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  • Oxford

    Appel à contribution - Époque moderne

    Printing and misprinting: Typographical mistakes and publishers’ corrections (1450-1600)

    This one-day symposium – opening with a keynote lecture by Anthony Grafton (Princeton) – aims to explore the notions of typos and manuscript or stop-press emendations in early modern print shops. Building on Grafton’s seminal work, scholars are invited to present new evidence on what we can learn from misprints in relation to publishers’ practices, printing and pre-publication procedures, and editorial strategies between 1450 and 1600.

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  • Batalha

    Colloque - Études des sciences

    Wisdom and science in the (Iberian) Middle Ages

    Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia (CIUHCT) and Mosteiro of Batalha present the conference “Wisdom and science in the (Iberian) Middle Ages”. A day dedicated to medieval knowledge, with renowned international speakers. The keynote speaker will be Professor Charles Burnett of the Warburg Institute, London.

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  • Cordoue

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Bioculturalité de la vie quotidienne

    Séminaire international de CORPUS (Groupe international d'études culturelles sur le corps)

    The present seminar is the continuation of the symposium Bodies in action. The Biocultural Dimensions of the Everyday life that was held within the framework of the 4th Congress on Latin American Anthropology (Mexico, 2015). We invite to this seminar Biocultural Dimensions of the Everyday life researchers interested in the study of the body, of the human embodiment, of the techniques of the body, of the linkages between bodily action and material culture, of the human/animal co-actions, of the nutrition, of the health, of the bodily education, of the dance, of the sexuality and of other fragments of everyday life that invite to think about the complexity of the human being-in-the-world.

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  • Nancy

    Appel à contribution - Éducation

    Mapping Fields of Study: Renegotiations of Disciplinary Spaces in the English Speaking World

    Disciplines and fields of study are far from being stable entities; tracing the history of any field of study reveals their connection to social and cultural contexts, attempts at legitimation, shifts in methodological approaches, complex relations with other fields of study, as well as the influence of institutional factors.

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  • Melbourne

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Old Time Accomplices: Mentors and Mentees

    Mentoring in the arts, humanities, social sciences and the professional world

    Despite living in societies increasingly marked by individualism and selfishness, in the modern world we see an increase in mentoring programs. Mentoring is grounded on a mutual commitment towards professional and intellectual development and forges a bond between mentor and mentee. This pattern exists in the academic, professional and private sectors, where coaches of all kinds multiply. We wish to explore the mentor-mentee relationship in an interdisciplinary context. We invite papers which explore the theme and the practice of mentoring in literature, history, art, performing arts, social sciences, and in the professional world.

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  • Londres

    Appel à contribution - Époque moderne

    Fabrications: Designing for Silk in the Eighteenth Century

    Joubert de la Hiberderie’s Le Dessinateur d’étoffes d’or, d’argent, et de soie (1765) was the first book to be published on textile design in Europe.  In preparation for the publication of an English translation and critical edition of the text this one day conference calls for papers that will analyse, critique, contextualise, review or otherwise engage with the Le dessinateur in the light of its themes: production, design, technology, education, botany and art.  Joubert’s manual argues for both a liberal and a technological education for the ideal designer. Such a person must, he argues, have detailed knowledge of the materials, technologies and traditions of patterned silk in order successfully to propose new designs; he or she must also have taste and an eye for beauty, which call, he says, for travel in order to see both the beauties of nature and those of art gathered in the gardens and galleries of Paris and the île de France.  

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  • Montréal

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication – Media Education Research Section

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The IAMCR 2015 Conference will be held in Montreal, Canada, July, 12-16, 2015. The Media Education Research Section is inviting submissions of individual research papers, complete panels and workshop proposals.

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  • Leyde

    Colloque - Langage

    Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philological Encounters

    The conference brings together scholars from various regions and disciplines (including Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Sanskrit, as well as European languages) to explore the personal (and especially self-reflective) dimensions of academic knowledge production by studying scholars (i.e., producers) and their contexts (i.e., institutions and societies) in relation to their objects of study. The conference outlines an avenue of research dedicated to the study of tensions, antagonisms and polemics - as well as fascination, cooperation, appropriation and friendship - that transpired as a consequence of the meetings of different scholars and their dissimilar modes of textual scholarship, made possible through international cooperation in the form of conferences, journals, academic associations and student exchange.

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  • Walferdange

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Éducation

    Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in History of Education

    L'université du Luxembourg offre deux postes pour doctorants en histoire de l'éducation. Les candidats choisis participent au projet FAMOSO qui recherche les transformations de la société luxembourgeoise engendrées par l'industrie sidérurgique pendant la première moitié du XXe siècle.

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  • Genève

    Colloque - Histoire

    Women in Educated Elites of Pre-Socialist and Early Socialist East Central European Societies

    The opening up to modernity of East Central Europe since the late 19th century was marked – among other things – by a triple process generating structural transformations of established post-feudal societies and affecting often radically the status of women. Due to post-feudal conditions of competition for social standing, positions of influence and prestige, hitherto unknown forms of inequalities appeared in the very process of accumulation of political, economic, professional, cultural an educational assets henceforth necessary for the access to the elites. Female professionals, though they could rarely achieve advanced careers in the ruling elites in the old regime, so much so that they often encountered even various forms of public rejection and discrimination on intellectual markets, significantly participated in the framing of the way of life of the new middle class. This workshop will adopt a gender-focused perspective cocentrating on the place of women (training, education, professions) and bringing to light the differences and inequalities existing between male and female members of educated elites.

