Accueil Modernity and early culture

Modernity and early culture

Reconsidering non western references for modern architecture in a cross-cultural perspective

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Publié le mardi 05 octobre 2004 par Natalie Petiteau


Colloque proposé par M. Bernd Nicolai (Université de Trèves) : reconsidering non western references for modern architecture in a cross-cultural perspective


Paris, Centre allemand d'histoire de l'art



conference language: English

Friday, 15. 10. 2004

14.00h Welcoming

Thomas W. Gaehtgens, directeur centre allemand d’ histoire de l’art

Introduction Bernd Nicolai/Jorge Liernur/Luis Carranza

Reading and misreading of Early Cultures

14.30h Werner Oechslin: Some Egyptian ideas and cultural stereotypes – and modern art and architecture

15.30h Luis Carranza: (Mis)readings of ancient history and culture in modern North America


17.00h Nabir Oulebsir: Colonial Exhibitions and Post-Colonial aspects in French architecture of the early 20th century

18.00h Christian Freigang: Classics vs. Anti-Classics, national tradition vs. foreign influence. – Dualistic world order and architectural discourse at the beginning of French Modernism


Saturday 16. 10. 2004

Discourses in intercultural perspective

10.00 h Bernd Nicolai: Paul Westheim and the discourse on archaic abstract architecture

11.00 h Jorge Liernur: The South American response. Westheim, Cetto facing Pre-Columbian Architecture


Pergamon and(Neo) Babylon

14.00h Johannes Cramer: Re)-Building the past. Walter Andrae, Mesopotamia and the Berlin architecture

15.00h Can Bilsel: The Orient as a Total Work of Art: The Near Eastern Museum, German Ideology and Figures of Counter-Enlightenment in Berlin 1928-30


Early cultures and nation-building

16.30h Anna Minta: “Ancient Hebrew”. A model for rebuilding the New Jewish Nation.

concluding discussion-round table

19.00h end of the conference



  • Paris, France


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