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    Summer School - History

    The "Face" of First World War Battlefields and Battles

    The centenary in 2016 of the two iconic battles of the First World War – Verdun and the Somme – leads us to reconsider battles and battlefields in the historiography of the First World War. Since John Keegan’s pioneering Face of Battle (1976), generations of historians have expanded our understanding of the experience of combat, as well as our knowledge of the literary and artistic representations of the battlefield. The way we think about the legacy of battles in the memory of the First World War around the world, too, has changed. Our week in Verdun and Péronne will not only give us time to reflect on the current state of research on the battles of the First World War and discover the most recent advancements in battlefield archeology and environmental history of warfare, but also confront these readings with on-the-ground visits to the sites studied.

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