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European Voices: Actors and Witnesses of European Integration

HEIRS 3ème conférence annuelle/ HEIRS 3rd Annual Conference

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Published on Monday, September 25, 2006


Colloque bilingue français/anglais pour doctorants et jeunes chercheurs en histoire de l'intégration européenne. Autres disciplines des sciences sociales bienvenues. Sélection des participants par appel à contribution. Professeurs de renom invités pour encadrer et stimuler les discussions.


After two successful conferences held at the University of Cambridge in November 2004 and at the University of Portsmouth last year, the History of European Integration Research Society invites post-graduate students to attend its third colloquium, which will take place in Geneva, at the Graduate Institute for International Studies, on 16-17 March 2007.

The deadline for application is January 6, 2007.

Aims of the colloquium

Current historiography on the process that led to the creation of the three European Communities widely acknowledges the role played by states, as well as by some of their major political leaders, diplomats, and civil servants (among them Monnet, Schuman, de Gasperi, Adenauer, Bevin.) Less attention has been given to non-state actors, to their visions of Europe, their stakes in the integration process, and the means at their disposal to voice their opinions and influence the process of European unification.

HEIRS’s third colloquium, entitled “European Voices: Actors and Witnesses of European Integration”, aims to shed light on the position of non-state actors, while at the same time furthering research on the role of states in the European integration process.

The colloquium also aspires to foster the dialogue between historians and scholars from other disciplines in the area of social science, among them political science, sociology, and anthropology.

Hence, the colloquium welcomes contributions tackling the role of political and economic elites, intellectuals, citizens, and the media. It encourages papers discussing the role played by less frequently researched actors, such as businesses, trade unions, political parties and legal actors. It hopes to expand discussion on pro-European actors as well as on voices opposing the European project.

Papers discussing methodological issues related to the analysis of memoirs, biographies, and discourses, or addressing the challenges of oral history are welcome.

Although the timeframe addressed by the conference is not limited, its central focus remains on the early 1950s to the late 1970s.

The results of the conference will be published on HEIRS website, which you can visit at: http://www.cjcr.cam.ac.uk/heirs/heirs.html#history

Practical information

HEIRS encourages papers by PhD students and young scholars.

Papers can be submitted in either French or English. They should be no longer than 8,000 words.

Interested researchers should submit a 500-word abstract of their paper proposal by January 6, 2007. The abstract should be send by e-mail to both of the conference organizers, Sophie A. Huber and Katrin Milzow - huberso0@hei.unige.chmilzow2@hei.unige.ch

Successful applicants will be notified by January 15, 2007. They should send their final papers to the conference organizers for circulation among participants and panel discussants no later than March 10, 2007.

Selected papers will be grouped in 4 thematic panels, each including 4 presentations. The presentations should last no more than 15 minutes, thus allowing time for discussion.

Participants will have the opportunity to revise their papers prior to publication on HEIRS website. A style sheet will then be provided.

For further updated information about the conference, please visit HEIRS’ website at http://www.cjcr.cam.ac.uk/heirs/heirs.html#events



  • Geneva, Switzerland


  • Saturday, January 06, 2007


  • Sophie Huber
    courriel : huberso0 [at] hei [dot] unige [dot] ch
  • Katrin Milzow
    courriel : milzow2 [at] hei [dot] unige [dot] ch

Information source

  • Sophie Huber
    courriel : huberso0 [at] hei [dot] unige [dot] ch


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