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  • Evora

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Web of knowledge – A look into the past, embracing the future

    The congress aims to bring together researchers and scientists from different backgrounds intersecting with the social sciences revealing the visible and invisible networks. By fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the study of the past, the congress expects to lay the framework for the present day science on which to map the future web of knowledge. This congress intends to meditate on science, and to understand how it is being constructed nowadays. Our focus is to approach questions such as: How do we do/communicate science, immediate science, open access, intellectual property, bioethics, cultural heritage, among others.

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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    "Forma", 14th issue, Comparative Studies in Art, Literature, and Thought Journal

    Revista d'Estudis Comparatius. Art, Literatura i Pensament's "Forma" numero 14

    FORMA privileges the dialogue between disciplines and critical traditions. The subject matter of the articles is open. All the texts, as specified in the System of Arbitration section, have to comply with the guidelines established by the entities in charge of indexing scientific journals, with regard to the plurality of the editorial and scientific committees as well as the selection process and revision of published texts. All articles will undergo a double-blind peer review process.

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  • Héraklion

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    Semantic Web for Scientific Heritage

    SW4SH 2016: Second International Workshop

    Classicists and historians are interested in developing textual databases, in order to gather and explore large amounts of primary source materials. For a long time, they mainly focused on text digitization and markup. They only recently decided to try to explore the possibility of transferring some analytical processes they previously thought incompatible with automation to knowledge engineering systems, thus taking advantage of the growing set of tools and techniques based on the languages and standards of the semantic Web, such as linked data, ontologies, and automated reasoning. SW4SH 2016 aims to provide a leading international and interdisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest research in the field of Semantic Web for the preservation and exploitation of our scientific heritage, the study of the history of ideas and their transmission.

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  • Lucerne

    Appel à contribution - Droit

    Accès aux biens matériels et immatériels

    Relations entre propriété intellectuelle et son expression physique

    Le but de ce colloque est de réfléchir aux défis de la propriété intellectuelle, dans sa relation entre son sens et son application, en se concentrant tout particulièrement sur les questions d'accès aux ressources qui peuvent se cristalliser. Le format retenu est celui de panels de trois communications, proposées par des chercheurs établis et par de jeunes chercheurs. C'est principalement à eux que s'adresse le présent appel à contribution. Les contributions peuvent venir de tous les champs disciplinaires.

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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Épistémologie et méthodes

    Nouvelles voies pour la recherche en sciences humaines

    Premier congrès international de jeunes chercheurs en sciences humaines

    La revue Forma, l'Institut Universitari de Cultura et le Département de sciences humaines de l'Universitat Pompeu Fabra sont heureux d'acueillir le premier congrès international de chercheurs en scienes humaines, qui aura lieu du 18 à 20 d'avril 2012 sur le Campus de la Ciutadella de la UPF (Barcelone). Cet évènement a comme objectif de proposer un espace où les étudiants, qui commencent des investigations dans le domaine des sciences humaines, peuvent confronter leurs propres conclusions, sujets et méthodologies.

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