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Epistemology and Sociology of Management Science

Epistemologia e sociologia da ciência da administração

3rd International Colloquium

III colóquio internacional

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Published on Monday, November 12, 2012


Nos dias 20 a 23 de março de 2013, o Núcleo de Pesquisa em Organizações, Racionalidade e Desenvolvimento – ORD realizará em Florianópolis o III Colóquio Internacional de Epistemologia e Sociologia da Ciência da Administração, oportunidade em que os pesquisadores poderão apresentar seus estudos, debater e participar do avanço do conhecimento nestes temas. A submissão de artigos e resumos expandidos a serem apresentados no Colóquio pode ser realizada até o dia 10 de dezembro de 2012.    


20 - 22 March 2012 – Florianópolis - SC - Brazil


  1. Epistemological Analysis of Management Science
  2. Sociology of Management Science

    III. Rationality in Organizations

    IV. Epistemological Analysis of Specific Domains
  3. Epistemological Analysis of Social Economy

Organizing Committee

  • Maurício Serva (Coordinator);
  • Danilo Melo; 

  • Déris Caetano;
  • Flávia Regina P. Maciel;
  • Felipe Quintão;
  • Gustavo Matarazzo Rezende;
  • João Vitor Nunes Leal;
  • Laís Santos; 

  • Sérgio Boeira;
  • Vanêssa Pereira Simon.

1. International Colloquium Purposes

  • Promote a breakthrough international conference dedicated to the study of epistemology and sociology of management science;
  • Integrate researchers across different domains of science on an international network;
  • Stimulate discussions on the scientific rigor the problematic of epistemology and sociology of 
management science and organizational studies. 

2. Key Dates

  • September 01, 2012 – Start of papers and expanded abstract submission and registration for the event
  • December 10, 2012 - Deadline of papers submission

  • January 20 2013 - Notification of papers acceptance/rejection for presentation
  • February 01, 2013 - Deadline of registration for authors of accepted papers
  • February 01, 2013 – Deadline of early registration discount

  • March 20, 21, 22, 2013 – Realization of the Colloquium 

3. Subtopics

        I. Epistemological Analysis of Management Science

Studies of the epistemological basis of management and organization theories;
  • New perspectives on ideology and science in management;

  • Epistemology of management science status and development;

  • Issues and trends in management as applied social science; 

  • Possibilities and limits of multi-paradigmatic analysis;

  • Debate on the fragmentation of organizational theory;

  • Trends and sophistication of the functionalist paradigm;

  • Challenges to the critical paradigm: theoretical framework and application in management.

II. Sociology of Management Science

  • Management approach, under the terms of its institutions;

  • Role-play interactions among the actors in the management field: power, interest, symbolic exchanges, strategies and rationality;

  • Socio-historical conditions of the preparation and dissemination of scientific literature in this area;

  • Interface between science history and sociology of management science.

III. Rationality in Organizations

  • Impact of rationality studies on the advancement of the epistemology of management science;
  • Management and rationality: proposals for the advancement of knowledge;

  • Tension between rationalities in the practice of management;

  • Consequences of Guerreiro Ramos approach.

IV. Epistemological Analysis of Specific Domains

  • Epistemological analysis of scientific literature in areas related to management, with emphasis on emerging issues, such as social economy endeavors, relationship between civil society, public and market sectors;
  • management as collective action;
  • sustainable territorial development;
  • public policies;
  • among others.

V. Epistemological Analysis of Social Economy

  • Epistemological analysis on scientific literature on social economy;
  • Critical analysis of this production, searching for their own scientific development;
  • Paradigmatic considerations relating to the field of studies in social economy;
  • Discussion of crucial issues to the scientific advancement of this field of study;
  • Epistemological positioning studies in social economy in relation to the scientific field of administration.

4. Submission of articles and expanded abstract:

Key information:

  • Papers should be submitted by e-mail (submissaoepistemologia@gmail.com) until December 10, 2012;
  • Papers and expanded abstract inconsistent with the characteristics and the technical criteria required by the Organizing Committee will not be accepted;

  • It is allowed to submit up to two papers or expanded abstract per author or coauthor;
  • We point out that each paper  and expanded abstract must be original and should remain so until the end of the conference;

  • Authors are fully responsible for the paper’s originality and for correctness of its subject-matter, language and formal attributes.
  • The evaluation committee will judge the papers and expanded abstract solely for their quality, limiting the selection to the appropriate number for presentation in accordance with the available time;

