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                     International conference on

                    Internet Identities in Europe
                    University of Sheffield, UK
                       6 and 7 September 2004

                       University of Sheffield
            European Social and Cultural Studies Research
                           Centre (ESCUS)
                 Centre for  European Gender Studies

The European Commission is currently promoting
interdisciplinary research into factors that facilitate the
co-existence of multiple identities, as one aspect of a
larger concern with the evolution of identities in Europe.
The Conference, organised by Professors Anny
Brooksbank-Jones and M=E1ire Cross, addresses these
questions with particular reference to the internet and its
use. It will explore processes through which the internet
might be said to be promoting or inhibiting the
development of European identity or identities (however
defined), and analyse the manifestations, dynamics and
implications of these processes.

Contributions are invited in or across the following topic

1.Internet and identity (internet as technology and practice; as
promoting, disabling, destabilizing or reconfiguring identity; as
neutral or irrelevant to it; as global - or European? - commons;
identity and its actualization in European hubs, nodes, and

2.Internet identity and its value/s (identity, identities and
diversity; enabling identity/ disabling identity; specificities and
universalisms; local, regional, national identities)

3.Internet, identity and politics (internet associationism; the
political significance of FaceTime, co-presence/ absence;
negotiating virtual and other identities/ solidarities; complicity
with/ resistance to ICTs in the negotiation of identity/ their use
in combination with older forms)

4.Internet identity in an expanding Europe (identity in process;
new technology and the re-imagining of community; diasporas,
communities, nationalisms and fundamentalisms; the question
of language; identity and risk; Europe and cosmopolitanism)

5.Legal identity and the internet in Europe and its member states

Keynote speakers include Prof Don Slater (London
School of Economics, UK), and Dr Joost van Loon
(Nottingham Trent University, UK).

Abstracts of 75-100 words should be sent by 15 March
to Prof Anny Brooksbank Jones:

Department of Hispanic Studies,
University of Sheffield,
Arts Tower,
Western Bank,
Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK



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  • Anny Brooksbank Jones
    courriel : a [dot] e [dot] brooksbank-jones [at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk

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