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Annual Conference July 2014: Research and Scientific Archives

Archives et données de la recherche

Conférence Annuelle Juillet 2014 de la Section des archives des universités et des institutions de recherche du Conseil international des archives

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Published on Tuesday, June 10, 2014


For the first time the annual conference of the Section on University and Research Institution Archives of the International Council on Archives (ICA-SUV) will be held in France from 7 to 10 July 2014 in Paris.



Monday July 7 (Pierrefitte-sur-seine, National archives)

  • 10h00-13h00    ICA/SUV Bureau meeting    
  • 14h00-17h00    Visit of the National Archives of France

Tuesday July 8 (Paris Diderot University, 75013)

8h30-9h00    Registrations
9h00-9h30    Welcome and introduction

9h30-10h30    Keynote 1:

  • Dr. Wilhelm Füßl, director, Deutsches Museum Archiv (Germany) : "Collecting in networks. How to organize a strategy in national and international frameworks"

10h30-10h50    Break

10h50-12h10    Towards a definition of research archives

Session 1:

  • FR Adel Maïzi, ministère des finances (Tunisie) : building a definition for research archives
  • FR Brigitte Mazon et Isabelle Weiland, EHESS (France): collective and personnal archives in a human and social sciences institute : case study and definition
  • FR Margot Georges, INSERM (France): "If we preserve it is because it is useful" : an attempt to define the concept of research archives?
  • FR Magalie Moysan, université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 (France) : Building research heritage at Paris Diderot university : sound process or adapted process?

12h10-12h30    Questions
12h30-13h20    Lunch
13h20-13h40    Brainstorming session

  • Jenny Shaw, Wellcome trust (UK): Preserving science: applying archival theory to modern collaborative science

13h40-13h50    Questions

13h50-14h50    Tools and methods

Session 1:

  • Emma Anthony, Clare Button, Louise Williams (University of Edimburgh): ‘The space in which science happens’: capturing data, creating dialogues and preserving contexts in scientific archives

14h50-15h10    Questions
15h10-15.30    Break
15h30-16h30    Tools and methods

Session 2:

  • Mariella Guercio, Cecilia Carloni, Universita di Roma-La Sapienza (Italie) : Defining research archives and supporting their protection: Sapienza Digital Library project
  • FR Julien Pomart, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (France) : What does digital tools bring to a promotion of the Archives's strategy : a feedback in human and social sciences

16h30-16h50    Questions
16h50-17h15    Conclusions
18h30-21h00    Cocktail, université Pierre et Marie Curie, Tour Zamanski

Wednesday, July 9 (Paris Diderot university)

9h00-10h00    Keynote 2 :

  • FR Françoise Banat-Berger, Service interministériel des Archives de France : to be defined

10h00-11h00    Digital preservation of research and science

Session 1:

  • FR Jean Daniel Zeller, Hopitaux universitaires de Genève (Suisse) : What layers and state of data to archive?
  • FR Sarah Cadorel et Anne Both, Sciences-Po (France) : Searching for access to surveys : collecting next to researchers in human and social sciences : beQuali project

11h00-11h15    Questions
11h15-11h35    Break

11h35-12h35    Digital preservation of research and science

Session 2:

  • FR Michel Jacobson (SIAF), Nicolas Larrousse (Huma-Num), Marion Massol (CINES), France : Archiving data in human and social sciences.

12h35-12h55    Questions
12h55-13h45    Lunch

13h45-14h45    Needs and opportunity of preserving research documents?

Session 1:

  • Bethany G. Anderson, university of Illinois (USA) : The Structure of Scientific Archives: Digital Research Data and the Nature of Scientific Documentation
  • FR Bertrand Müller, CNRS (France) : Document, information, data: Archives facing emerging research practise.
  • FR Françoise Hiraux, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgique) : Data and document : two objects, two areas, and two ways of processing research and researchers archives.

14h45-15h00    Questions
15h00-15h20    Break

15h20-16h20    Needs and opportunity of preserving research documents?

Session 2:

  • FR Lina Sbeih, Institut Pasteur (France) : Research archives at Pasteur institute : evolutions and prospectives
  • FR Gilbert Toppe (Université de Bouaké): Opportunities of preserving research archives at the university of Bouaké.
  • Cynthia Roncaglio et Georgete Medleg-Rodriguez, université de Brasilia (Brésil) : Prospects of valuing scientific archives : history and analysis of the archives policy project at Brasilia university.

16h20-16h40    Questions
16h40-17h00    Conclusions

Thursday July 10 (Sciences-Po 75006)

9h20-10h20    Keynote 3 :

  • Nancy Marrelli, Archivist emerita, Concordia university (Canada) : Archivists connecting with scientists, archivists connecting with science

10h20-11h    Valuing and using archives as documentary sources

Session 1:

  • FR Roland Hochtrasser, Dipartimento dell'educazione, della cultura e dello sport (Suisse): Project Samara : archives, librarires, museums : an interdisciplinary approach to managing digital archives and valuing digital heritage.
  •  Maia Sheridan, university of Saint Andrews (UK) : Hearing the whale song: making old whaling records relevant to today's researchers

11h00-11h15    Questions
11h15-11h30    Break

11h30-12h10    Valuing and using archives as documentary sources

Session 2:

  • Polina S. Ilieva, University of California, San Francisco (USA) : Documenting the Epidemic: UCSF Archives experience building AIDS collection
  • FR Arianna Berenice de Sanctis et Hyunjoo Lee, Maison des sciences de l'homme de Paris Nord, université Paris 8 (France) : the archiving and digitizing the ethnoscenology collection

12h10-12h30    Questions
12h30-13h30    Lunch
13h30-14h30    Conclusions

14h30-17h30    ICA/SUV AGM followed by new section bureau meeting

Roundtable "archives de la recherche, données de la recherche" (FRANCE)

18h30-21h00    Visit of the Sorbonne, followed by a cocktail,  Chancellerie des Universités de Paris, La Sorbonne


Annual Conference July 2014: Research and Scientific Archives, Université Paris Diderot et Sciences-Po

For the first time the annual conference of the Section on University and Research Institution Archives of the International Council on Archives (ICA-SUV) will be held in France in July 2014.

The conference will focus on research and scientific archives and how to collect, file, appraise and value research papers and scientific data. These records are vital to laboratories, researchers and institutions. Although some laboratories and research institutions understand and apply good filing processes, they might still not think of preserving certain materials and data permanently, beyond publishing research results. Questions to be explored may include: solid partnership between archivists and scientists, researchers, and laboratories; how to deal with huge datasets coming e.g. from astronomical observations, physics and mathematic computer simulations or medical databases; and how to preserve collaborative international scientific projects.


  • Université Paris Diderot | Sciences politiques Paris - 5 Rue Thomas Mann | 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume
    Paris, France (75013 | 75007)


  • Monday, July 07, 2014
  • Tuesday, July 08, 2014
  • Wednesday, July 09, 2014
  • Thursday, July 10, 2014


  • archives recherche, définition, préservation, outils, méthodes, données électroniques


  • Charlotte Maday
    courriel : icasuv2014 [at] univ-paris-diderot [dot] fr

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  • Hélène Chambefort
    courriel : helene [dot] chambefort [at] inserm [dot] fr


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