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Saints and the City

Urban Holiness before Modernity

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Publié le mercredi 21 novembre 2012 par Loïc Le Pape


Saints and the City is an international, interdisciplinary workshop on urban holiness in pre-modern times in East and West. Graduates and young post-graduates will be able to present their researches as guests of the Erlangen Centre for European Medieval and Renaissance Studies IZEMIR and the DFG-Research Group "Holiness and Sanctification in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Intercultural Perspectives in Europe and Asia".


Saints and the City. Urban Holiness before Modernity : Workshop for Graduates and Young Post-Graduates, Erlangen (Germany), 8–10 July 2013.


Saints in the city, living holy men and women, have set their mark on the life of western urban centres for hundreds of years. What specifically were the hallmarks of urban holiness in the Pre-Modern West? How did urban holiness develop and what influence did its embodying representatives exercise on political, social and cultural discourse? What forms of media conveyed their message? Are there comparable phenomena in the Near and Far East?

The Erlangen workshop will pursue answers to these questions on an interdisciplinary basis. Younger researchers (those pursuing doctorates or having completed them and still younger 35 years of age) are invited to present their research findings for discussion by a large and varied audience.

Prof. Dr. Albert Dietl (Art History, Regensburg) will give a keynote evening lecture on the topic of “Urban Patrons in Medieval Italy” (in collaboration with the Art Historical Institute of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg).

Call for Papers

will offer five fellowships of 250 € in support of travel and attendance costs for presenters.

Interested persons should send a CV and brief description of their proposed topic to the following Address:  

Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari
Mittellatein und Neulatein
Kochstr. 4/3
D-91054 Erlangen (Germany)

by 15 April 2013


  • Kochstrasse 4/3
    Erlangen, Allemagne


  • lundi 08 juillet 2013
  • mercredi 10 juillet 2013


  • saints, historiography, cultural studies, hagiography, archeology, art histroy, literature


  • Michele C. Ferrari
    courriel : Michele [dot] C [dot] Ferrari [at] as [dot] phil [dot] uni-erlangen [dot] de

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  • Michele C. Ferrari
    courriel : Michele [dot] C [dot] Ferrari [at] as [dot] phil [dot] uni-erlangen [dot] de

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