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Performance and ethnic-racial relations

Performance et relations ethno-raciales

Performance e relações étnico-raciais

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Published on Friday, May 20, 2016


La Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença (Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies), revue périodique en ligne d’accès libre, avec révision par des pairs, sans frais de soumission ou de publication, reçoit jusqu’au 31 Juillet 2016, des articles inédits portant sur le thème général de la performance et des relations ethno-raciales.



The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies (Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença), an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal which does not charge any submission or publication fees, will receive until July 31, 2016 unpublished papers falling within the broad theme of the general topic PERFORMANCE AND ETHNIC-RACIAL RELATIONS.

The relations between performance, race and ethnicity are multiple and have been explored in different ways in several of the contemporary poetics of the scene, as well as in education practices of artists and teachers. Particularly one aspect has been highlighted in recent years: the affirmative actions, which aim to make visible the differences by securing rights intending, above all, to eliminate formal and informal barriers that hamper the access of certain groups to the work market, to cultural assets, to the universities, to leadership positions and ultimately to the basic access to social and remarkably political capital, which has been inaccessible to such groups for a long time. This is related to the establishment of a logic that is situated in the somewhat tense space between the warranty - including legal - of equality and the acknowledgement of difference.

In this way, the words “race” and “ethnicity” are major markers for poetic production, contemporary aesthetics and cultural policies. In fact, they can take on a polyphonic place within the performance scope and function as devices of creation, as critique, as social diagnosis, as problematizing in anti-racist discussions, as a reference for political acts, among so many different possibilities. Taking this on, can also be a possibility to overcome practices imposed on the fetishization or even on the naive compliment to the exotic to which, quite often, such markers make way.

The vocabulary itself, the use of the words “race” and “ethnicity” implies a fundamental discussion that – woven into the questions of performance or in its environment – designs a field that is simultaneously conflicted and productive. On the one hand, especially in Brazil, the use of the term “race” keeps historical decisive marks of distinction; in the relation as problematic as constituent with “color”, it becomes urgent to think both less as mere nouns and more as mutually implicated terms. On the other hand, “ethnicity” also intensifies limits and its widening (ethnic identity) creates spaces where pluralities, situational conditions, as well as flexibilization are essential elements to cope with the dynamics and complex relations of organization and functioning of the groups and, indeed, the overcoming of an isolated, restrict and closed model. In summary, to cope with the particularities carried by such terms seems inseparable from the potency itself that the study and the debate on ethnic-racial performances take as assumptions.

In order to foster the problematization of the relations between performance, race and ethnicity, the Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies aims to provide an opportunity to explore this theme under different perspectives. The authors can produce theoretical essays, papers derived from empirical and/or historical research about the relations between performance, race and ethnicity in relation to one or more of the following topics:

  • Performance and affirmative actions performativity
  • Body and African-Brazilian and/or African-American and/or African-European aesthetic origins
  • Body and indigenous aesthetic origins
  • Race and ethnicity as a theme of performance art
  • Race and ethnicity as performative intervention
  • Critique to ethnocentrisms and logocentrisms in the performance research
  • African-Brazilian and/or African-American theatre
  • African-Brazilian and/or African-American dance
  • Performative practices of indigenous people
  • Performance and blackness
  • Race and ethnicity in school and in artistic education
  • Ethnic-racial subjectivities, identities and  performances
  • Race and ethnicity in the contemporary scene
  • Critique of the performance of race and ethnicity inequalities
  • Performance against racism
  • Performance against racial discrimination
  • Historical processes of racial whitening in theatre and dance
  • Human rights, race and ethnicity as performance
  • Performance, poverty and racism
  • Performativity of the ethnic-racial relations

Submission guidelines

The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies expects to receive production resulting from research conceptually linked to the fields of performance, theatre, dance and other similar languages, paying special attention to those using images and videos to develop their reflections. Submissions should conform to the journal's standards and be posted directly into our submission system to follow the general evaluation process of the journal. In order to submit a paper for this call, it is essential to select the proper section (Performance and Ethnic-racial Relations).

We remind you that the journal does not charge for the submission or the publication and uses the double-blind peer-review system.

The text can be sent online in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French

until July 31, 2016 

and will be published in two languages. Authors who send texts in Portuguese and Spanish (and those who are Portuguese speaking) will be asked to send a translation in English.

Additional information can be found in our website, www.seer.ufrgs.br/presenca; our guidelines can be found in “Author Guidelines”.


  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Faculdade de Educação, Av. Paulo Gama s/n prédio 12201, sala 700-2, Bairro Farroupilha
    Porto Alegre, Brazil (90.046-900)


  • Sunday, July 31, 2016


  • performance, performativité, discrimination, corps, race, ethnie, théâtre, danse, peuple indigène, racisme


  • gilberto Icle
    courriel : gilbertoicle [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • gilberto Icle
    courriel : gilbertoicle [at] gmail [dot] com


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