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  • Rome

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    The mediation of technologies for a new communication and representation of territory

    Session S25 of the 32nd Italian Geographers Congress

    The session, which is part of the 32nd Congress of Italian Geographers, will accept both theoretical and methodological proposals exploring the forms through wich ICTs, particularly the Web, have been changing the dynamics of territory representation in the last decades. Among other things, the proposal shoud focus on territorial communication forms for both political and administrative aims (the communication by and for citizens/investors) and tourist and cultural purposes (the communication by and for tourists/visitors).

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Épistémologie et méthodes

    Digital Humanities in Portugal: building bridges and breaking barriers in the digital age

    Discussion about the role of the Humanities in academia and society has a long history. The confluence of this debate with the changes brought about by digital technology is not new either: one cannot speak of "new technologies" for the Humanities when many researchers turned to digital methods at least four decades ago, in disciplines as diverse as Linguistics, History or Literary Studies. The Conference “Digital Humanities in Portugal” aims precisely to stimulate these intersections, opening up a forum for discussion and sharing of research results or ongoing projects in this field of knowledge.

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  • Gand

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Analyse de réseaux en histoire

    Dans la foulée de « Future of Historical Network Research (HNR) Conference 2013 », cet événement vise à faire se rencontrer des historiens de toutes périodes, mais aussi des sociologues, géographes, informaticiens, etc. autour des usages de l'analyse de réseaux en histoire, qui ne se réduisent plus à un simple recours métaphorique. Une attention particulière sera portée à la question de la structuration des données.

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  • Pleumeur-Bodou

    Appel à contribution - Information

    Summer School : Mobility and Information Technologies : a Long-Term Perspective

    Organised jointly by the Cité des télécommunications, the Paris-Sorbonne University, the Foundation for the History of Technology SHT at Eindhoven University of Technology, and Transfers, Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, the summer school aims at providing doctoral students with an overview of relevant research results and of innovative tools and methodologies in the field of communication and mobility studies, and their history.

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