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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Competition and solidarity networks in contemporary South Asia's Labour Market 

    Hegemonic neo-liberal discourse assumes that free competition on all levels sparks a virtuous cycle of economic growth, which eventually trickles down to poor populations. Over the past three decades, the idea that restrictive labour laws hamper such competition has justified the deregulation of labour in the North and the un-regulation of labour in the South, notably in South Asia, where labour relations had already mainly been informal. Various sociologists have noted that intensified economic interactions and the rise of competition have made individuals more likely to activate their social networks to protect their individual interests. In this respect, to what extent do social networks shape relations in the diverse South Asian labour markets? How do new forms of social groupings reconfigure competition and solidarity relations? What forms of social interactions prevail, emerge and weaken in the market: chosen solidarity and inherited solidarity; inter-caste and intra-caste solidarity; class solidarity; corporate solidarity etc.?


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  • Rome

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    The mediation of technologies for a new communication and representation of territory

    Session S25 of the 32nd Italian Geographers Congress

    The session, which is part of the 32nd Congress of Italian Geographers, will accept both theoretical and methodological proposals exploring the forms through wich ICTs, particularly the Web, have been changing the dynamics of territory representation in the last decades. Among other things, the proposal shoud focus on territorial communication forms for both political and administrative aims (the communication by and for citizens/investors) and tourist and cultural purposes (the communication by and for tourists/visitors).

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  • Nantes

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Droit

    The development of human activities at sea - what legal framework? For a new maritime law | Making the Sea More Human

    Applications 1 or 2 months research period within HUMAN SEA European Research Council program

    The program focuses on the impact of new technologies in offshore activities, with a view to the refounding of maritime law and the law of the sea.

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  • Angers

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Tourism in Indonesia and Southern Countries

    A vector of sustainable development?

    The objective of the conference is to analyze the effect of tourism, questioning more specifically in this second edition its potential for becoming a vector of sustainable development, understood in its more general sense. Within this framework, we will question its economic impact, as well as its social effects, on Indonesia and Southern countries. We are interested in knowing how extra income is redistributed to the local population and whether it affects, or on the contrary, strengthens the traditional organizations of the communities, bringing new actors, investors, decision-makers in the traditional social organization.

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  • Appel à contribution - Études du politique

    Recherche État, société, marché Europe (cahiers RESuME)

    ERASMUS+ Action Jean Monnet

    Le projet Ressources sur le modèle socio-économique européen (RESuME), cofinancé par le programme « ERASMUS+Action Jean Monnet institutions » et l’université du Luxembourg, a pour objectif de contribuer à l’étude du modèle socio-économique européen, de ses origines, de ses caractéristiques actuelles et de son développement à venir. Le projet se concentre sur l’interaction entre la société, les acteurs économiques et les autorités publiques, à travers le prisme de la notion de compétitivité européenne. Il mobilise à ce titre l’histoire contemporaine, le droit, l’économie, les sciences politiques, ainsi que la philosophie politique ou la sociologie.  Afin d’éclairer ce sujet, le projet RESuME crée une nouvelle série innovante de contributions scientifiques : les Cahiers de recherche Etat, Société, Marché, Europe (Cahiers RESuME).

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Environmental changes in historical perspective

    II Meeting of REPORT(H)A - Portuguese Network of Environmental History

    The Center of History of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon and the Institute of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University of Lisbon, are pleased to be hosting the II meeting of REPORT(H)A - Portuguese Network of Environmental History, in 2017 Spring. The cross cutting conference theme, Environmental Changes in Historical Perspective, is inscribed in transnational and transdisciplinary approaches, a challenge to the current academic research and debate in environmental sciences and humanities.

