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Gestion de la sécurité nationale et internationale dans un monde globalisé

Annual conference of the SPSP in collaboration with IFRA-Nigeria

Conférence annuelle de la SPSP en collaboration avec IFRA-Nigeria

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Published on Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Du 7 au 9 mars 2012, l’IFRA Nigéria participera à la sixième conférence annuelle de la SPSP (Society for Peace Studies and Practice), organisée à Jaji (Kaduna State – Nigeria) en collaboration avec le Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre. Cet événement réunira chercheurs, doctorants, professeurs et membres des différents corps d’armée engagés dans les programmes de pacification et de résolution des conflits au Nigéria. / From March 7-9, 2012, IFRA-Nigeria will participate to the sixth Annual Conference and General Assembly of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP), organized at Jaji (Kaduna State, Nigeria) in collaboration with the Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre. Scholars, professors, PhD students and members of security agencies involved in conflict resolution in Nigeria will be part of this event.


Présentation en français

Le thème central de la conférence : « la gestion de la sécurité nationale et internationale dans un monde globalisé », se déclinera autour des questions de terrorisme, de prolifération des armes, de sécurité aux frontières et les intervenants aborderont également les moyens techniques et humains mis en place ces dernières années par les autorités nigérianes pour lutter contre les différentes formes de violence, politiques, sociales ou religieuses.

A cette occasion, l’IFRA Nigéria a invité M. Marc-Antoine Pérousse de Montclos, politologue, chargé de recherche à l’IRD (Institut de Recherche en Développement), qui présentera une communication intitulée : « From political science to intelligence : an academic point of view on security issues ». Par ailleurs, vingt et un chercheurs affiliés à l’IFRA sont associés à cet événement en tant que conférenciers et présenteront leurs communications pendant ces trois journées de travaux.

English presentation

The main theme of the conference: "the management of national and international security in a globalized world", will address issues of terrorism, weapons proliferation, border security and the lecturers will also discuss the technical and human resources capacity developed in the last few years by the Nigerian authorities to fight against political, social or religious violence.

On this occasion, IFRA Nigeria invited Mr. Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, political scientist, scholar from IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), which will present a paper entitled: "From political science to intelligence: an academic point of view on security issues ". In addition, twenty-one IFRA research Fellows are associated to this event as speakers and will also present their papers during these three days of work.


DAY ONE: 7th March, 2012

OPENING CEREMONY: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Venue: NAPKC, Jaji, Kaduna

  • 8.00am – 9.45am Arrival of Guests/Registration
  • Chairman of Opening Ceremony: Dr. Mu’azu Babaginda Aliyu CON fspsp Talban Minna, Chief Servant of Niger State & Chairman, Northern Governors Forum
  • Recognition of Dignitaries: Kayode Owojori & NAPKC PRO
  • 10.15am National Anthem:
  • 10.20am Opening Prayers.
  • 10.30am Opening Remarks: Professor Isaac O. Albert fspsp, Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • 10.35am Welcome Address: Dr. Willie A. Eselebor fspsp, National President
  • 10.40am Welcome Address: Lt. Gen AO Ihekirika CFR Dss Psc(+) fwc fniqs Chief Host & COAS
  • 10.45am Welcome Address: Sir Patrick, I. Yakowa CON, Host Governor
  • 10.50am Address by: Air Marshal OO. Petinrin CFR Dss Psc(+) fwc (+), Chief of Defence Staff & Special Guest of Honour
  • 10.55am Opening Address: Dr. Mu’azu B. Aliyu CON fspsp Talban Minna, Chief Servant Niger State & Chairman, Northern Governors Forum
  • 11.00am Goodwill Messages: Partners/Sponsors/Special Invitees.
  • 11.20am Book Launch: Sustainable Peace, Security & Development in Nigeria
  • 11.40am Investiture of New Fellows/Light Refreshment
  • 11.55am Response by an Awardee: Most Rev. Dr. Matthew H. Kukah

12.00noon First Keynote Speaker Lecture: Dr. Harvey Langholtz, Executive Director, Peace Operations Training Institute, [POTI] Virginia, USA .

12.20pm Second Keynote Speaker Lecture: Dr. Pérouse de Montclos, Marc-Antoine Institut de recherche pour le développement [IRD]

  • 12.40pm KAIPTC Commandant Address/Peace Ambassador Award
  • 12.45pm Vote of Thanks: The Commandant, NAPKC, Jaji, Kaduna
  • 12.50pm Closing Prayers
  • 12.55pm National Anthem
  • 13.00pm Group Photographs
  • 13.00 – 14.00pm Lunch Break

Afternoon Session 1: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Main Lecture Hall 1

