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New Perspectives on Early Modern Court Culture

A conference to be held in New College, Oxford

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A conference supported by New College, Oxford, the Maison française d'Oxford and the Modern European History Research Centre, Faculty of History, University of Oxford, organised by Luc Borot, (director, Maison française d'Oxford), David Parrott (New College) and Jean-Frédéric Shraub (École des hautes études en sciences sociales).



Conference to be held in the McGregor-Matthews Room, New College

Friday 7th November

10.00: Welcome and introductory remarks.

10.15: Luc Duerloo (Antwerp): “Ruffs and Ruffled Feathers. Court Dress and State Formation at the Archducal Court in Brussels.”

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30: Craig Clunas (History of Art), “Screen of Kings: Courts and their Multiplicity in Ming China.”
André Zorin (New College), “The Potemkin Celebration of April 28, 1791, and the Political Implications of the Court Festivities in Late Eighteenth-Century Russia.”

1.00: Lunch

2.30: Simon Hodson (University of Hull), “Calvinist Noblewomen and Court Culture: Roles and Attitudes of the Orange Princesses.”
Miles Pattenden (Magdalen College), “The Caraffa Court in Rome, 1555-59.”

4.00-4.30 Tea

4.30: Diana Carrio-Invernizzo (European University of Florence), “The Viceregal Court of Naples: ceremonial, gift-giving practices and the image of the Spanish Viceroy (1648-1700).”
Jean-Frédéric Schaub (EHESS, Paris), “"Lisbon 1581-1641: when a Royal Court abandons a capital city.”

6.00: Drinks Reception

Saturday 8th

9.30: Hannah Smith (St Hilda’s), “ ‘Last of all the Heavenly Birth’: Queen Anne and Sacral Queenship.”
Giora Sternberg, (New College) “The Battles of the Mantles: Ceremonial Gear and Status Conflict at the Court of Louis XIV.”

11.00 Coffee

11.30 - Béatrix Saule (Directrice du centre de recherche et conservateur en chef au château de Versailles) will give a presentation on the work and projects of the centre de recherche du château de Versailles.
General discussion of themes

12.30/1.00 Lunch

Conference fee - £12
Lunch charge - £5 per day
Please apply, sending cheques, to Mrs Maggie Davies (payable to New College)
For enquiries about bookings/charges please phone Maggie Davies on 01865 279552, or maggie.davies@new.ox.ac.uk



  • New College, Oxford
    Oxford, Britain


  • Friday, November 07, 2008
  • Saturday, November 08, 2008


  • Université d'Oxford, New College, Maison française, Modern European History Research Centre, Faculty of History, court culture


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