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Call for PhD Program in History of Europe from Middle Ages to Present Times

Bando di Dottorato in Storia dell'Europa dal Medioevo all'Età contemporanea

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Published on Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Call for a PhD Program in History of Europe from Middle Ages to Present Time at the University of Teramo (Italy). The Scientific Committee will select 4 PhD students for a 3 years grant and other 4 PhD students without grant.



The PhD in History of Europe from the Middle Ages up to today intends to promote the research of the political, religious, cultural, economic and social transformations considering the national specificities and common process, which contribute to make so different and complex the current landscape of European societies.

Particular attention is paid to, both the critical research and follow up of the issues and problems of historiography tradition (institutions and structures, behavior, attitude, religion, culture etc.), and to the most recent tendencies  (of world history, history in general, of trans-national history and of cultural experiences).

Furthermore, attention will be paid to issues and problems concerning the research of regional dimensions of European history both from in macro-areas relationship point of view (for example between the Mediterranean Europe and the Balkan Europe and between the Mediterranean Europe and the central Europe) and comparing singular regional territories, within different contexts.

This, in order to analyze problems connected to the history of European regions, considered as complex laboratories of political, social, economic and cultural integration that have involved in the over the centuries institutional powers, religious faiths, cultures etc.

The vocation of PhD in European History is to train researchers able to interact with an international European field.

Admission Requirements

The application may be submitted, with no limitation of age or nationality, by applicants who, on the date of expiry of the call, have obtained a Second level university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent foreign certificate), or applicants who obtain the degree required for admission before 31 October 2013, under penalty of forfeiture of admission in case of a positive outcome of the selection.

The equivalence of foreign qualifications will be assessed by the Academic Board of the doctorate, based on the documentation submitted by the applicant with the application for participation in the competition for admission (*). In the case of lack of requirements, the exclusion from the procedure can be decided by the Rector at any time; therefore, any admission shall be considered in any case as made with reservation.

  • Admission Tests (first step)

a. Dissertation with an abstract in English: maximum 4 points; 
b. Research project developed by the candidate, in line with the topics of the PhD Program: maximum 6 points; 
c. Scientific Curriculum Vitae (academic career including the exams and final grade – letter(s) of reference from academics and any professional, training, and\or research experience,level of knowledge of foreign languages and other qualifications): maximum 4 points; 
d. Any publications: maximum 6 points.

  • Admission tests (2nd step)

Candidates who have achieved a minimum score of 12 points shall be admitted to the second stage (oral examination). Their list will be published, after the assessment of their qualifications, on the website of the university. The oral examination shall consist of an interview of the applicant before the Academic Board, meeting in plenary or restricted session, with the aim to test the applicant’s knowledge on the topics of the PhD and content of the proposed research project.

During the interview, knowledge of the English language shall always be tested. The interview may be conducted entirely in English, if requested by the applicant. The interview may be conducted by electronic means, if requested upon submission of the application by the candidate residing abroad, or by disabled candidates. The maximum score for each candidate for the oral examination is 40 points.

At the end of the interview, the Academic Board will identify the suitable candidates to be placed in the general classification, expressed in sixtieths, based on the sum of the scores obtained by the candidates in the assessment of qualifications and in the interview .
The diary of the examinations, indicating the date, time, and place where tests will take place, will be published on the website of the University, at least 20 days before the tests. The candidates must take their valid photo ID to the examinations.


The financial support is given to the candidates according to the merit list up to the number of grants provided.

In case of revocation or renunciation of a candidate within three months, the next applicant will take over according to the ranking list. If the renouncing candidate has already received monthly instalments, the relevant amounts must be refunded. The assignment criteria of the different types of scholarships, even with specific topic and dedicated funding, shall be set forth by the Academic Board, according to the requirements and attitudes of the assignees.

The scholarships are annual and are renewed provided that the candidate has completed the program of activities for the previous year, as verified by the Academic Board. The amount of the scholarship, to be paid in monthly instalments is set at € 13,638.47 including any charges to the candidate required by the law.

Deadline 15 october 2013

For the on-line application and more informations, please visit our web-site

Reference organisation

Faculty of Communication Sciences (Unite) Contact person Prof. Francesco Benigno

Contacts Prof. Francesca Gallo (fgallo@unite.it)


  • Università degli Studi di Teramo - Campus Coste Sant'Agostino
    Teramo, Italian Republic (64100)


  • Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Attached files


  • History of Europe, Middle Ages, Early Modern History, Modern and Contemporary History


  • Giannini Massimo Carlo
    courriel : massgiannini [at] unite [dot] it

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Information source

  • Massimo Carlo Giannini
    courriel : massgiannini [at] unite [dot] it


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