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    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Cinéma diasporique sud-asiatique : Rencontres

    The fourth issue of /DESI/ will focus on the question of encounters in diasporic South Asian cinema: Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh Nepal and Sri Lanka. The transformation of this contemporary human condition into filmic material coincides with a turn in the scientific study of diasporas. Forced migrations, which generate a movement of displacement and settlement in home territories, movements of arrivals, caught in a logic of deterritorialization, diasporas – and more particularly South Asian diasporas – are all relocated in transnational and transcultural spaces. Cinema holds a mirror to this experience of movement through this new “ethnoscape” (Appadurai) made up of shifts and disjunctures, free flows and political hurdles, border-crossings and assignment of identity.

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  • Appel à contribution - Éducation

    Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education

    Quality et conduite de la valeur pour l'enseignement du supérieur (pédagogie, organisation etc.)

    This book will aim to provide identified and relevant proposals of good practices to promote the outcomes and favor the issues of Higher Education providers; proposals that integrate all stakeholders dialogic expectations (the clients: trainers, trainees, companies and society) in a resolutely innovative optical within the sense of sustainability and the EFQM Excellence model. Within theoretical results into perspective by the concrete practice work, clues will be presented to help quality through design process, pedagogy, organization and management for WIL in Higher Education. Value management principles and standards are considered as a global framework to develop such trainings to achieve success in a European Environment (European Standards and Guidelines) but not only: facing uncertainties and constraints. Obviously strategy, policy and leadership have to be considered.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Asie

    Islam and Regional Cultures in Pakistan

    Journée du CEIAS

    With the hope of throwing new light on the transformations of Pakistani society, this one-day conference intends to move the focus away from two dominant discourses on Pakistan : that is, on the one hand, the security discourse of political and media circles that reduces Pakistan to a state on the fringe of failure, trying to cope with radical Islam and terrorism; and, on the other hand, Pakistan’s official nationalism, which rests on a unitary conception of the nation that disregards the cultural and religious diversity of the country, stressing instead Islam and Urdu as national unifiers while relegating regional cultures to folklore. This conference hopes to partly fill this gap by inviting participants to illustrate the complex, lived experience of Islam in Pakistan, the identity component of religious practices that do not fit in the dominant norm, and their inscription in local political and ethnic relations. Papers would ideally use first-hand observation and/or analyses of cultural productions to examine circumscribed case studies.

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  • Paris

    Cycle de conférences - Asie

    Cycle de conférence de Rob Jenkins

    Professeur au Hunter College, City University of New York

    Rob Jenkins, professeur de sciences politiques à Hunter College, City University of New York, invité par le CEIAS, donnera quatre conférences en janvier.

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