the philosophical quest for truth in Plato’s Phaedrus. This Special Topics issue of PhænEx wishes to give a new impulse to philosophical reflections on this fundamental and ambiguous phenomenon, following an interdisciplinary perspective at the intersection of phenomenology, post-structuralism, and social sciences (psychology, sociology, sexology, anthropology, linguistics, etc.).

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  • Lyon

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Defining and defying the concept of deviance and degeneration in the British Isles and North America in the 19th century

    This one-day conference aims at exploring the definition(s) and contours of deviance and degeneration as it was conceived in the British Isles and North America in the 19th century. PhD students, postgraduate students and junior scholars whose research pertains to the study of deviant groups, whether self-defined or not, are particularly welcome to participate. Speakers will be invited to focus on the processes of definition of the standards of normality – whether religious, social, political, legal, medicalor sexual – as well as what those processes entailed for those who were labelled ‘deviants’. The role of scientists, doctors but also political authorities is of considerable interest in this respect, as are the ways in which normative standards were circumvented and challenged.

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  • Bucarest

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Histoire

    Four Post-doctoral positions on "Luxury, Fashion and Social statuS in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe"

    New Europe College - Institute for Advanced Study

    Following the European Research Council competition for Consolidator Grants (2014), New Europe College became the Host Institution of such a grant. The project title is Luxury, Fashion and Social statuS in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe and its Principal Investigator is Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu, researcher at New Europe College and at the “Nicolae Iorga” Institute of History in Bucharest. The project aims to trace the role luxury played in the modernisation process in South-Eastern Europe, taking into account the specific features of the region and how South-Eastern European peoples, and their Byzantine and Ottoman heritage are viewed through the stereotype of “Balkanism”. The project’s findings will help towards a better knowledge of changes in European society in its transition to modernity, and of similarities and differences between the various regions of Europe.

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  • Annapolis

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Women Serving in the Armed Forces: Shaping Modern Values and Beyond

    Traditionally, women have been excluded from many roles in the military, most especially combat roles.  In recent years, however, that has all changed, first unofficially, and finally officially: women have been de facto serving in combat roles for the last decade or so, and the first female candidates have been or in all probability soon will be admitted to Marine Corps Infantry training and the US Army Ranger School.  

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  • Bielefeld

    Colloque - Sociologie

    Fathers in Work Organizations

    Inequalities and Capabilities, Rationalities and Politics

    Recent scholarship on fathers and work-life issues discusses a wide range of impact factors, why traditional role models of fatherhood and work still persist, although fathers today more and more wish to be active caregivers in the family.

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