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Published on Monday, January 13, 2014


The University of Bordeaux is now opening Junior Chairs call for applications. This programme is expected to strengthen the academic and scientific community of the University of Bordeaux in fields identified as strategic priorities, by supporting young, high-profile international researchers in setting up a research team and in the development of their own topic within one of the University of Bordeaux’s laboratories. The University of Bordeaux is providing attractive conditions within an exceptional scientific environment.


Applications are open to all scientific fields, and excellency of candidates and of the proposed project will be the main evaluation criteria. IdEx Bordeaux being built on scientific priorities, proposals in such areas or at the interface between them will be studied with particular attention.

These comprise the following domains: materials science, neuroscience, environment and ecosystem, numerical certification and reliability, archaeology, lasers and photonics, global health, translational imaging, cardiology.

Candidates bringing new skills for the structuration of emerging research domains at the university, or with an industrial background are also welcome to apply.


The chairs will be funded for a period of up to three years.

Eligibility criteria

Eligible candidates are researchers meeting the following criteria:

  • two to ten years of postdoctoral experience (+1 year per maternity/paternity leave with a maximum of 2 years). Candidates must have obtained their PhD between January 1st 2004 and January 1st 2012;
  • outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, etc.);
  • applicants must be supported by a local host laboratory;
  • applicants must not have been working for the selected host laboratory for more than 12 months and must not join one of his/her previous mentors (PhD or postdoc).


The amount of the grant will depend on the proposed scientific project. It may cover the salary of the chair holder, the expenses resulting from setting up a research team (purchase of small equipment, technician, postdoctoral researcher and/or PhD student salaries), and operational costs.


Proposals must be submitted electronically via the submission page in our portal 

In order to validate applications, all requested documents must be provided (refer to the Applicant guide for details).

Application deadline : March 9th 2014

Evaluation process

The peer review evaluation process will involve two phases:
After the eligibility check, a first evaluation will be conducted by a scientific board based on the excellency of the candidate and of the scientific project.

The scientific board may gather the opinions of external experts on very specific subjects addressed by the proposals.
Selected candidates from the first evaluation phase will be invited to come to Bordeaux for interviews conducted by the scientific board.
Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Scientific career, achievements and international recognition.
  • Scientific project and its pertinence within the site’s scientific priorities.
  • Potential for acquiring other funding within 2 years.
  • Perspectives of sustainability of the research subject in the mid- to long-term.


  • Bordeaux, France (33)


  • Sunday, March 09, 2014


  • Junior Chair, right, archeology, global health, environment and ecosystem


  • MIA IdEx
    courriel : recruitment [at] univ-bordeaux [dot] fr

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  • MIA IdEx
    courriel : recruitment [at] univ-bordeaux [dot] fr


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