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Published on Thursday, January 02, 2014 by Luigia Parlati


Convocatoria Mutatis Mutandis Vol. 7# (1-2014). Editores de este número Martha Pulido, Grupo de Investigación en Traductología - Universidad de Antioquia y Sergio Romanelli Programa de Posgrado en Traducción de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina. Los estudios académicos brasileros en el campo de la traductología han demostrado, en las últimas décadas, una intensa producción bibliográfica, que cuenta tanto con textos de carácter teórico como de reflexión y traducciones. La traducción del portugués al español ha ocupado un lugar importante en esta producción. Invitamos a traductores e investigadores en el contexto brasileño a enviar a la revista sus trabajos.



Mutatis Mutandis Vol. 7 # 1 - 2014 

The field of Translation Studies in Brazil has shown, in recent decades, an intense bibliographic production, which has both theoretical texts as well as d translations. Research in Translation Studies in Brazil has a transdisciplinary character with contributions that come from Anthropology, Genetique Critique, Social and Political History, Sociology, among other disciplines. This reflects a will to position translated literature within the polysystem of national literature, which grants autonomy and authorial recognition to translations. Such an effort is reflected in the reprint and diffusion, in bilingual editions, of classic works of translation theory and history of Western languages, resulting in publications of translations from Chinese to Brazilian indigenous languages.

Translation from Portuguese into Spanish has occupied an important place in this production. We invite translators and researchers in the Brazilian context to send their work to our Journal.

Submission guidelines

Abstracts up to 200 words in the language of the article and in one of the languages of the Journal, must be submitted

before March 4th 2014

The deadline for the reception of articles for evaluation is April 20th 2014.

You can write to rmutatismutandis@gmail.com

or register directly at the Journal's web site 

Scientific committee

This issue is edited by Martha Pulido, Research Group on Translation Studies - Universidad de Antioquia and Sergio Romanelli Programa de Pós-graduação em Estudos da Tradução da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.


  • Universidad de Antioquia Grupo de Investigación en Traducotología # 53-108 Bloque 11, oficina 203 A.A. 1226 - Calle 67
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  • Tuesday, March 04, 2014


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