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Young adults and their eating habits

Le comportement alimentaire des jeunes adultes

Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Paul Bocuse symposium

Symposium du Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Paul Bocuse

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Published on Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Each year, the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre welcomes researchers and professionals to exchange over a theme from various angles: biological, psychological, social or economic approaches. For its 2012 edition, the conference concerns the eating behavior of young adults. Indeed, youth is a critical phase that allows the transition from adolescence to adulthood, a period where individuals’ culinary and eating behaviors are constructed. The question can be raised of how far young adults are willing to go on with their family eating habits and how far they wish to break with transmitted values and build new schemes.



Exchanges aspire to identify levers that can be operated to provide a healthy diet and pleasure to the younger generations, regarding both food offers and food services.
Interventions and exchanges include:
  • Nutrition and eating troubles in teenagers and young adults
  • Changes in eating habits during youth, before / after leaving home, before / after entry into married life,
  • Food consumption out of home and in institutional restaurants
  • Comparison of eating practices between various cultures…
Thus, this meeting aims to bring together national and international experts, including researchers from various research fields (psychologists, sociologists, epidemiologists), professional catering (catering and food industry) and health (eating disorders and obesity experts) to contribute to the understanding of the eating practices of this population.


9:00 Welcome coffee

Morning session

Chairman : Herb Meiselman
9:45 Welcome and Introduction : Hervé Fleury et Agnès Giboreau, Institut Paul Bocuse et Martine Laville, Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine Rhône Alpes
  • 10:00 Dominique Cassuto, Hôpitaux de Paris, Service Pr Basdevant Pitié Salpêtrière
    Nutrition patterns and related pathologies of teenagers and young adults
  • 10:45 Gabriel Tavoularis, Credoc
    Age and cohort effect on French young adults’ eating habits
11:15 Break
  • 11:30 David Marshall, The University of Edinburgh Business School
    Socialised eating: transition and family meals
  • 12:00 Laurence Tibère, Université Toulouse Le Mirail
    A study of French students habits and knowledge of PNNS recommendations
12:30 Culinary Demonstration by a Chef from Institut Paul Bocuse

Afternoon session

Chairman : Marine Laville
  • 14:30 Giada Danesi, Institut Paul Bocuse / EHESS / Gl-Events, France
    Youth eating practices and representations: French, German and Spanish young adults dealing with commensality
  • 15:00 Antonio Casilli, Telecom ParisTech - EHESS
    Anamia project: a social network approach to better understand young adults’ eating disorders
  • 16h00Armando Pérez-Cueto, Aalborg University
    Fast food and adolescents: An update
  • 16:30Laurent Cousin Sodexo
    Behaviors and attitudes driving eating patterns at student’s age: an international study
17:15 Concluding remarks and discussions

17:45 Farewell drinks

To attend

Registration before the 20th of May, 2012 (there is limited number of participants)

Fees all included: industry: 210 € - academics: 90 €

students: free (under conditions of a motivation letter and CV)

  • http://www.institutpaulbocuse.com/us/food-hospitality/symposium/
  • recherche@institutpaulbocuse.com


  • Chemin du Trouillat (Institut Paul Bocuse)
    Écully, France


  • Friday, June 01, 2012


  • comportement alimentaire, jeunes adultes, habitudes alimentaires


  • Clémentine Hugol-Gential
    courriel : clementine [dot] hugol-gential [at] u-bourgogne [dot] fr

Information source

  • Clémentine Hugol-Gential
    courriel : clementine [dot] hugol-gential [at] u-bourgogne [dot] fr


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