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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    The Transatlantic Embrace: Spanish Civil War in America’s Intimate Distance

    "Forma" Revista d'estudis comparatius. Art, literatura, pensament

    Spanish Civil War has been studied under its multiple angles. This can also be said about the literature concerning this topic: novels, poems, and all literary forms generated by this armed conflict (both by Spanish and foreign intellectuals) have been commented by academic criticism from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. However, fewer approaches have set the axis of their critical focus on the importance of the Spanish conflict in America and its decisive relevance as a part of a phenomenon that is also American. This special number of the FORMA journal sets out to give a voice to all types of contributions able to shed a new light on this fundamental aspect of the war, whose causes and consequences are clearly rooted in Spain, but whose horizon overflows the peninsular and continental borders and requires an inevitably transatlantic point of view.

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  • Bruxelles

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    PhD position in Chinese studies and cultural studies

    This project will explore how young Chinese cosplayers engage with the public at large to express new identities in spaces that are heavily regulated by social and political censoring mechanisms. On the one hand, this doctoral research will explore the structural organisation of Chinese cosplay (associations, conventions); on the other hand, it will look into specific bodily performances in public spaces.

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  • La Defense

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Avant et après le tourisme

    Trajectoires post-touristiques et société civile

    Cet appel à communications vise à recueillir des expériences et/ou des analyses d’une mise en tourisme débutante ou finissante, ainsi que des interprétations de la dédifférenciation entre le touristique et l’ordinaire à laquelle nous assistons aujourd’hui. Les comparaisons et les essais de modélisation seront les bienvenus. Les propositions de communication, pouvant émaner de chercheurs, de praticiens ou d’associations, avec la possibilité de textes cosignés, s’inscriront dans un des trois thèmes suivants, abordés dans le cadre de trois colloques successifs.

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  • Bruxelles

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Études urbaines

    PhD fellowship for a research project on “Reinventions of modernist rural landscapes”

    Focus: Rural planning in Morocco – 20th century

    MODSCAPES deals with rural landscapes produced by large-scale agricultural development and colonization schemes planned in the 20th century throughout Europe and beyond. Conceived in different political and ideological contexts, such schemes were pivotal to nation-building and state-building policies, and to the modernization of the countryside. They provided a testing ground for the ideas and tools of environmental and social scientists, architects, engineers, planners, landscape architects and artists, which converged around a shared challenge. 

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Migrations contemporaines dans la perspective du coefficient humaniste. Pensée de Florian Znaniecki dans la science d’aujourd’hui

    Fondée en 1989, la Fondation scientifique de Florian Znaniecki prévoit la publication d’un volume faisant partie de la série de monographies sociologiques sous le titre provisoire « Contemporary migrations in the humanistic coefficient perspective. Florian Znaniecki’s thought in today’s science » (« Migrations contemporaines dans la perspective du coefficient humaniste. Pensée de Florian Znaniecki dans la science d’aujourd’hui »). Ainsi, la Fondation vous invite à soumettre des textes originaux rédigés en anglais, non publiés auparavant et consacrés à la présence de la pensée de Florian Znaniecki dans les études contemporaines sur les migrations.

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  • Reims | Hargnies

    École d'été - Études du politique

    The Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems

    GOSES Summer School 2016

    The GOSES Summer School is specifically designed not only for doctoral students, but also for pre-docs, post-docs and young scholars, who wish to further explore the governance of socio-ecological systems, discuss cutting-edge research with peers and established scholars alike and develop specific skills such as presenting their own research, developing abstracts and discussing the research of other scholars in the make.

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  • Assouan

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Frontières et recompositions territoriales au Moyen-Orient et au Sahel

    The Arab uprisings lead to many political and sociological analyses but few of them consider the spatial and territorial consequences of the misnamed Arab Springs. This international conference aims to explore this turn in the Middle East and the Sahel: five years after the birth of the South Soudan state and the beginning of the Arab uprisings, what changes have occurred with respect to borders? Can the collapses of some states be seen as the end of borders or the disintegration of national spaces and the outline of a new enduring and alternative territorial order?