  • We accept papers submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French;

  • Upon submission, on the email, the inclusion of all authors must necessarily be made as described below:

    paper title;
    indication of the paper’s sub-theme;
    full name (s) of author(s) - Maximum of 4 authors per paper;
    ID number of author(s);
    home institution(s) of author(s) and their function (eg.: professor, Ph.D., coordinator, etc.).
    author(s) e-mail(s);
    institution(s) telephone number(s) and address(es) for author(s) contacting.
The papers and expanded abstract should identify their authors only on the first page (see item 5.2); make sure that your article does not contain explicit or hidden identification along the text;

  • The authors with papers accepted will be notified by the Organizing Committee by January 20, 2013 and should make their registration until February 01, 2013;
Failure to submit the registration of at least one author until February 01, 2013 will result in the exclusion of the article and the expanded abstract from the event;

  • The presentation of papers and expanded abstract accepted at the event is mandatory, considering the presence of at least one author. Authors with approved paper that does not show for the presentation will not have papers accepted in the futures events. 

5. Formatting Rule

The spelling review and grammatical quality of the texts are sole responsibility of the authors. It is important to notice that the Colloquium Proceedings will publish the submitted paper versions. 

5.1. General Instructions: 

        - Paper: A4 (29.7 x 21 cm);

        - Paper Orientation: Portrait; 

        - Margins:

  • Top: 3 cm
  • Bottom 2 cm
  • Right: 2 cm
  • Left: 3 cm

- Text Editor: Office Word 2003 or later;

- Font: Times New Roman, size 12;

- Spacing: single;

- Paragraph: justified;

- Pages: minimum should be 12 (twelve) pages and should not exceed 35 (thirty five), including the first page (only title, abstract and key words), tables, figures, bibliography;

- Layout: insert number of pages in the bottom on the right side;

- Notes: must be placed at the foot of the corresponding page;

-     Citations and references: citations should be inserted in the text, including the surname of the author of the source, date of publication and page number (if any). Full bibliographical references of author(s) quoted should be presented in alphabetical order at the end of the text.

5.2 Contents of first page:

- Title of the paper, centered, bold and with all the main words beginning with uppercase letters;

- Names of the authors, followed by their e-mails;

- Abstract (in the same language chosen for the text): - minimum of 15 lines (1,200 characters) and a maximum of 30 lines (2,400 characters), single spaced and indication of three to five keywords;

- After the abstract, the main text should be initiated, separated by 3 (three) lines in simple spaces.

6. Formatting expanded abstract

The panel should contain at the top, highlighted the following items: Title of paper, name (s) (s) of author (s) and affiliation (University / Department / Center ...). Must be presented: Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Analysis, Concluding Remarks and References (where relevant). At the end of the panel should apear the name of the funding body of research.

Attention to the following recommendations:

  • Columns: arrange your material in at least two columns.
  • Tracks: Distribute your panel on 3 tracks. (1) Header (institution's information and authors), (2) textual part, (3) institutional support and funding sources.
  • Introduction / Concluding remarks: An introduction should be placed in the upper left and a conclusion at the lower right area.
  • Text Size: The text should be written with font size 36 or larger for easier reading distance.
  • Lists: numbered or bulleted lists are effective in drawing attention to several points.
  • Maximum number of words (textual part): 800.
  • Use of Figures: Figures should be designed to be seen from a distance and should use clear symbols, patterns and visible large font.
  • Attention to colors: Colors can be effective if used sparingly, use dark colors on white backgrounds or saturated soft and light colors, light on dark backgrounds.
  • Panel size (required): 80cm wide and 120cm tall. Will be provided by the organizers metal brackets to hang the panel.

7. Registration

Registration for the 3rd Colloquium on Epistemology and Sociology of Management Science will be made exclusively through the website: http://coloquioepistemologia2013.tangu.com.br/ link "Registration".

  • Values:

    • Authors of accepted abstracts: R$100.00 until 02/01/13
    • Other participants: R$100.00 until 02/01/13

                                               R$130.00 from 02/02/13 to 03/20/13

7. Conference place

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

8. Further information






  • Campus Universitário UFSC – Trindade
    Florianópolis, Brazil


  • Monday, December 10, 2012


  • III Colóquio Internacional de Epistemologia e Sociologia da Ciência da Administração
    courriel : submissaoepistemologia [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Marta Maia
    courriel : martamaia72 [at] yahoo [dot] fr


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