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  • Istanbul

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    The making of cultural policies

    Trans-Acting Matters: Areas and Eras of a (Post-)Ottoman Globalization

    This workshop takes place in the framework of the research project “Trans-Acting Matters: Areas and Eras of a (Post-)Ottoman Globalization”. It aims to analyse the making of cultural policies and actions in Turkey and the post-ottoman spaces. We wish to question the ways in which the circulations participate in the construction of cultural policies today as well as to rethink the earlier cultural policies and actions from the late Ottoman Empire onwards. The workshop attempts to question the co-production of cultural policies, of their spaces and territories, as well as the plurality of the conceptions of culture carried by cultural policies. The workshop will focus on the phenomena of hybridity, of connections, and associations of various actors which co-produce original forms of cultural policies.

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