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  • Valladolid

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Le franquisme en débat

    I congrès internationale territoires de la mémoire

    La celebración del congreso del 2017 se integra en un marco más amplio de trabajo, dedicado al estudio de aspectos como: la integración de la historia de España en el contexto europeo,  la oposición a los totalitarismos, el fomento de la democracia, el cumplimiento de los derechos humanos, la construcción  de la ciudadanía y la memoria como objeto de conocimiento. El Congreso nace de la relación y colaboración mutua entre  Les Territoires de la Mémoire Liège y Territorios de la Memoria España, se enmarca en un espacio de trabajo dedicado al estudio de los totalitarismos, los derechos humanos, la democracia como valor fundamental, el concepto de ciudadanía, y la memoria como objeto de investigación, fundamentalmente en un ámbito europeo.

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  • Rome

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Lived religion and everyday life through early modern catholic hagiographic material

    We invite abstracts for contributions on the subject from scholars working with early modern (ca. 15th–18th centuries) hagiographic material, such as beatification and canonisation processes, other miracle accounts, art, vitae, and other spiritual (auto)biographies. The aim is to produce a high-quality collection of articles, which offers cutting-edge and fruitful insights into early modern social and cultural history, using hagiographic texts and art as sources. We especially welcome contributions, which have a sensitive approach to gender, age, health and social status.

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  • Mons

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Au cœur de la Grande Guerre

    L'individu au croisement du civil et du militaire

    Le thème des journées d’étude est davantage une ligne conductrice, une piste de réflexion qu’un sujet délimité. Il nous amène à nous questionner sur la manière dont l’individu, soldat, civil de l’arrière ou occupé, intègre et concilie la dimension militaire d’un côté, qu’il s’agisse de son expérience au front ou de la présence de soldats allemands dans les rues de son village, et la dimension civile de l’autre. Au-delà donc d’une rencontre entre le « monde » civil et le « monde » militaire, qui seraient deux sphères séparées, il convient de penser l’individu comme étant au croisement des deux dimensions, qui le construiraient de manière conjointe.

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  • La Rochelle

    Appel à contribution - Amériques

    Women and popular cultures in the anglophone worlds: 1945-2015

    This interdisciplinary conference addresses the issue of how, through popular culture and cultural industries, women have been involved in social, cultural, and economic sectors they were previously barred from and what means and channels they have used to invest and invent specific places, spaces, and cultural milieu from the middle of the 20thcentury to the present time.

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  • Poitiers

    Journée d'étude - Histoire

    Le sacré et la parole : le serment au Moyen Âge

    The aim of this meeting is to work about sacrament and oath in the Middle Age. This event will allow to researchers of different relevances (litterature, philosophy, history, philology) to cross their studies.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Women, Citizenship and Voting Rights

    On the 40th anniversary of the 1976’s Portuguese Constitution, which granted universal voting rights for the first time, the Institute of Contemporary History will be hosting an international conference to analyse the role of women in the election processes. The conference will be held on 21 and 22 November 2016 at the Assembly of the Republic and it is open to all scientific areas.

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  • Tours

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Représentations et figures de la maternité dans le monde anglophone

    L’ambition de ce colloque est d’interroger les discours liés à la maternité, les traductions des choix de société dans les représentations culturelles des mères comme icônes ou boucs-émissaires, et la réception ou la critique de ces représentations dans le contexte d’une quête de conformité ou de libération des conventions sociales.

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    A Jewish Model of Devolution? Inheritance in the Medieval and Modern Jewish Societies

    In the last two decades, the history of the Jewish family has been at the center of a number of studies that have – in the light of a more general historiographical evolution – considerably renewed the subjects and perspectives of this field of research. In this context that made the Jewish studies a well distinguished discipline, we wish to focus on an aspect that has never been studied systematically and has never been subject to a methodological and comparative synthesis: the patrimonial transmission.