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  • Appel à contribution - Langage

    Quelle place pour l’éthique dans l’enseignement des langues de spécialité ?

    S’adressant à des étudiants spécialistes d’autres disciplines, les enseignants de langues du secteur LANSAD contribuent à la formation de futurs professionnels. Faire acquérir à leurs apprenants les clés de la langue-culture d’un milieu professionnel est l’une de leurs missions. L’éthique fait partie du savoir-être et des codes professionnels, elle implique l’individu comme l’entreprise. Cependant, des questions se posent : quelle place doit-elle occuper dans le contenu de l’enseignement des langues ? À quel moment faut-il l’introduire ? Avec quels outils et méthodes ?

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Études du politique

    Higher Education in the UK and the USA since Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: Converging Models?

    Higher Education in the UK and the USA since Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: Converging Models? à La Maison de la recherche de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, 4 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris, France, le vendredi 23 mars 2012.

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  • Timişoara

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Corps de parents, corps d'enfants. De la conception à l'éducation

    Septième symposium international de CORPUS

    « Corps de parents, corps d'enfants. De la conception à l'éducation » sera le thème du Septième symposium international de CORPUS Groupe international d'études culturelles sur le corps. Cette rencontre organisée avec l'Université de médecine et de pharmacie Victor Babeş de Timişoara aura lieu les 28 et 29 novembre 2011.

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  • Madrid

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Reflections for a pluralistic world

    First Bajo Palabra International Philosophy Conference

    During the last few years, Bajo Palabra Philosophy Association has been engaged in the task of spreading philosophical research within and beyond the academic world. As a way of continuing these efforts, it is launched the "1st Bajo Palabra International Philosophy Conference: Reflections for a Pluralistic World".

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  • Genève

    Colloque - Histoire

    Historical Development of National Systems of Elite Formation in Eastern and Central Europe

    This workshop is bringing together specialists from mostly Eastern Europe together with some West European partners, capable and liable of sharing their localised research expertise in the study of the birth and initial development of national systems of elite training in a number of (mostly but not exclusively) small East Central European societies. All of them have very concrete empirical research agendas and records in these fields, but separately, applied to their own national societies. The idea of the meeting is born from the need of and the interest in comparing – in many thematic issues term by term – research findings, insights and questions gained from studies of the training, career and activities of various East European elite groups during the decades up to the Soviet take-over.

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  • Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Régimes et modèles alimentaires. Mythes, réalités et espoirs

    Quatrième symposium international de CORPUS

    Le quatrième symposium international de CORPUS groupe international d'études culturelles sur le Corps aura pour thème : « Régimes et modèles alimentaires. Mythes, réalités et espoirs »,. Organisée avec l'université d'état d'Ilia (Géorgie) et l'université de Stockholm (Suède), cette rencontre scientifique aura lieu à Tbilissi, les 5 et 6 juillet 2011.

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  • Gand

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Academic Culture of Remembrance

    The combination of university history, jubilees and academic heritage

    The aim of this two-day conference is to discuss the triangular relationship between scientific research, the opening up of academic heritage and the creation of a culture of remembrance. Two series of questions are at the centre of this symposium. (1) Firstly, we would like to examine, from a historiographical perspective, the relationship between university history, the culture of remembrance in general and university jubilees in particular. (2) Secondly, the place of academic heritage in the creation and communication of (historical) knowledge of universities and scientific practices will be considered. Through a combination of both central themes, the conference aspires to offer some innovative perspectives for writing contemporary university history.

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  • Cambridge

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Art and Education from Antiquity to the Present Day

    The University of Cambridge Graduate Student Conference in History of Art will be held on the 12th and 13th of May 2011. The conference will cover the relationships between art and education over a wide geographical and chronological spectrum.

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  • Lille

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Syndicalisation et formation. Renouvellement des perspectives et approches comparées sur le syndicalisme

    Colloque international de clôture de l'équipe ANR « Formasynd »

    Les communications devront s’inscrire dans trois axes principaux de réflexion. L’un porte sur la construction et la mise en œuvre de dispositifs de formation dans lesquels les enjeux de la syndicalisation, et plus largement de la diversification des publics-cible du syndicalisme, sont posés. Le second interroge les usages individuels et collectifs qui peuvent être faits de ces formations. Le troisième oriente le regard sur la circulation des savoirs entre les organisations syndicales et d’autres champs de réflexion sur le salariat, le travail et les relations professionnelles. Les propositions de communication d’une longueur maximum de 5000 signes ou 1000 mots rédigées en français ou en anglais sont à adresser aux organisateurs avant le 1er mai 2010 à l’adresse mail suivante :

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Violences juvéniles sous expertise(s), XIXe-XXIe siècle

    Ouvrage collectif

    Dans la construction historique du problème social que constitue la violence juvénile, que celle-ci soit exercée ou subie, le rôle de l’expertise est primordial. La violence, phénomène intime et social, étroitement associé avec l’état de jeunesse, oscille entre l’objectivité de ses manifestations et la subjectivité de sa perception. Elle se mesure à l’aune de son énoncé dans la sphère publique. L’expert, agissant au cœur ou à la lisière du système institutionnel de protection de la jeunesse, peut être celui qui recueille cette expression et celui qui la met en forme. Ainsi, l’expérience de la violence chez les jeunes est médiatisée par les formes de discours savants que produisent les experts.

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