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Ten years of museologies - an appraisal of concepts and emergent paradigms

Dix ans de muséologies : un bilan de concepts et de paradigmes émergents

Muséologies journal - tenth anniversary

Revue « Muséologies » : dixième anniversaire

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Published on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Pour souligner le dixième anniversaire de parution de la revue Muséologies, l'éditeur et le comité de rédaction de la revue lancent un appel à contributions pour une édition spéciale consacrée à l'élaboration d'un bilan des développements les plus significatifs du champ muséal de la dernière décennie. Muséologies est une revue dont les articles sont évalués par un comité scientifique. Elle a pour mandat de diffuser et promouvoir la recherche interdisciplinaire (arts, sciences sociales et humaines) axée sur la pluralité des fonctions et des enjeux de l’environnement muséal contemporain.



The Editor and Editorial Committee of Muséologies invite submissions for its 10th anniversary special edition, which will focus on the most significant developments in the museum field of the last decade.

Muséologies is a peer-reviewed publication cutting across the arts production and scene, the humanities and the social sciences. Its mandate is to publish and promote interdisciplinary research centered on the contemporary museum’s multiple functions and stakes.

Main themes

This non-thematic (open) issue will bring together contributions that report the emergence of new museological concepts or develop a reflection on the following themes: 

  •  Transculturality and cultural syncretism at work in the museum space;
  •  The transformation of the collection and the actualization of the status of the collection object;
  •  The aims, stakes, scopes and paradoxes of exhibiting critically engaged operations in the      museum;
  •  The impact of architecture's new interdisciplinarity practices on the exhibition space;
  •  The new forms of mediation;
  •  The development of new technologies and their impact;
  •  The exhibition of the redocumentarization or the resemantisation of the archive;
  •  The relationship of the museum and the urban space, and its participation in its reinvention.

Submission guidelines

Please send a 600-word proposal as a double-spaced .doc (Word document) file by email. Include your name, your complete contact information, and the university, museum, or organization that you are affiliated with. Please use the following subject heading: “Muséologies Proposal”.

Proposals must be sent

before March 30th 2016

to the following email address: museologies2016@gmail.com


The editor and the editorial committee will analyze your proposal and will inform you of their decision. Articles will be selected based on their contribution to the field of museum and curatorial studies, art history and theory, architecture and urban theory, or arts and cultural education.  The clarity of communication, the strength of the research and associated methodologies, and the relationship to the issue’s themes will also be important criteria in the evaluation.

Authors whose proposals are accepted will develop a 7000- (approx.) word article (notes and references included) in English or French. Please note that all articles will be peer-referred anonymously.

Expected publication date: spring 2017

Editorial board

  • Alessandra Mariani, chargée de cours à l¹École de Design et candidate au doctorat en histoire de l¹art, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Rébéca Perreault, doctorante en muséologie, médiation et patrimoine, Université du Québec à Montréal


  • Muséologies, Institut du patrimoine, UQAM, Case postale 8888
    Montreal, Canada (H3C3P8)


  • Wednesday, March 30, 2016


  • musée, exposition, médiation, critique, archive, culture, transculturalité, collection, technologies, espace urbain


  • Alessandra Mariani
    courriel : mariani [dot] alessandra [at] uqam [dot] ca

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Alessandra Mariani
    courriel : mariani [dot] alessandra [at] uqam [dot] ca


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