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Business Interest Associations and the regulation of economic life - Europe 19th-20th C.

Le rôle des organisations patronales en Europe dans la régulation de l’économie (XIXe-XXe siècles)

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Published on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 by Julie Abbou


Ce colloque constitue la quatrième manifestation du programme pluridisciplinaire et international de recherche sur les organisations patronales en Europe engagé depuis 2009. La manifestation scientifique de juin 2014 se propose d’étudier plus précisément la place tenue par ces organisations dans la régulation des activités économiques. L'objet de ce colloque sera de préciser quelle place tiennent les organisations patronales dans l’élaboration, la persistance ou la mise en question de ces systèmes et comment elles contribuent à la définition des différents types de règles hiérarchisées, qui contribuent à la construction des marchés et encadrent la production et l'échange de biens et services.



The proposed international symposium affirms its continuity with a current international and interdisciplinary research program launched in 2010, on Business and Trade Organizations in Europe (19-20th C.). Indeed, if Political Scientists and Economists, then Historians and Social Scientists, have investigated several specific points, such as: Elites’ forms of sociability, lobbies, collective actions, history of companies etc., if international studies on Employer’s representation groups or Employer’s labor policies, were initiated; by contrast historical studies focusing on these organizations, themselves, and in a comparative perspective, remain scarce. Therefore the field of Business Associations must be explored more fully.

The symposium to be held in June 2014 follows previous meetings:

  • A first Workshop in June 2010: numerous contributions and papers were devoted to the Meaning, Translation, Historiography and Archives of Business and Trade Organizations in Europe.
  • An international symposium on the Genesis, Historic Forms and Structures of these organizations took place in June 2011. The Proceedings have been edited in 2012 by Danièle Fraboulet and Pierre Vernus (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2012)
  • A second symposium called on June 21st 22nd 2012, explored the Ways and Means of the Trade and Business Organizations in the Public Sphere. (D. Fraboulet C. Druelle-Korn, P. Vernus, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2013)
  • Furthermore, the session n° 168 Historical and international comparison of Business interest associations (19th-20th century) at the XVIth World Economic History Congress (Stellenbosch 2012) broadened the issues to new countries.
  • The third international symposium held in Lyon in June 2013, challenged the Appraisal of the Relationships between Business Associations and other organizations in Europe 19-20thC (to be published in 2014).

The outcomes already gathered by the host program have permitted to emphasize and to measure the great diversity of BIAs: amid professional sectors, at different levels (local, regional and national), and the great variety of services they provide. The results shed new lights on culture and socio-professional identities as well as relationships between BIAs and Government or public authorities at large. The studies, conducted over a long period of time (19th-20th), call into question the relations between the development of the BIAs and the structural changes in the capitalist economic life (shaping and implementation of the State social and economic policy, market expansion, ebb and flow of international trade, changing intra-industries balance or among industrial sectors, corporate evolution etc.).

Assumptions and hypothesis have been made and need more discussion, for instance at the local and regional levels the key moment of the late 19th C in shaping the BIAs economic functions, and as a second step the social functions when facing the labour movement.

Main topics

The aim of this symposium is to better understand how the BIA’s have managed the regulation of economic life. The notion of regulation has to be understood in a broader definition than the Economics concept. It refers to the specific combinations of institutions and graduating system of rules sustaining an economic framework in time and space.

More specifically, our aim is to discuss: how have BIAs contributed to set down or to undo a diversity of economic and social rules (customs, norms, law, appellations, labour organization etc.) which have helped to run the markets of goods and services ; how have these groups, with conflicting and competing interests, achieved -or not- to agree on measures they would want to run for them ; how have they been able to secure those obligations (rules of procedure, national and European public authorities etc.) ; what were the pressures and circumstances under which the BIAs had to change their policies over time (international trade, pricing policy, interwar period, European and national polices, political events, etc.) ; how have the BIAs extended their competences, skills and influences in matter of economic, financial and social regulation, from national to regional and international levels.

In other words can the results and the effectiveness of the BIAs activities be measured and at which levels? In turn, had the vast action in favor of the regulation of the economic life redesigned the BIAs with new hierarchies?

Submission guidelines

The proposed papers, including the title and a summary accompanied by a short CV (in French or English) must be sent

no later than 1st of December 2013 to:

Danièle Fraboulet: danielefraboulet@wanadoo.fr

Pierre Vernus : pierre.vernus@ish-lyon.cnrs.fr

Clotilde Druelle-Korn: clotilde.druelle-korn@unilim.fr

Notification by janvier 2014. Language of the symposium: French or English. Selected contributions will be published.

The conference will be held in Paris on June 19 and 20, 2014.

Organizing Committee

Clotilde Druelle-Korn (Université de Limoges) ; Danièle Fraboulet (Université de Paris-Cité -Paris 13/CRESC) ; Cédric Humair (Université de Lausanne) ; Michel Margairaz (Université de Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne/ IDHE) ; Pierre Vernus (Université de Lyon II/LARHA) 

Scientific Committee


Eric Bussière (Université de Paris IV) ; Olivier Dard, (Université de Paris IV) ; Dominique Barjot (Université de Paris IV) ; Clotilde Druelle-Korn, (Université de Limoges) ; Jean-François Eck (Université de Lille  III) ; Danièle Fraboulet, (Université de Sorbonne Paris-Cité Paris 13) ; Patrick Fridenson (EHESS) ; Hervé Joly (CNRS) ; Annette Jobert, (CNRS-IDHE) ; Michel Margairaz, (Université de Paris I – Panthéon - Sorbonne) ; Hélène Michel, (Université de Strasbourg) ; Michel Offerlé (ENS Ulm) ; Gilles Richard, (IEP Rennes) ; Béatrice Touchelay, (Université de Lille III) ; Pierre Vernus (Université de Lyon II)

Other European countries

Werner Bührer (Allemagne) ; Suzy Pasleau (Belgique) ; Dirk Luyten (Belgique) ; A. Escudero (Espagne)  ; G. Berta (Italie) sous réserves ; Philip Ollerenshaw (R-U) ; Cédric Humair (Confédération Helvétique)  ; Sébastien Guex (Confédération Helvétique) ; Hans-Ulrich Jost (Confédération Helvétique) ; Laurent Tissot (Confédération Helvétique).

Conference proposed by the Universities of Paris - Cité - Paris 13 /Pleïade-CRESC and Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne /IDHE – LARHRA - LYON


  • Université Paris 5 – Panthéon
    Paris, France (75005)


  • Sunday, December 01, 2013


  • organisations patronales, histoire, régulation, Europe


  • Pierre Vernus
    courriel : pierre [dot] vernus [at] ish-lyon [dot] cnrs [dot] fr
  • Danièle Fraboulet
    courriel : danielefraboulet [at] wanadoo [dot] fr
  • Clotilde Druelle Korn
    courriel : clotilde [dot] druelle-korn [at] unilim [dot] fr

Information source

  • Clotilde Druelle Korn
    courriel : clotilde [dot] druelle-korn [at] unilim [dot] fr

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