SPSP Panel on: International Interventions in African Crisis

Chair/Discussant: Gerard Chouin: Director, IFRA Nigeria


  • 1. Professor Olawale Albert fspsp: NATO’s Authority and Military Strategies in Libya
  • 2. Deke Udechukwu: The Dynamics of Western Intervention in African Crisis: A comparative Analysis of Cote d’Ivoire and Libiya Scenarios
  • 3. Badru, J. Temitayo: International Interventions in African Crisis
  • 4. Anita Lum Amaanwi Wanki: Actors, Interests and Security Governance in Africa: Evaluating the Role and Implications of Interests for the African Security Regime
  • 5. J. Shola Omotola: Dealing with Al-Qaeda and its Network in Africa
  • 6. Lucy Ndungu: Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: Kenya’s Responses to the al Shabaab Group
  • 7. Olasupo Adeshina Sherif: Involvement of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in African Crisis

Afternoon Session 2: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Mini Lecture Hall 2

SPSP Panel on: Peace Support Operations, Strategies and Lessons learnt

Chair/Discussant: Major General Dalandi Ishaku Pennap fspsp


  • 1. Brig. Gen. PT Boroh: The Strategic Importance of Peace support Operations Training to National Security & development
  • 2. Adeola Adams: Rethinking AU Mediatory Role in African Conflicts'
  • 3. Animasawun Gbemisola Abdul-Jelil: Nigerian Army and ‘Militarised’ Spaces in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Between Positive and Negative Peace.
  • 4. Mathias Jarikre: Joint Task Force (JTF) in Internal Peacekeeping and the Act of Political Peacebuilding in Nigeria
  • 5. Asuquo, Edet Ekpe: Challenges of Internal Security & the Search for Peace in Nigeria
  • 6. Adeniyi Adedoyin : Achieving Global Peace Through the Strengthening of the Brigade of Command Responsibility Under the International Humanitarian
  • 7. Mashood O. Omotosho: Joint Military Task Force & Militia Insurgencies in Nigeria: Issues, Consequences & Challenges Ahead
  • 8. Olusoji Ajao: Guns-for-hire? Privatization of Peace Support Operations: A Critique of Private Military Companies (PMCs) in Contemporary War Zones
  • 9. Mejabi Henry: Nigeria in Peace Support Operations in West Africa

DAY TWO: 08.03.2012

Activity: General Assembly. Venue: NAPKC Main Hall. Time: 8.00 – 10.00am

Morning Session 3: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Main Lecture Hall 1

SPSP Panel on: Border Security and the Combat of Cross-Border Crimes

Chair/Discussant: Professor Osisioma Nwolise/Dr. Stephen Faleti – University of Ibadan


  • 1. Karim, A. A: Combating Cross-Border Crimes in Nigeria: A General Appraisal
  • 2. Eselebor, A. Willie: Security and Development in the Context of Borderless Border in West Africa
  • 3. Omotosho Ebenezer Adegoke: Border Town Dwellers and Smuggling Activities in Nigeria: A Reflection on Globalisation
  • 4. Abosede Omowumi Babatunde: Transnational Crime & Nigeria’s National Security: Combating Trafficking in Women & Children
  • 5. Preye k.Inokoba & Kimieb I.Ebienta: Interrogating Transnational Organized Crime as a Security Threat to the West African Sub region
  • 6. Freedom C. Onuoha: Terrorism and Aviation Security: Conceptual Analysis and Emerging Concerns in Nigeria
  • 7. Aghalino, Samuel O & Okolie-Osemene, James : The Proliferation & Movement of Small Arms & Light Weapons in Abia State: Problems and Prospects

Morning Session 4: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Mini Lecture Hall 2

SPSP Panel on: Theoretical Issues in National & International Securities

Chair/Discussant: Professor Sulieman Bogoro fspsp


  • 1. Nathaniel D. Danjibo: Nigeria: National Security without Human Security is Equal to Conflict and Instability
  • 2. Badru, Ronald Olufemi: A Philosophical Approach to a Better Understanding of the Concept of Security in the Contemporary African Society
  • 3. Essien U. Ukoyo Ukpe: Balance of Terror, National & International Security: A Theoretical Perspective
  • 4. O.G.F Nwaorgu: Critical Thinking and the Problem of Conflict and Insecurity in Africa
  • 5. Benedict Michael: Using the Philosophy of Reconciliation for Peace Building
  • 6. Macharia Munene: Rethinking Dimensions of Peace
  • 7. Peter Mbae Njogu: Children, war and Peace in Eastern Africa
  • 8. Tsuwa, John Tor: Re-thinking Collective Security for Peace and Development in Africa: The Challenges of the Africa Union.
  • 9. Faleti Stephen: Negotiating National Security: State Engagement with Radicalized Groups in Nigeria

Afternoon Session 5: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Main Lecture Hall 1

SPSP Panel on: The Management of Electoral Violence in Africa/Peace Education

Chair/Discussant: Professor Yemi Akinwumi – National Defence College, Abuja


  • 1. Jibrin A Mohammed: The Police, Party Thugs & Democracy: A Threat to National Security in Nigeria’s 4th Republic
  • 2. Ishola Isola: Audience Shift from traditional to Social Media: Implications on Official Conflict Management
  • 3. Prof. Foluke Adeniyi: Education for Peace and Security
  • 4. Tope Olaifa & Natalie Blaquiere: The Mass Media and Conflict Transformation: The Inter-news Europe Experiment in Rwanda
  • 5. Dr. Iyabobola Ajibola: Newspaper Reportage and the Challenges of Early Warning in Conflicts in Nigeria
  • 6. Demola Akinyoade: Promoting Dual Use Biosecurity Education Among Peace Scholars-Practitioners
  • 7. Nguna Tar: The Arab Spring and the Flow of SALW into Nigeria: The Security Implications.

