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  • Strasbourg

    École d'été - Sociologie

    Évaluation biographique des politiques de langues par les migrants en Europe

    École d'hiver franco-allemande

    Ce programme d’école d‘hiver thématique se propose de se concentrer, sur la question de l'évaluation biographique des politiques en matière d'apprentissage des langues par les migrants et leurs descendants.

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  • Paris

    École d'été - Études des sciences

    Research, pedagogic sessions and tools for controversy mapping

    FORCCAST Summer School 2015

    In 2014, we started the FORCCAST summer school with a provocative question: “What is a good controversy?”. We began by lining up case studies selected by participants which were then discussed by  participants in small groups. We would like to continue this exercise by inviting scholars working on controversies to present their case study and situate the notion of “controversies” in relation to more established and used social sciences concepts. It is not unfair to detect a somewhat casual use of “controversies” as an analytical resource. Against this trend, we encourage scholars to present research that falls within this area, and also to refine the coarse nature of the very term “controversy”. Over the years, we will build a repository of case studies that should help all of us to analyze the diversity behind the use of the term “controversies”, to identify some patterns, and hopefully to build a common typology.

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