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Historical Climatology: Past and Future, International Conference, 5-6 September 2011. Organiser: German Historical Institute Paris, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in cooperation with the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen



Monday, 5 September 2011

9:00     Welcome Addresses

Grudrun Gersmann (Director of the GHIP), Franz Mauelshagen, Grégory Quenet, and Christian Pfister (Conference Organizers)

9:30     SESSION 1 – The State of the Art of Historical Climatology

Short Presentations (15 min. per presentation)

9:30     Climate Reconstruction in Historical Climatology (Rudolf Brázdil et al.)

9:45     Historical Climate Impact Research: Methologies, Examples, and Future Challenges (Christian Pfister et al.)

10:00   Cultural Representations and History of Knowledge about Climate (Franz Mauelshagen et al.)

10:15   Discussion

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30   First Keynote Lecture

Facing the Current Challenge of Climate Change: What Historians can Contribute (Martin Parry)

12:30   Lunch at the GHIP

14:00   SESSION 2: New Research

14:00   Assessing the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the Middle East: The Potential of Arabic Documentary Sources (Steffen Vogt et al.)

14:30   Climate, Disease and Society in the 14th Century (Bruce Campbell)

15:00   Cold, Rain and Famine: Three Crises in the Burgundian Low Countries During the Fifteenth Century (Chantal Camenisch)

15:30   The Animal Crisis: The Commencement of the Little Ice Age, Fodder Scarcity and the Great Cattle Pestilence in Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century (Philip Slavin)

16:00  Coffee Break

16:30   Spatio-Temporal Change of Climate Induced Regional Vulnerability and Resilience in Central Europe since AD 1000 (Rüdiger Glaser et al.)

17:00   City Fires as Natural Hazards? Climate Anomalies and Fire Impact Severity (Eleonora Rohland et al.)

17:30   The « Year Without a Summer » 1816 and the Social Vulnerability of Switzerland (Daniel Krämer)

18:00   Coffee Break

18:30   Public Lecture

L’historien face à l’histoire du climat (Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

9:00     SESSSION 3 – Fresh Ideas in Historical Climatology

9:00     Historical Perspectives and Developments on the Reconstruction, Reanalysis and Societal Impacts of Tropical Cyclones: A Review (Cary Mock)

9:30     Transational Flood Risk History of the Upper-Rhine Valley (Brice Martin et al.)

10:00   Tanks, Dishpans, and Reality: On Experimenting the Atmospheric Circulation (Isabell Schrickel)

10:30   Coffee Break

11:00   SESSION 4 – Historical Climatology and the Historical Discipline

11:00   Historical Climatology and Environmental History (Ranjan Chakrabarti, John R. McNeill)

11:30   Climate History and Historical Epochs (Christian Rohr et al.)

12:00   Historical Climatology of the Anthropocene: The Need for a Climate History of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Franz Mauelshagen, Steven Engler)

12:30   Lunch at the GHIP

14:00   Second Keynote Lecture

The Meaning of the Anthropocene to Human History (Dipesh Chakrabarty)

15:00   SESSION 5 – Global Warming and the Future of Climatology

15:00   The Future of Climate Research in the Natural Sciences (Ricarda

15:30   The Future of Climate Research in the Social Sciences (Claus Leggewie, Bernd Sommer, François Gemenne)

16:00   Discussion

16:30   Coffee Break

17:00   Final Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Historical Climatology



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