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Published on Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This two-day conference brings together scholars from the field of publishing studies to examine key issues around the digital transformation of the book, as well as to discuss the developing field of publishing studies. Analysed will be a key set of questions. How is the landscape of the book in Europe changing due to digital transformation? How will terrestrial bookshops survive the growth of ebooks? Are there international forces for change which will affect all markets, and what domestic factors will prevail? What is the connection between the spread of English as the global lingua franca and the growth of digital publishing?



  • Benoît Berthou (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, LABSIC-Research Center for Information and Communication Sciences, France)
  • Miha Kovač (University of Lubjana, Slovenia)
  • Angus Phillips (Oxford Bookes University, International Center for Publishing Studies, United Kingdom)


Friday May 22 

9AM, Opening – Benoît Berthou, Miha Kovacs, Angus Phillips

9:20AM -11AM, Session 1 – Book globalizations and national identities 

  • Frania Hall (London College of Communication, United Kingdom), “Digital convergence and collaboration culture – Publishing in the context of the wider creative industries”
  • Melanie Ramdarshan-Bold (Loughborough College, United Kingdom), “National and Regional Identity in a Global Context: Cultural Constructions in the Globalised Publishing Field”
  • Elena Macevičiute and Tom Wilson (Borås University College, Sweden), “The e-book phenomenon in Sweden”
  • Daniel Boswell (Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom), “Catalan publishing in Twentieth Century” 


11:20AM-1PM, Session 2 - Understanding innovation 

  • Gavin Stewart (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “Foucault’s Ghost?: The Phenomenology of Privacy and Breach within the E-reading Experience”
  • Alexis Weedon (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “A leap in innovation? The digital book as disruptive technology”
  • Claudio Pires Franco (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “The digital book (r)evolution: barriers to innovatio”
  • Rose Leighton (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherland), “A Publishing Studies Museum” 


2PM-3:40PM, Session 3 - Readership evolution ? 

  • Nick Canty (University College London, United Kingdom), “Books, bricks and literary boosters”
  • Iain Stevenson (University College London, United Kingdom), “"The gift is mine, the choice is thine":  Book Tokens and the expansion of reading”
  • Laura Dietz (Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom), “Life as a novel after death as a book? Reputation and legitimacy of post-print fiction”
  • Louis Wiart (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “The Economics and Business Models of Book Social Networks in France” 

4PM-5PM, Session 5 – Book sectors 2: Academic publishing 

  • Lara Speicher (University College London, United Kingdom), “Open Access Publishing of Scholarly Monographs in Universities”
  • Mary Ann Kernan (City University London, United Kingdom), “The impact of globalisation on academic publishing: A Routledge case study, 1960 to 2013” 

Saturday May 23 

9AM-10:40AM, Session 4 - Book sectors 1: Fiction and travelling 

  • Heiko Hartmann (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany), “How digital publishing creates new kinds of printed books. The evolution of non-fiction (travel guides, atlases, cookbooks) in print”
  • Rachel Noorda (University of Stirling, Scotland), “Books as Souvenirs: The Tourism and Heritage Book Market”
  • Katharina Reeve (Bath Spa University, United Kingdom), “The Creative Producer 2020: Nonfiction and Digital New Product Development” 


11AM-1PM, Session 7 – Toward new teaching models ? 

  • Judith Watts (Kingston University, London, United Kingdom), “Catching up with the past: the use of historical case studies in a contemporary curriculum”
  • Anke Vogel, Corinna Norrick-Ruhl (Mainz Book Studies, Germany), “Teaching Sustainability: Bringing “Green Publishing” to the Book Studies Classroom
  • Liam Borgstrom (university of Pretoria, South Africa), “Teaching Publishing Architecture”
  • Sophie Noel (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “Is there a specific approach to publishing studies in France? Provisional assessment and methodological proposals” 

2PM-3PM, Session 6 - Teaching publishing at the digital age 

  • Elizabeth le Roux (University of Pretoria, South Africa), “How should we teach book publishing in this time of digital transformation? A view from the South”
  • Anna Faherty (Kingston University, United Kingdom), “Pedagogy for Digital Publishing” 


3:20PM-5PM, Session 8 – Studying publishing 

  • Nives Tomašević, Ivana Ljevak (University of Zadar, Croatia), “The current state of publishing studies in Croatia”
  • Stevie Marsden (University of Stirling, Scotland), “By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation”
  • Zoran Velagić, Franjo Pehar (University of Zadar, Croatia), “Methodological approaches to modern publishing: current constrains and future prospects”
  • Bertrand Legendre (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “Publishing researches: the Socio-economical approach” 

5PM, Conclusions – Benoît Berthou, Miha Kovač, Angus Phillips


  • Villa Finaly
    Florence, Italian Republic (50139)


  • Friday, May 23, 2014
  • Thursday, May 22, 2014


  • book, digital, study, academic, publishing, readership


  • Benoit Berthou
    courriel : benoit [dot] berthou [at] univ-paris13 [dot] fr

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  • Benoit Berthou
    courriel : benoit [dot] berthou [at] univ-paris13 [dot] fr


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