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  • Kyōto

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    New contribution to Geoarchaeology

    Word archaeological congress 8

    Geoarchaeology, defined as the application of geosciences and geographical methods to prehistory, archaeology, and history, is now widely applied to study key subjects such as occupation patterns, territory and site exploitation, palaeoclimatic, palaeoenvironemental, and palaeogeographical changes, as well as anthropogenic impacts and system responses. The multidisciplinary and multiscalar dimensions of geoarchaeological approaches have encouraged continuous development and innovation of methods and approaches that have opened new possibilities for explorations in geographical sectors previously inaccessible, the development of large-scale data acquisitions and treatment, and also the development of microscopic scale analysis precision. This session will highlight global research in geoarchaeology with particular emphasis on innovative methods or cutting edge research using established approaches.

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  • Maringá

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Complex realities and transformations in work in a diversity of farming models

    The international symposium on work in agriculture 2016

    Transformations of farming systems are marked by increasingly important challenges regarding the environment, food safety and competitiveness of enterprises. How do these transformations bring farming work into question? But farming work has also kept a very strong social and territorial dimension: it gives a place and a status to everyone; it nurtures, safeguards and stabilizes a rural population, and strengthens solidarities largely founded on a local cultural relationship with nature and on agriculture and livestock management. The economic, social and environmental functions of farming work coexist. In rural territories, they may sometimes be complementary, but they can also be quite strained.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    Social Movements of the Global South

    Methodological and Theoretical Considerations

    ISA47 is launching a new journal "Social Movements and Change". Philipp Altmann, Deniz Günce Demirhisar and Jacob Mwathi Mati are organizing a special edition on "Social Movements of the Global South – Methodological and Theoretical Considerations". Their aim is to "bring together research on social movements worldwide that break with the Eurocentric bias of social movement theory and try to develop both theories and methodologies apt to understand action, discourse or outcomes of social movements in the Global South".

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  • Nantes

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    L'automédication en question

    Un bricolage socialement et territorialement situé

    Se soigner par soi-même est une pratique controversée : vilipendée au nom des risques sanitaires ainsi courus, cette pratique peut aussi être exaltée au nom de l’autonomie ainsi déployée. Les messages des pouvoirs publics sont au cœur de la controverse, insistant selon les périodes tantôt sur les risques, et tantôt sur la responsabilité des patients qui pourrait ainsi s’exercer. De telles injonctions contradictoires affectent également les pratiques des professionnels du soin. Le choix du colloque est de permettre des comparaisons et des confrontations entre ces différentes approches disciplinaires mais aussi ces terrains de recherche distincts (Nord / Sud, Nord / Nord et Sud / Sud). Il nous faut analyser et cartographier plus finement ces pratiques et leurs déterminants pour mettre en perspective ces analyses par définition toujours partielles, situées théoriquement, historiquement et géographiquement.

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  • Champs-sur-Marne

    Colloque - Sociologie

    Sites of sport in history

    17th International Society of History of Sport and Physical Education (ISHPES) congress

    The International Society of History of Sport and Physical Education (ISHPES) is the umbrella organisation for sports historians all over the world. The aim of the 17th ISHPES Congress is to provide a forum for the latest research, findings and experiences from the vast field of sport history. Researchers are invited to submit papers related to "Sites of sport in history" – these words being taken in their widest sense. 


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  • Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Beyond the acacia tree: nature, landscape and ecology in Africa

    Africa e Mediterraneo Issue 83/2015

    The empty and uncontaminated landscapes of Africa – that the oriental perspective has idealized with the strong support of the tourism industry, and that have been pictured in stereotypical images (like covers and posters portraying the common acacia tree during the sunset) as opposed to the alienating anthropization of the first world – are nowadays put at risk by a growing and hazardous pollution, as denounced by many.

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  • Hambourg | Sønderborg

    Colloque - Géographie

    Border Regions in Transition (BRIT) 2016

    The objective of the 15th Border Regions in Transition (BRIT) Conference organized by the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Hamburg and the HafenCity University Hamburg on May 17-20 2016 is to rethink the complicated relationships that bind cities, urban development and state borders. The conference will offer a unique opportunity to explore the collaborative or competitive strategies of this odd couple under the current circumstances of globalization.

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