Afternoon Session 6 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Mini Lecture Hall 2

SPSP Panel on: Civil Society Organizations, Governance and Peacebuilding in Africa

Chair/Discussant: Dr. Lydia Umar- Gender Awareness Trust, Kaduna, Kaduna State


  • 1. Aluko, Benjamin Adeniran: The Crisis of Governance & the Challenge to Sustainable Peace in a Post-conflict Liberia: An Argument for a New Social Contract
  • 2. Okunola, Rashid Akanji & Adeboyejo, G. Oladapo: State Response to conflicts & the Challenges of Nation-building & National Development in Nigeria
  • 3. Onyango Rachael: From Inaction & Reaction to Proactive Response: Challenges of Conflict Rapid Response Funds in Kenya"
  • 4. Awuapila, M. Nath: Nigeria’s Draft National Peace Policy (2009): An Assessment of its Potential to Address Development, Peace, and Security Concerns in anIncreasingly Insecure National and Global Environment
  • 5. Owutu, I.Ugochukwu: Training, Human Rights and Community Policing.
  • 6. Animashaun Rofiah, Olateju: The Assessment of Women Issues in Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding
  • 7. Udama, Rawlings Akonbede: Trends and Challenges of Anti-Corruption War from Colonial period to Failed Leadership in Present Nigeria.
  • 8. Bolanle Omidiji: Gender And Peacebuilding: The Role of Civil Society in Nigeria.

DAY THREE: 09.03.2012

Morning Session 7: 08.00am – 2.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Main Lecture Hall 1

SPSP Panel on: Domestic & International Terrorism/Management of Radicalized Groups

Chair/Discussant: Dr. Danjibo D. Nathaniel – University of Ibadan


  • 1. Titus Kehinde Adekunle: Community Policing in an Insecure Environment: Matters Arising
  • 2. Hamidu, Abdullahi Abdul: Community Policing in Democratic Nigeria: - Problems and Prospects
  • 3. Obi, N. Neji: Domestic Terrorism: Rethinking the role of Islam in the emerging Boko Haram Phenomenon in Nigeria.
  • 4. Chris O. Opukri & Ambily Etekpe: Domestic Response to Terrorism in a Global World: The Nigerian Experience
  • 5. O. Oketokun, A. Odedeji & B. Babalola: Domestic Response to Terrorism
  • 6. Dr. Essien Francessca: Domestic Terrorism and Effective Response in Nigeria
  • 7. Sharkdam Wapmuk: Terrorism and the Challenges to the Nigerian Foreign Policy
  • 8. Tyodzua Atim: Religious Fundamentalism in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Boko-Haram Challenge to Peace and Stability in Nigeria
  • 9. Ojuade, Jeleel &Shuaib, Shadiat : Theatre Option in the Management of Radicalization and Radicalized Groups in Nigeria

Morning Session 8: 08.00am – 2.00pm

Venue: NAPKC Mini Lecture Hall 2

SPSP Panel on: Community Policing and Internal Joint Security Operations/SALW

Chair/Discussant: Professor. Foluke Adeniyi, ABU, Zaria


  • 1. Okolo Phillips: Security Concerns, Community Policing and Democracy in Nigeria
  • 2. Jude Terna Kur: Community Radio and National Security Imperative in Nigeria: Fears & Promises
  • 3. Fatima Oyine Ibrahim: Community Policing Challenges in the Nigerian Society : The Kano State Experience
  • 4. Abdullahi Adam & Jacob I.D. Adekeye: Non-Military Threats to Nigeria’s National Security: An Insight from the Attendant Effects of Hydropower Dams
  • 5. Adoyi Onoja: Old Versus New Security: Striking a Balance for a Secured Nigeria
  • 6. Raji Rafiu Boye: Nigeria Anti-Terrorism Law and Global Security
  • 7. Ganiyu Alade, RAJI: AMAKUSOWE: An Ingenious Leadership Symbol of Managing Ijaw Youth Militancy in the Niger Delta
  • 8. Chibuzor Nwobueze: Nigeria: Four Priorities for Sustainable Peace in the Niger Delta
  • 9. Abubakar Z. Ibrahim: Islamic Radicalism in Nigeria: A Historical Perspective

Induction of New SPSP members: 3.00 – 4.00pm

Presentation of Certificate/s of Attendance: 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Closing Dinner: 6.00pm


  • Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre
    Jaji, Nigeria


  • Wednesday, March 07, 2012
  • Thursday, March 08, 2012
  • Friday, March 09, 2012

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  • Nigeria, securité, paix, violence, IFRA-Nigeria


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    courriel : glchouin [at] wm [dot] edu
  • Willie Eselebor
    courriel : willivizz [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

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