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History: change and continuity in a Global World

História: mudança e continuidade num mundo global

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Published on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Marie Pellen


PIUDHIST is an inter-university doctoral programme in which History is viewed from an inter-disciplinary point of view. Despite its unique character, History is regarded here as a field of knowledge which cannot do without a permanent cross fertilization with other areas in the humanities and the social sciences. In our vision, this is also why we consider apposite to attach, as a subtitle for this programme, the words “change and continuity in a global world”.



History – change and continuity in a global world

Applications: 15 May to 30 June 2013

This Programme grants 4 PhD scholarships and further financial support throughout the preparation of the PhD dissertation. It has been selected for funding by the Portuguese Agency for Science and Technology (FCT) for the next 4 editions.

This is an international and inter-university programme,with the participation of the most relevant Portuguese History departments from the University of Lisbon (Institute of Social Sciences and Faculty of Letters), ISCTE- Lisbon University Institute, Portuguese Catholic University and University of Évora.

Classes run in Lisbon from 15 September 2013 onwards. Courses and seminars run predominantly in English. Enrolled students receive monitoring assistance by tutors and supervisors.

More info available at: http://www.piudhist.ics.ul.pt/pt/

Teaching staff

The members of the participating institutions with teaching, supervision and tutorial activities are listed below in alphabetic order within each institution. Other members of the participating institutions may also be enrolled in this PhD programme, whenever their expertise is requested for teaching or supervision on specialized topics.

Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa (ICS-UL)

  • Ângela Barreto Xavier
  • Anne Cova
  • António Costa Pinto
  • Bruno Cardoso Reis
  • Jaime Reis
  • José Luís Cardoso
  • Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo
  • Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro
  • Pedro Lains
  • Rui Ramos

Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa (FLUL)

  • Ana Maria Rodrigues
  • António Ventura
  • Fátima Reis
  • Francisco Contente Domingues
  • Hermenegildo Fernandes
  • José Horta
  • Luís Filipe Barreto
  • Manuela Santos Silva
  • Maria Alexandre Lousada
  • Sérgio Campos Matos

ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

  • Ana Mónica Fonseca
  • Carlos Coelho Maurício
  • Fátima Sá e Melo Ferreira
  • Fernando Dores Costa
  • Fréderic Vidal
  • José Vicente Serrão
  • Luís Nuno Rodrigues
  • Luísa Tiago de Oliveira
  • Magda Pinheiro
  • Maria João Vaz

Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP)

  • Alfredo Teixeira
  • Ana Paula Rias
  • António Matos Ferreira
  • João Luís Inglês Fontes
  • Jorge Santos Alves
  • José Miguel Sardica
  • Marília Lopes Hanenberg
  • Nuno Estêvão Ferreira
  • Paulo Oliveira Fontes
  • Tiago Pires Marques

Universidade de Évora (EU)

  • Ana Isabel Lopes Salazar
  • Antonio Terrasa
  • Cyril Isnart
  • Fernanda Olival
  • Fernando Branco Correia
  • Filomena Barros
  • Hermínia Vasconcelos Vilar
  • Laurinda Abreu
  • Mafalda Soares da Cunha
  • Maria Antónia F. Conde


  • ICS, Graduate Studies - Av. Prof. Anibal Bettencourt, 9 - Lisbon
    Lisbon, Portugal (1200-781)


  • Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attached files


  • Social dynamics and political structures; Institutions and economic development; Empires, colonial and post-colonial studies; Intellectual and socio-cultural movements


  • Goretti Matias
    courriel : secretario [dot] piudh [at] ics [dot] ul [dot] pt

Information source

  • Jose Luis Cardoso
    courriel : jcardoso [at] ics [dot] ul [dot] pt

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