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    Colloque - Époque moderne

    Circulating journals and knowledge transfer

    Second meeting of the European network on “Scientific periodicals in modern Europe”

    The aim of learned periodicals is to circulate information concerning the world of learning : information on recent books on a wide range of topics, news concerning research, observations, experiments, inventions and the Academy. The book market and the traces of private or institutional uses witness the circulation of learned journals all over Europe. Does the material circulation of single titles induce knowledge transfers ? This question gets regional answers, the result of the mapping of these transfers not being homogeneous at all. For a workshop like ours, it is then interesting to investigate where these transfers take place, and where not ? Are they parochial, do they extend from one region to another or do they concern the whole of Europe ? It is also interesting to study the forms they take : reprints, resumptions or translations.

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