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  • Bangkok

    Seminar and workshop - Ethnology, anthropology

    Societies and environments in Southeast Asia

This seminar, gathering Western and Asian Scholars at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand), aims to discuss the relationship between Southeast Asian societies and their natural environments. The sociological approach explores the forms that connect social and cosmic orders within an hindo-buddhist context. We will consider contemporary socio-political challenges in regard to climate change, development practices and technical knowledge. 


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  • Kyoto

    Call for papers - Geography

    New contribution to Geoarchaeology

    Word archaeological congress 8

    Geoarchaeology, defined as the application of geosciences and geographical methods to prehistory, archaeology, and history, is now widely applied to study key subjects such as occupation patterns, territory and site exploitation, palaeoclimatic, palaeoenvironemental, and palaeogeographical changes, as well as anthropogenic impacts and system responses. The multidisciplinary and multiscalar dimensions of geoarchaeological approaches have encouraged continuous development and innovation of methods and approaches that have opened new possibilities for explorations in geographical sectors previously inaccessible, the development of large-scale data acquisitions and treatment, and also the development of microscopic scale analysis precision. This session will highlight global research in geoarchaeology with particular emphasis on innovative methods or cutting edge research using established approaches.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Geography

    Paysages et images dans les pays en crises complexes

    L'objectif de ce colloque est d’apporter un éclairage nouveau sur le couple « paysage et crise » par des comparaisons, des mises en perspectives, mais aussi par des échanges entre chercheurs de disciplines différentes (l’architecture, l’urbanisme, l’aménagement, la géographie, le cinéma, la photographie, la peinture, la sculpture et la littérature, etc.) miroirs des sociétés et de leurs conflits.

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  • Denpasar

    Call for papers - Asia

    Tourism in Indonesia

    The beginning of the XXI century is characterized by the development of international tourism practices. This activity, that has deeply changed the relation to time and space in the western world since the XVIII century, is now conquering the expanding countries of Asia. This specific moment of adoption of an activity and its practices, give the opportunity to analyze the various aspects of its growth. Are we observing a phenomenon of transfers, mutations or creations? If the development of tourism inChina and India has been studied for several years, its development in Indonesia still requires an in-depth analysis. How is this new activity appropriated in the fourth most populous country in the world? What are the effects on the Indonesian society, whose distinctiveness comes from the diversity of its people, cultures, and religions, throughout its 17,000 islands, from Sumatra to Papua?

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  • Aqaba

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Territory and economy of the populations of the Hellenistic and Roman Empires borders

    IIe International Multidisciplinary Conference in wādī Rum

    The first International Multidisciplinary Conference in Wādī Rum took place from November 11th to 13th 2011 in Wādī Rum Visitor Center and was the opportunity to review scientific advances about the region. The second edition of the International Multidisciplinary Conference in Wādī Rum will be held in Wādī Rum Visitor Center on November 12th, 13th and 14th 2013. The International Multidisciplinary Conference 2ndedition will be dedicated to the study of the Nabatean territories and economy. The water issue that is particularly at stake in the region, is at the core of this International Multidisciplinary Conference 2nd edition. It will encourage the comparison between what has been done through history in Wādī Rum region and beyond.

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  • Beirut

    Colloquium - Geography

    The appropriation of natural and heritage resources: competitions and rights to access in the Mediterranean

    Colloque organisé par l'IRD et l'Ifpo, sous la responsabilité de François Molle, les 28-29 et 30 décembre à Beyrouth, autour de quelques grands thèmes : évolution des régimes fonciers, accaparement des ressources en eau, contrôle du matériel génétique, filières agricoles, ressources marines et halieutiques, ressources patrimoniales, qui seront traités par une trentaine de participants venant d'Europe et des pays arabes.

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  • Hong Kong

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Foodways and Heritage

    International Conference organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Department of Anthropology). In collaboration with the UNESCO Chair "Safeguarding and Promotion of Cultural Food Heritages" (University François-Rabelais of Tours, France).This conference aims to :1. look at the politics of foodways and heritage, 2. investigate how different kinds of food are produced, sustained and inherited, 3. investigate how they are preserved as intangible heritage for various reasons.

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  • Shillong

    Call for papers - Asia

    Environnement naturel et sociétés

    Pratiques, gouvernance et transformations de la nature en Asie du Sud

    Pour ces 11èmes Ateliers de l’AJEI, nous voudrions lancer une réflexion pluridisciplinaire autour des relations homme/nature en Asie du Sud. Notre intention est d’ouvrir des débats méthodologiques, épistémologiques et théoriques autour des différentes façons dont l’homme se pense dans son environnement naturel, et agit sur celui-ci.

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