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For a transnational study of the press in foreign languages

Pour une étude transnationale de la presse en langues étrangères

Por uma abordagem transnacional de imprensa em língua estrangeira

Transfopress meeting II

IIe rencontre Transfopress

II encontro Transfopress

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Published on Friday, March 21, 2014


The TRANSFOPRESS project, initiated by Diana Cooper-Richet in 2012, aims at coordinating studies on the press in foreign languages published in different countries and getting researchers from different fields to work together to identify, organize and analyze this particular corpus of neglected documents. The second TRANSFOPRESS MEETING (II) follows up the RENCONTRE TRANSFOPRESS I which took place in November 2013, at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), in Paris. Its objective is to bring together all the colleagues concerned by the project to present their findings. 


The objective of the second Transfopress Meeting is to persue the work initiated last November. The first meeting organized in Paris showed the diversity of this press and, at the same time, it highlighted the existence of an integrated worldwide circuit of information functioning in real time. Moreover, it appeared that these formats reproduce recurrent models. Frédéric Barbier set a challenge: to look for the originality of the press compared to the book, its particularities, such as “la mise en journal” by analogy with “la mise en livre”. On the basis of these intrinsic characteristics of the press and of the book, a reflection on the press in foreign languages is necessary, in order to restore its place in the realm of periodicals.

            One of the concerns common to all participants in the Paris meeting was how to map the phenomenon of the press in foreign languages. As already mentioned, the collections of periodicals in foreign languages are invisible. In order to locate them in the catalogues of the libraries of countries where they were published, researchers resort to complex data crossing. It’s necessary to go back to the origin of these publications either born in a context of exile (during a war for example), or of immigration of another nature, diplomatic exchanges, reunion of specific ethnic or religious communities, or more simply the circulation of the press for commercial reasons, in order to offer a global view of the production, and identify an internal logic to this type of cultural and transnational mode of expression. Understanding the mechanisms of these cultural exchanges and the networks that support them and that they feed in return, are some of the aims of the second Transfopress Meeting. It will be organized around the following axis:

I Access to the press in foreign languages: progress and perspectives

We welcome papers on the progress in the locating, identification, conservation and availability of the collections, on the bibliography and on specialized data bases.

II Typology, chronology and mediation

For this axis we expect papers that will seek to define what the press in foreign languages really is, that attempt to establish typologies (immigrant, exile, ethnic, minority, diplomatic, communist, socialist, trade-union, religious, commercial, touristic…), chronologies and spatial, linguistic and time divisions The identification of the mediators –people or institutions – involved in this press is encouraged.

São Paulo, Brasil 
28 e 29 de novembro de 2014 

Auditório Rubens Borba de Moraes 
Rua da Consolação, 94, 1o
Centro - São Paulo 

Português * Français * English 

DEADLINE - 14 de abril de 2014 
Registration for MEMBERS of the TRANSFOPRESS network only. 

Requirements: Ph.D. or be doing Ph.D. 


Name, Degree, Institution and Abstract (English and French, Spanish or Portuguese). 


  • Valéria Guimarães (UNESP)
  • Teresa Malatian (UNESP)
  • Tania Regina de Luca (UNESP)


  • Diana Cooper-Richet (CHCSC-UVSQ)
  • Géraldine Poels (CHCSC-UVSQ)
  • Marluza Marques Harres (UNISINOS)
  • Michel Rapoport (CHCSC-UVSQ)
  • Sandra Vasconcelos (USP)


  • Amanda Peruchi (UNESP)
  • Iara Arzani (UNESP)
  • Isabel Fogaça (UNESP)
  • José Inácio Neto (UNESP)
  • José Victor Maritan (UNESP)


  • BIBLIOTECA MÁRIO DE ANDRADE Rua da Consolação, 94, Centro - São Paulo
    Sao Paolo, Brazil


  • Monday, April 14, 2014


  • presse, histoire, international


  • Geraldine Poels
    courriel : geraldine [dot] poels [at] uvsq [dot] fr
  • Valéria Guimarães
    courriel : valeria [dot] s [dot] guimaraes [at] uol [dot] com [dot] br

Information source

  • Geraldine Poels
    courriel : geraldine [dot] poels [at] uvsq [dot] fr


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