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  • Amsterdam

    Colloque - Époque contemporaine

    City of Sin

    Representing the Urban Underbelly in the Nineteenth Century

    In conjunction with the exhibitions Easy Virtue: Prostitution in French Art, 1850-1910 (Van Gogh Museum) and Breitner: Girl in Kimono (Rijksmuseum), ESNA (European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art) organizes its annual two-day international conference around the topic of the “urban underbelly” and its depiction in nineteenth-century art. Both exhibitions explore the depiction of women in the margins of urban life – the prostitute, the model, working (class) women, and the women of the entertainment industry.

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Documents in Women’s History

    Journal of "Women’s History" , special issue (summer 2017)

    For its summer 2017 special issue on documents in women's history, Women's History welcomes articles focusing on what documents have shown about women. The role of historians, witnesses, artists and writers shall also be included, as well as questions related to reality and objectivity in women’s history. Contributions dealing with women as producers of documents are welcome. As an oppressed group, women have indeed seized the opportunity to write their personal and collective history on their own terms, to document their lives and claim their worth against the patriarchal rule. They have produced a wide array of documents, from text to image and film, revealing the reality of female experience. The question of perception and reception is also of interest as it determines what documents tell us about women’s ability to find a place in history through their disruption of dominant cultures.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Penetrable / Traversable / Habitable

    Exploring spatial environments by women artists in the 1960s and 1970s

    This conference aims to create a forum for discussing, in a cross-cultural perspective, spatial environments realized by women artists in the 1960s and 1970s. The heterogeneous qualities of these environments, their very diverse functioning, different aesthetic as well as cultural and political inscriptions, suggest the need to expand and rethink Pérez-Oramas´ distinction. In this sense and in the context of feminist art historical scholarship this conference seeks to encourage the articulation of new exploratory categories potentially capable of apprehending the works´ singularities as well as questioning the common threads that could connect them to other practices.

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  • Appel à contribution - Droit

    Law, History and Politics

    Prim@ Facie Journal, volume 15, no. 28, 2016

    Prim@ Facie has been envisaged as an international journal in Law, hence we strongly encourage submissions from abroad, especially authors with interests concerning to Human Rights, Development and Legal Economic Studies. For a submission you must check off every item of the terms of publication. Once accepted for being published the article will come to light with the cession of copyright for scientific purposes. This is a non-profit journal managed by a federal university in Brazil. It has its statute available online on this website. The editorial office is located at the Laboratory of Journals in Law, downstairs at the CCJ building in the campus at the Universidade Federal da Paraíba, João Pessoa, Paraíba State.

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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Figures de l'Éros

    Journal of Phenomenological and Existential Theory and Culture

    Eros plays a central role in Western thought. In the philosophical and spiritual traditions, it usually refers to physical love and desire. Eros is a recurring character in the pre-Socratic cosmogonies, and it is the main impulse of the philosophical quest for truth in Plato’s Phaedrus. This Special Topics issue of PhænEx wishes to give a new impulse to philosophical reflections on this fundamental and ambiguous phenomenon, following an interdisciplinary perspective at the intersection of phenomenology, post-structuralism, and social sciences (psychology, sociology, sexology, anthropology, linguistics, etc.).

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  • Oxford

    Colloque - Histoire

    Rethinking Right-Wing Women

    Gender, Women and the Conservative Party, 1880s to the Present

    This two-day international conference explores the relationship between women and conservatism since the late 19th century. In the media frenzy and the re-enactment of the visceral political divisions of the 1980s that greeted the death of Margaret Thatcher in April, 2013, it soon became clear that Britain’s first woman Prime Minister was being portrayed as an aberrant figure who had emerged from a party of men.  It appeared that the media and the public had not been well enough served by academics in making sense of and contextualizing the Thatcher phenomenon and, more broadly, the paradoxical sexual politics of the Right.

