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Prix du livre de sociologie mondiale

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Published on Thursday, December 08, 2022


Le Caucus noir de la Société canadienne de sociologie propose ce prix pour rendre hommage aux chercheurs qui effectuent des recherches en dehors du contexte canadien. Le prix du livre de sociologie mondiale de la Société canadienne de sociologie (SCS) vise à reconnaître les recherches empiriques rigoureuses et exceptionnelles menées dans d’autres pays par des chercheurs établis au Canada.



The Canadian Sociological Association's Black Caucus proposed this award to celebrate scholars conducting research outside of the Canadian context.  The objectives of the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) Global Sociology Book Prize include;

  • Recognition of outstanding rigorous empirical research conducted in other countries by Canadian-based scholars
  • Improve the visibility of the CSA as an international association of sociologists
  • Demonstrate that the CSA’s professional focus while fundamentally Canadian transcends state boundaries
  • Encourage Canadian-based scholars to engage in transnational research and partnerships
  • Showcase the depth and breadth of Canadian sociological scholarship

Eligibility Criteria


  •     Self nominations are accepted
  •     Colleagues
  •     Publishers


  • Co-authored books are welcome
  • Primary author holds a position in, or an affiliation with, a Canadian academic sociology department (e.g. faculty, adjunct, emeritus)


  •  Published after January 1, 2021
  • Published in French
  • English publications will be eligible for the 2024 award
  • First edition publication
  • There is no restriction on the geographic focus of eligible books
  • The award is guided by the following criteria for the nominated book;
  • Original and deemed to have a major impact on the discipline of sociology beyond Canada
  • Theoretical and methodological approach must be sociological in orientation
  • Based on rigorous empirical research
  • Written with both lay and academic audiences in mind
  • Books in the following categories are ineligible;
    • Edited collections
    • Translations
    • Designed for instructional purposes  

Submisison guidelines

Submitting Nominations

Before 2023 January, 23th



  • Friday, January 27, 2023


  • sociologie mondiale, sociologie, Canada, prix


  • Société canadienne de sociologie
    courriel : office [at] csa-scs [dot] ca

Information source

  • Marie-Christine Brault
    courriel : cratshef [at] ulaval [dot] ca


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