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  • Bangkok

    Séminaire - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Societies and environments in Southeast Asia

This seminar, gathering Western and Asian Scholars at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand), aims to discuss the relationship between Southeast Asian societies and their natural environments. The sociological approach explores the forms that connect social and cosmic orders within an hindo-buddhist context. We will consider contemporary socio-political challenges in regard to climate change, development practices and technical knowledge. 


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  • Kyōto

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    New contribution to Geoarchaeology

    Word archaeological congress 8

    Geoarchaeology, defined as the application of geosciences and geographical methods to prehistory, archaeology, and history, is now widely applied to study key subjects such as occupation patterns, territory and site exploitation, palaeoclimatic, palaeoenvironemental, and palaeogeographical changes, as well as anthropogenic impacts and system responses. The multidisciplinary and multiscalar dimensions of geoarchaeological approaches have encouraged continuous development and innovation of methods and approaches that have opened new possibilities for explorations in geographical sectors previously inaccessible, the development of large-scale data acquisitions and treatment, and also the development of microscopic scale analysis precision. This session will highlight global research in geoarchaeology with particular emphasis on innovative methods or cutting edge research using established approaches.

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