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  • Annapolis

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Women Serving in the Armed Forces: Shaping Modern Values and Beyond

    Traditionally, women have been excluded from many roles in the military, most especially combat roles.  In recent years, however, that has all changed, first unofficially, and finally officially: women have been de facto serving in combat roles for the last decade or so, and the first female candidates have been or in all probability soon will be admitted to Marine Corps Infantry training and the US Army Ranger School.  

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  • Tübingen

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Histoire

    Two PhD positions in the Emmy-Noether junior research group on "power and influence: influencing emperors between Antiquity and the Middle Ages"

    Since rulers of the Imperial Roman Period and the Early Middle Ages occupied the highest (secular) position, individuals who exerted influence on them enjoyed a great extent of power. As a consequence, there was bitter rivalry between the various agents and much thinking about legitimate and illegitimate influence. These exercises and concepts of personal influence are the topic of a new Emmy-Noether junior research group, which is offering two PhD positions.

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  • Montréal

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication – Gender and Communication Section

    IAMCR 2015

    The Gender and Communication Section invites submissions for its open session at next year’s IAMCR, held in Montreal, Canada, from 12-16 July 2015. The section seeks research that balances theory and practice, and explores the relationship between gender, media and communication. In recent years sessions have included papers on the Internet, television, film, journalism, magazines, violence, queer theory, media production, reception, advertising, representation, the Global Media Monitoring Project, human rights, discrimination, elections, the body, HIV/AIDS, development, pop culture, virtual identity, social change, and consumption. In keeping with our philosophy of inclusivity, we welcome contributions without regard to empirical, theoretical, disciplinary or philosophical perspectives. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 9 February 2015.

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  • Venise

    Colloque - Pensée

    Etty Hillesum. Un siècle après (1914-2014)

    Colloque international

    Les écrits d’Esther (Etty) Hillesum sont pour nous un recueil precieux, constituant une documentation historique très saillante. Ils représentent un reportage au sujet du mal extrême, tel que la persécution raciale et les lagers, ainsi qu’une puissante réflexion philosophique autour de la valeur et du sens de la vie, de l'amour et de la mort. Le Colloque international « Etty hillesum. Cento anni dopo (1914-2014) » (9 et 10 décembre 2014, Université Ca' Foscari de Venise, Italie) veut tracer un bilan de l'œuvre de cet important témoin du XXe siècle. 

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Love, Sex, and War: Towards another History of 20th Century, Europe

    Workshop One – Sources for Historians of Love, Sex, and War

    This workshop will launch a two-year research project focusing on the history of love, sex, and war in Europe. Historian Dagmar Herzog has called the 20th century “the century of sex,” while Laura Lee Downs and Kathleen Canning consider it a time when “gender troubles” emerged. Yet, the 20th century also initiated greater equality between the sexes and increasing liberalization of sexual norms and rights. Both categories – gender and sexuality – profoundly shaped the last century. Two world wars, genocide, and other episodes of mass violence make it crucial to examine European societies from a social and cultural perspective and to ask: what role did gender and sexuality play in these events? The workshop aims to identify specific sources that explore emotional realms such as affection, desire, inhibitions, repulsion, and grief.

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  • Colloque - Asie

    Travail et société : la part du féminin

    En France, l’histoire des femmes a connu un grand essor depuis une trentaine d’années, mais les recherches sont concentrées sur l’Occident. Or, dans le domaine très vaste de l’histoire mésopotamienne, il existe de nombreuses études ponctuelles en histoire des femmes et du genre, mais encore peu de synthèses. L’histoire économique est, par ailleurs, un domaine bien représenté en assyriologie, du fait de la conservation de dizaines de milliers de tablettes d’argile enregistrant des opérations administratives, des contrats, ainsi que des actes relevant du droit familial. En dépit de cette richesse, l’histoire du travail est restée un parent pauvre de l’histoire économique. Le colloque a pour ambition d’envisager les occupations économiques dans lesquelles interviennent des femmes, dans une perspective du genre, sur les trois millénaires d’histoire proche-orientale, en faisant participer une trentaine de chercheurs de divers pays.

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