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The Monarchy : A Crossroads of Trajectories

Discourse, Power and History

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Published on Wednesday, October 15, 2003


International Congress Discourse, Power, and History The Monarchy : A Crossroads of  Trajectories Ghent, November 7-8, 2003 Speakers: Gita Deneckere (UGent), Alain  Boureau (EHESS), Jeroen Deploige (UGent),Elodie Lecuppre-Desjardin (U


International Congress


Discourse, Power, and History


The Monarchy : A Crossroads of  Trajectories


Ghent, November 7-8, 2003




Gita Deneckere (UGent), Alain  Boureau (EHESS), Jeroen Deploige (UGent),

Elodie Lecuppre-Desjardin (UGent),  Gilles Lecuppre (Paris X - Nanterre),

Marc Jacobs (Vlaams Centrum voor  Volkscultuur), Jürgen Pieters (UGent),

Kevin Sharpe (University of Warwick),  Lisa Jane Graham (Haverford

College, PA), John Barrell (University of York),  Henk te Velde

(RUGroningen), Maarten Van Ginderachter (UGent), Jaap van Osta

(UUtrecht), Maria Grever (Erasmus Universiteit), Jaap van Ginneken

(UAmsterdam),  Ruth Wodak (Universität Wien)



Programme and registration (before  Nov. 1):






The  monarchy remains a locus of fascination, not in the least for

historians. The  congress will set out four thematic research trajectories

in the study of the  monarchy, along the concept pairs of sacralization

and banalization and of  staging and limitation.



Throughout  history the monarchy has profoundly been sacralized by the

divine theories of  different generations of political and religious

thinkers. The famous dictum of  'the king's two bodies' even survived the

Ancien Regime in the foundations of  contemporary constitutional

monarchies. But despite this sacralization, the  monarchy also found its

way to the Alltag where it was banalized in  different ways: in practices

that heightened and/or lowered the identificatory  potential of royal

figures, in royal fetish objects, in vulgarized ideas and  gossip, in

fairy tales and jokes ...


The  royal discourse is not only staged by monarchs and their courts in

their  'fabrication of the king', but emerges as a continuous element in

political  imagination, as represented in texts, art, rituals, ...

However, environments of  hegemonic monarchic ideals also demarcate the

limitations of royal discourse  that manifest themselves in subversive

practices and ideas, in acts of  lese-majesty, and in the ways the courts

handled them.


While  in historiography, the influence of the linguistic turn has largely

remained  theoretical, this congress aims at a more empirical application

of discourse  theory in historical research.


The  congress papers will be presented in chronological order, from the

Middle Ages  till today, structured by four keynote lectures treating the

main research  trajectories. There will be ample time for discussion, as

well as for final  conclusions by a linguistically trained specialist from

outside the field of  historiography.



Koninklijke  Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde

Koningstraat  18

B-9000  Gent


Organizing committee:

Gita Deneckere (UGent), Jeroen  Deploige (UGent), Jo Tollebeek (KULeuven),

Patricia Van den Eeckhout (VUB), Tom  Verschaffel (KULeuven)



Jeroen Deploige

Vakgroep Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis

Blandijnberg  2

B-9000  Gent




9h00 – 9h30: RECEPTION

9h30 – 10h00:
- Georges De Schutter (Royal Academy of Dutch Linguistics and Literature, Ghent) – Welcome
- Gita Deneckere (Ghent University): Introduction – The Monarchy: A Crossroads of Trajectories

A.M. – Chair: Marc Boone

10h00 – 10h45:
- Alain Boureau (EHESS Paris): Keynote lecture - Sacralization
How Christian was the Sacralization of Monarchy in Western Europe (Eleventh-Fifteenth Centuries) ?

10h45 – 11h05: BREAK

11h05 – 12h15:
- Jeroen Deploige (Ghent University) – Genre Formation and Context. The Textualization of the Death of Charles the Good(1127)
- Elodie Lecuppre-Desjardin (Ghent University) – ‘Et le prince respondit de par sa bouche’. Princely Speech Habits in Europe at the Time of Charles the Bold

12h15 – 14h00: LUNCH

P.M. – Chair: Luc Duerloo

14h00 – 15h10:
- Gilles Lecuppre (Université Paris X) – Ideal Kingship against Oppressive Monarchy ? An Analysis of the Discourse and Behaviour of Royal Impostors at the Close of the Middle Ages
- Marc Jacobs (Flemish Centre for the Study of Popular Culture) – King for a Day. Games of Inversion, Representation and Appropriation in Early Modern Europe

15h10 – 15h30: BREAK

15h30 – 16h05: - Jürgen Pieters (Ghent University) – The Politics of a Governmental Theatre. The Case of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

16h05 – 16h50: - Kevin Sharpe (University of Warwick)
Keynote lecture : Staging
Sacralization or Demystification: Texts, Images and the Publicization of Monarchy in early Modern England


9h00 – 9.30h: RECEPTION

A.M. – Chair: Tom Verschaffel

9h30 – 10h15: - Lisa Jane Graham (Haverford College, PA)
Keynote lecture : Limitations
Trouble in the Kingdom of Make-Believe: The Critique of Royal Character in Eighteenth-Century France

10h15 – 10h50: - John Barrell (University of York) – George III and the Myth of Ordinariness

10h50 – 11h10: BREAK

11h10 – 12h20:
- Henk Te Velde (University of Groningen) – Cannadine, Twenty Years Later. Monarchy and Political Culture in Nineteenth Century Britain and the Netherlands
- Maarten Van Ginderachter (Ghent University) – 'Dear Majesty'. The Custom of Citizens Writing Letters to their King and Queen (Belgium, 1880-1940)

12h20 – 14hu00: LUNCH

P.M. – Chair: Jan Blommaert

14h00 – 15h10:
- Jaap Van Osta (University of Utrecht) – Presenting the Crown: the Popularization of European Monarchy in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century
- Maria Grever (Erasmus University Rotterdam) – Royalty at the World Fairs. Staging the Monarchy in a Modern World

15h10 – 15h30: BREAK

15h30 – 16h15: - Jaap Van Ginneken (University of Amsterdam)
Keynote lecture : Banalization
The Monarchy Mystery. An Interview with the Dutch People

16h15 – 17h00: - Ruth Wodak (University of Vienna) Conclusions
Discourse Theory, Discourse and History

17h00 – 18h00: DRINK



  • Ghent, Belgium


  • Friday, November 07, 2003


  • Jeroen Deploige
    courriel : jeroen [dot] deploige [at] ugent [dot] be

Information source

  • Benoît Beyer de Ryke
    courriel : benoit [dot] beyer [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be


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