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Sources and Documents on the Reign of Husraw I

Sources et documents sur le règne de Husraw Ier

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Published on Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The sixth century – in particular Husraw I’s reign, the most brilliant one during the Sassanid dynasty – was pivotal in the history of ancient Iran. During that period, the military was expanded, the state apparatus restructured, and many cultural aspects were assimilated from conquered or neighbouring countries. The sources enabling us to reconstruct the history of that reign come from various fields and in several languages. This great diversity of sources, both in terms of type and expression, can pose an obstacle for historians looking for pertinent information among such heterogeneous material.



The aim of this Conference consists in setting up a multidisciplinary team specialised in Iran and Late Antiquity, and sharing the expertise of researchers from diverse fields who are working with sources of different kinds and origins. Most of sources concerning this period have never, until now, been analysed or systematically used. They include primary sources from sigillography, Pahlavi epigraphy, numismatics, literary sources in Syriac, Greek, Arabic, Middle Persian and Persian. These sources will together enrich our knowledge of one of the most important periods in the history of the Sasanian East marked by the development of relations between Byzantium, Persia and Central Asia.

This Conference is sponsored by the ANR Programme : « Ctesiphon – Corpus of TExts and Sources about Iran : For a History of the OrieNt in the 6th century », the French National Research Agency, the National Center for Scientific Research (UMR 7528 and 8546), the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations and the City of Paris.

Scientific committee

  • R. Boucharlat, CNRS Archéorient (UMR 5133)
  • F. Grenet, Professeur au Collège de France
  • C. Jullien, CNRS Mondes iranien et indien (UMR 7528)
  • F. Jullien, Chercheur associé LEM (UMR 8485) – Chercheur CNRS contractuel (UMR 7528)
  • M. Tardieu, Professeur honoraire au Collège de France


  • Amphithéâtre, rez-de-chaussée - Institut protestant de Théologie, 83 boulevard Arago
    Paris, France (75014)


  • Friday, October 17, 2014


  • roi Husraw Ier (531-579), Iran sassanide, matériaux archéologiques, sources littéraires, grec, syriaque, persan, moyen-perse, relations Orient-Occident


  • Christelle Jullien
    courriel : christelle [dot] jullien [at] cnrs [dot] fr

Information source

  • Christelle Jullien
    courriel : christelle [dot] jullien [at] cnrs [dot] fr


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