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  • Berlin

    Appel à contribution - Études urbaines

    Geomedia and the City

    Geomedia is an emerging concept that has been deployed to capture a particular technological condition, associated with recent rapid developments in digital technology. As such, it signals to the dialectics of locative media and the mediations of localities. However, the concept of geomedia carries deeper/wider ontological and epistemological registers that transcend the simple twining of geography and media. In this wider sense, geomedia gestures to the expanding interdisciplinary terrain at the crossroads of media studies and geography, where various ontologies and epistemologies of space/time, flows/mobilities and mediation/ mediatization come together. The aim of this special issue is to explore the urban as a key terrain where these ontologies and epistemologies are articulated.

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Archives, the Digital Turn and Governance in Africa

    “History in Africa” Journal

    This featured section of History in Africa will address the wave of digitisation of archives in Africa over the last fifteen years. With the rise of information technologies, an increasing part of public – and to some extent private - African archives are being digitised and made accessible on the internet. This wave of digitisation is usually seen as a progress with the help of ambitious initiatives applying new technologies to cultural heritage of humanity such as the rescue of the manuscripts of Timbuktu or the Endangered Archives programme at the British Library. Yet as much as these new technologies raise enthusiasm, they also prompt discussions amongst researchers and archivists, which go from intellectual property to sovereignty and governance.

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  • Bruxelles

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Défaire l'impunité, promouvoir la justice internationale

    L'expérience belge (1870-2015)

    This conference seeks to discuss the Belgian record of engagement with international law and justice and to put this national experience in international perspective. It specifically questions the way in which the judiciary dealt with gross violations of international law in the wake of war and how legal actors responded to the challenges of an emergent and developing set of international laws, from 1870 to 2015. 

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Participating in innovation, innovating in participation

    A conference organized by the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation (i3)

    The call for new forms of participation has become common in the public sphere, promising renewed forms of public engagement, more efficient industrial processes, and more democratic decision-making processes. Technological innovation is a particular case when considering current discourses of participation. It is both problematised as needing more developed or open forms of participation, and proposed as a mean for experimenting with original participatory formats, for example, in: crowdfunding, citizen science, amateur reviewing/rating, online communities for public debates, consumer participation in (participatory) product design.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Visibilities. Multiple Orders and Practices through Visual Discourse Analysis and Beyond

    Special issue of the peer-reviewed multilingual online journal Forum Qualitative Research/Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung (FQS). The texts in this volume will be dedicated to understanding the practices, the types of power relations and the technological infrastructures in which practices of visualising and orders of visibilities unfold. While most discourse analyses rely on the notion that everything which is said is dependent on what is sayable, we invite contributors to imagine how we might analyze visual practices in relation to the visible.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Médias, internet, démocratie

    Médias, internet, démocratie : colloque international en trois volets : 1. : 23 avril 2012, Nouvelle Université Bulgare, Sofia ; 2. : 25 avril 2012, Université Matej Bel, Banská Bystrica et 3. : 27 avril 2012, Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble. « Nouveaux » médias, nouveaux usages, les espaces publics se transforment, les «massmedia » tentent de décliner dans de nouveaux modèles économiques une nouvelle personnalisation de l’organisation de l’information désormais participative où les réseaux sociaux, massivement investis, jouent un rôle ncontournable. « Digital natives » ou non, les citoyens développent des usages sociaux avec ordinateurs connectés, téléphones portables ou encore télévisions interactives, autant d’évolutions technologiques qui permettent de nouvelles pratiques, mais qui installent également de nouvelles identités numériques.

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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Épistémologie et méthodes

    Nouvelles voies pour la recherche en sciences humaines

    Premier congrès international de jeunes chercheurs en sciences humaines

    La revue Forma, l'Institut Universitari de Cultura et le Département de sciences humaines de l'Universitat Pompeu Fabra sont heureux d'acueillir le premier congrès international de chercheurs en scienes humaines, qui aura lieu du 18 à 20 d'avril 2012 sur le Campus de la Ciutadella de la UPF (Barcelone). Cet évènement a comme objectif de proposer un espace où les étudiants, qui commencent des investigations dans le domaine des sciences humaines, peuvent confronter leurs propres conclusions, sujets et méthodologies.

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