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Published on Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Computation and software analysis have entered nearly every imaginable field of scholarship in the last decades, in a variety of forms from digital publication of results to computational modelling embedded in experimental work. In each of these digital outputs - be it an interactive publication with mapping of relevant geo-referenced data, or perhaps a statistical program for the categorization of millions of books according to their literary genre - there is some manifestation directly in the computer code of the scholarly thought that underlies the project, of the intellectual argument around which the outcome is based.



29 January 2015

Workshop Software in Scholarship, Scholarship in Software

10:00 – Welcome
10:15 – Opening remarks, Prof. WILLARD McCARTY, King’s College London - A matter of prepositions: Software in scholarship and scholarship in software?

10:45 – Panel 1. Assessment and process

  • EUGENE LYMAN, Independent Scholar - Scholarly Software and the Enhancement of Critical Scrutiny
  • ARIS XANTHOS, Université de Lausanne - By scholars, for scholars: a case study on quality assessment of scientific software
  • OLEKSANDR MAKARENKO, National Technical University of Ukraine - Mathematical Modeling in Scholarship and their Representation in Software

12:15 – Lunch break

14:00 – Panel 2. Confrontation and collaboration

  • JAMES BAKER, British Library - Removing Black Boxes: Exposing Scholarship to Researchers
  • PIETER FRANCOIS, University of Oxford - Connecting Modes of Scholarship through the Library: The genesis of the Sample Generator for Digitized Texts
  • JONAS SCHNEIDER, Universität Zürich - Geovisualizing History

15:30 – Coffee break

16:00 – Panel 4: Creation

  • MANFRED THALLER, Universität Köln - Engineering, Science, Art, Scholarship: On implicit assumptions in the software for semantic image databases
  • JORIS VAN ZUNDERT, Huygens ING, and Gregor Middell, independent scholar - Code and Authorship in the Humanities

17:00 – Closing keynote

  • DAVIS BERRY, University of Sussex - Softwarization, Archives, and the Digital Humanities

30 January 2015

Roundtable on Peer Review for Digital Scholarly Work: 

9:00 – Welcome
9h10 - 10h40 : Position papers (max. 15 min. each)
10h40 - 11h: Coffee Break
11h-12h30: Collective Discussion on specific issues
13h - Lunch for all roundtable participants


(in alphabetical order):

  •  JAMES BAKER, Digital Research Team, British Library - Stepping back - playing as research
  •  CLAIRE CLIVAZ, Laboratoire des cultures et humanités digitales, Université de Lausanne - Reshapping the peer-review process: heretic remarks in a digital time
  •  SETH DEMBO, Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives, American Historical Association - AHA's Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Evaluation of Digital Scholarship by Historians
  •  INGRID KISSLING, Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences division, Swiss National Science Foundation – Peer review under revision – The digital challenge for funding agencies
  •  EUGENE LYMAN, University of Boston – Publishing digital projects reviews: practical suggestions
  •  NICOLAS THÉLY, Professor for Digital Humanities, Université de Rennes 2 – Toward an evaluation grid for Digital Humanities projects
  •  PHILIP STEINKRÜGER, Editor of RIDE (Review Journal for digital editions and ressources); KU Leuven and Institute for Documentology and Digital Editing (IDE) – Toward a catalogue of criteria for the review of digital editions
  •  SACHA ZALA, Director of the Swiss Historical Association & director of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland – Some dogmatic postulates for the digital historical sciences


To register, send a mail to, with your full name and function, and specifying if you want to attend both the Workshop (29th January) and the Roundtable (30th January) or just the Workshop or the Roundtable.

 29 January 2015


  • University of Bern, UniS, Room A105 - Schanzeneckstrasse 1
    Berne, Switzerland (3001)


  • Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • Friday, January 30, 2015

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  • humanités numériques, évaluation, peer review, software


  • Enrico Natale
    courriel : enrico [dot] natale [at] infoclio [dot] ch
  • Tara Andrews
    courriel : tara [dot] andrews [at] kps [dot] unibe [dot] ch

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  • Enrico Natale
    courriel : enrico [dot] natale [at] infoclio [dot] ch


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