HomeIn connection with the LabexMed programme, IMéRA is issuing a call for applications opened to researchers

HomeIn connection with the LabexMed programme, IMéRA is issuing a call for applications opened to researchers

In connection with the LabexMed programme, IMéRA is issuing a call for applications opened to researchers

L'IMéRA et le programme LabexMed lancent un appel pour l'accueil de chercheurs en partenariat

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Published on Thursday, February 20, 2014


In connection with the LabexMed programme IMéRA (Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University) is issuing a call for individual applications opened to scientists for residence schemes scheduled between 15 September 2014 and 17 July 2015 (duration 5 or 10 months). IMéRA residence proposals are open to researchers (senior and junior) of all origins in terms of nationality and disciplines. IMéRA will consider applicants from the Mediterranean rims in a particularly favourable way. Deadline: April 7, 2013. Applications can only be submitted on IMéRA's website.


Partnership presentation

Aix-Marseille University Institute for Advanced Study IMéRA has 5- or 10-months residency schemes for foreign world-class researchers; it also accommodates a few multi-disciplinary teams with a collective project for short duration stays.

Research projects carried out at IMéRA focus on cross-fertilisation within social science, within science, between social science and formal/experimental and health science, and on relationships between art and science, exploring and enhancing the potential openings between such disciplines and the new objects that may be formed there.

IMéRA aims at fostering the emergence and development of world-class cross-disciplinary research approaches and grooms young researchers for such approaches on Aix-Marseille University ground.

LabexMed’s ambition is to make progress in cross-disciplinary, integrated research on the Mediterranean on the strength of its partner units’ disciplines (archaeology, history, anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, economics, law, philosophy, epistemology) and to stimulate dialogue between man and social sciences and earth, life and environment sciences at all time and space scales.

In their applications, candidates should therefore clearly demonstrate their interest in cross-disciplinary projects on the basis of their research or itineraries, by:

  • providing a list of already experienced cross-disciplinary collaborations or of publications calling for such collaboration schemes; or
  • proposing to start one such collaboration and specifying its characteristics; or
  • detailing expected contributions from cross-fertilisation of their own research program with perspectives and intellectual resources of other disciplines.

A - Schedule

Applications must be sent not later than on Monday 7 April 2014 (included).

Residences (duration 5 or 10 months) will take place at the following periods (to be chosen by the candidates):

  • 15 Sep 2014 to 13 Feb 2015 (5 months);
  • 13 Oct 2014 to 13 Mar 2015 (5 months);
  • 17 Nov 2014 to 17 Apr 2015 (5 months);
  • 15 Dec 2014 to 15 May 2015 (5 months);
  • 12 Jan 2015 to 12 June 2015 (5 months)
  • 16 Feb 2015 to 17 July 2015 (5 months);
  • 15 Sep 2014 to 17 July 2015 (10 months).

B - Who can qualify?

Special LabexMed residences at IMéRA are open to researchers in all disciplines and of all nationalities with a regular status in foreign institutions.

Who is eligible?

  • Researchers from all parts of the world, except those who have lived in France more than 12 months during the three years preceding this call for applications;
  • Researchers holding a Doctorate or PhD and who have been in a university or research position for minimum two years as at the closing date of this call for applications.

C - Selection criteria

Application assessment criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Project and researcher’s value and potential;
  • Connection of project with IMéRA’s cross-disciplinary framework (capacity to link with other disciplinary domains);
  • Interaction perspective with LabexMed programme partner research centres as well as with Aix-Marseille University research centres and teams.

D - Living conditions

Under a partnership agreement with the LabexMed programme, IMéRA offers:

1- Remuneration

IMéRA will pay an allowance to researchers, who fall into two classes.

  • Junior: €2,300 monthly allowance;
  • Senior: €3,500 monthly allowance.

Junior class: Researchers who have been in a university position for 2 minimum years and who have at least 9 years’ experience in full-time research as at the closing date of the call for applications.

Senior class: Top-level researchers with minimum 10 years’ experience in full-time research as at the closing date of the call for applications, and university professors.

2. Accomodation

IMéRA provides free accommodation to residents.

3. Transport

IMéRA will pay for the residents’ ticket from their usual place of residence to Marseille and back.

4. Research Means

IMéRA invites residents to organise an international research seminar on a theme related to their project during their stay, with the possibility of asking several external specialists to participate.

E - Application

Applications must be in English or French.

Candidates must submit their applications EXCLUSIVELY on IMéRA's website (www.imera.fr). Applications sent by e-mail or by post will NOT be considered.

Online applications must include:

  • Duly completed application form (mandatory fields);
  • One sole file (to be downloaded) including:
    • Curriculum Vitae with a list of publications;
    • Presentation of research project (maximum 5 pages) with selective bibliography;
    • For junior researchers: one to three letters of recommendation. 



  • 2 place Le Verrier
    Marseille, France (13)


  • Monday, April 07, 2014


  • résidence, LabexMed, Méditerranée, interdisciplinarité


  • Pascale Hurtado
    courriel : pascale [dot] hurtado [at] univ-amu [dot] fr

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  • Pascale Hurtado
    courriel : pascale [dot] hurtado [at] univ-amu [dot] fr


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