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Published on Friday, April 06, 2012


Conference organised by the Maison Française d'Oxford, on the July 4th and 5th, 2011.



Monday, July 4

9.00-9.15: Registration

9.15-9.30: Introduction: Luc Borot, John Perkins

9.30-12.30: Session 1 Metropolitan sites and contexts.

Chair: Antonio Belmar, Alicante

  • John Christie, Oxford: Chemical London: chemical sites and the politicization of experimental space
  • Lissa Roberts & Jeroen Bos, Twente: Chemistry and colonialism in the port cities of  Amsterdam and Batavia
  • Simon Werrett, Seattle: Green is the Colour: St. Petersburg's chemical laboratories and competing visions of chemistry in the eighteenth century
  • John Perkins, Oxford: Chemical Paris: laboratories and other sites, 1750-90

13.30-15.45: Session 2 Laboratories: spaces and practices.

Chair: Stephen Johnston, Oxford

  • Geert Vanpaemel, Louvain: The Site of Ambiguity: the chemistry laboratory at Louvain University
  • Christine Lehman, Paris: Pierre Joseph Macquer's chemical sites: laboratories and instruments
  • Marco Beretta, Florence: Lavoisier's chemical laboratories: a preliminary survey
  • Mary Bowden, Philadelphia: Realizing Joseph Priestley's laboratory in Northumberland, Pennsylvania
  • Jane Insley, London: Chemistry in the Garret – James Watt's cookbook chemistry at Heathfield, Birmingham, 1790-1819

16.00-18.00: Session 3 Chemical sites, cultural spaces and contexts.

Chair: Ana Carneiro, Lisbon

  • Matthew Eddy, Durham: Demonstrations, visualisations and conversations: the University of Edinburgh's sites of chemical instruction
  • Rachel Dunn, Durham: Chemistry in Dissenting Academies and Literary & Philosophical Societies
  • Elena Serrano, Barcelona: Making space, building networks: women's chemistry in late 18th-century Spain
  • Corinna Guerra, Bari: In case of eruption? Enjoy the natural laboratory of the Kingdom of Naples

19:00-22:00: Conference dinner

Tuesday, July 5

9.00-12.00: Session 4 Chemical sites and economic contexts I: the State and innovation.

Chair: Muriel Le Roux, Oxford

  • Hjalmar Fors, Stockholm: Chemistry in the Swedish Bureau of Mines
  • Peter Konecny, Regensburg: Sites of chemistry in the Schemnitz Mining Academy and the Habsburg mining administration
  • Ursula Klein, Berlin: Chemical experiments on pigments in the laboratory of the Royal Prussian Porcelain Manufactory (1787-91)
  • Patrice Bret, Paris: Chemistry sites of the gunpowder manufacturing administration in eighteenth-century France

13.00-15.15: Session 5 Chemical sites and economic contexts II: private entrepreneurs, innovation & the state.

Chair: Jose Ramon Bertomeu, Valencia

  • Samir Boumediene, Lyon: The apothecary's shop as a site for the practice of chemistry in the 18th century
  • Emma Spary, Cambridge: Food laboratories in 18th-century Paris
  • Thomas Le Roux, Paris: Places of chemistry and pollution, Paris and France, 1750-1800
  • Marie Thébaud, Paris: The workshop of ballooning: staging a culture of heat and gases in provincial towns in France at the end of the 18th century

15.30-16.30: Round table on comparative perspectives and conclusion with Antonio Belmar, Stephen Johnston, Ana Carneiro, Muriel Le Roux, Jose Ramon Bertomeu

For further information on the conference:

Convened by the Maison Française, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University Faculty of History and SHAC


  • Oxford, Britain


  • Monday, July 04, 2011
  • Tuesday, July 05, 2011


  • Chemistry, colonialism, chemical laboratories

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  • Aurélie Flamant
    courriel : aflamant [at] msh-paris [dot] fr


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