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Published on Thursday, December 08, 2022


Seminar aimed at highlighting research around the Imaginary, all fields combined.



After having explored the relationship between science and fiction during their 2020 seminar, the PhD students and young researchers of Avignon Université’s ICTT Laboratory propose digging into the Science of the Imaginary at a time when new disciplines such as Creative Research, Digital Humanities and Computer Theatre are burgeoning in France.

This subject aims to promote pluridisciplinary exchanges around scientific research on the Imaginary as an artistic genre. PhD students, postdocs and young scholars are invited to present their research concerning questions of “the Imaginary.”

The genre of the Imaginary includes the Marvelous, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Gothic and Mythology. It also covers cultural specificities such as Magical Realism in Latin-American Literature, or the French literary term “Fantastique.” Horror, when there is a presence of supernatural elements, can also be ascribed to this genre.

Given its multimedia and interdisciplinary focus, this seminar is open to all disciplines. While some believe that the field of the Imaginary is restricted to Literary Studies, this genre has had an impact beyond the literary framework which democratized it. Works within the Imaginary are consistently at the origin of complex universes (worldbuilding, languages, creatures, sciences) which open this genre to other fields of study, such as those interested in developing the metaverse.

We will have the honor of welcoming Anne Besson, Professor of General and Comparative Literature at Artois University. She will be presenting her work on expansive imaginary worlds, in English and French Studies, during the 20th and 21st centuries.

A list of possible proposals for areas of study includes, but is not limited to: 

  • The Imaginary genres and their evolutions;
  • The cultural impact of the Imaginary;
  • The Imaginary and its fan base; 
  • The Imaginary and its public;
  • The Imaginary and media;
  • The Imaginary and academic research;
  • The Imaginary and science;
  • The Imaginary and the digital age;
  • The Imaginary and education;
  • The Imaginary and ecology;
  • The Imaginary and society;
  • The Imaginary and its creatures;
  • The Imaginary and its languages;
  • The Imaginary and worldbuilding.

The event will be held in-person at Avignon Université (France), thursday April 13th 2023. The ICTT laboratory will not be able to cover the travel or accommodation of the participants. Lunch breaks and coffee breaks during the seminar will be provided by the laboratory.

As a plurilingual laboratory, we accept proposals in French, English and Spanish. Communications are to last a maximum of 20 minutes and should be accompanied by a slideshow (pdf) in French. 

Submission guidelines

Proposals of roughly 500 words must be submitted in a single Word file bearing the title Lastname_Firstname_titleofthecommunication to

Deadline for submission is January 15th 2023.

Proposals should be approximately half a page in length and must be accompanied by a brief biobibliography (including full name, research field and university).


  • Charly Guibaud, PhD Student in Theatre Studies, ICTT;
  • Charles Louarn, PhD Student in French Language and Literature, ICTT;
  • Agustín Pérez Baanante, PhD Student in Romance Languages and Literatures, ICTT;
  • Camille Protar, PhD Student in Theatrical Studies, ICTT;
  • Laura Rozo Llanos, PhD Student in Language Sciences, ICTT.

ICTT Laboratory (Identité Culturelle, Textes et Théâtralité), Avignon University


  • Avignon, France (84)

Event attendance modalities

Full on-site event


  • Sunday, January 15, 2023


  • imaginaire, science, fantasy, interdisciplinaire, transversal


  • Charles Louarn
    courriel : jeictt2023 [at] gmail [dot] com

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  • Charles Louarn
    courriel : jeictt2023 [at] gmail [dot] com


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